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{ Archival Image from Spelman college Archery team, 1947. Photo by John Gutman.

Spelman is an iconic institution for black women artists, scholars, activists and leaders.

Started in 1881, it is also the top HBCU in the country and has been for many years. }


June 5th 2020  12:12 pm PDT | 7:12 pm GMT 
June 6th 2020 6:12 am AEDT


With things in the state that they are right now, it should come as no surprise that we are headed into Eclipse season beginning with this FULL MOON Lunar ECLIPSE in Sagittarius on June 5th 2020.
Eclipses usually come sets of 2, but this year they come in sets of 3, so this is the first of these 3 consecutive Eclipses which continue to precipitate life-changing shifts.
Current Gemini energies continue to reflect and communicate the reality that we all experience life through different fractals. 
Our collective lens has focalized the experience of our black brothers, sisters and relatives that continue to be subjected to racism rooted in white supremacy and abuse that has been systematically allowed to perpetuate.
Our expanding realizations are transforming into bridges of solidarity and action calls to the ways we can each proactively participate in the active dismantling of the oppressive systems that we consciously or unconsciously maintain.
We are in a time of collective and personal awakening to what has been in the shadows, oppressive and imbalanced across our implemented systems as well as our personal myopic realities. 
The process of awakening can be painful, because new realities precipitate trajectory shifts.
In the process of things dismantling, disassembling, and crumbling, we can feel unstable and this is why change is often so dreaded.
But we are the changemakers of this time, and we are here at this time for a reason.
We each carry our own truth, but a universal truth is that we’re all here ultimately to learn to love.
All those who have had crossed over and come back through near-death experiences, and those who are mediums between worlds echo this truth: Life is a school of learning, and we are here to learn to love. 
At this time, like Rumi said,  that is our task, and not only to love but to seek to dissolve “all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
It is also a time to have courage and not be afraid to communicate, even as it makes us feel increasingly more vulnerable.
Vulnerability is the straight path of the heart, the direct access point.
Gemini continues to teach us that through communication we can heal our separateness and isolation.
As we’ve heard it said, the more difficult the subject, the more healing is to be gained from talking about it.
In what ways can we speak from our experience like elders, like our grandmothers and grandfathers, with compassion but with strength that illuminates another facet to be taken into account?
Like Einsten said “we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Let’s expand our thinking and let’s get massively creative with new ways to implement change.
Let’s use that surge of Sagittarius creative power to launch new Life affirming ways to support our existence and everyone’s right to Liberty. Because we’re in this together.
We are lovers, We are love. That’s what we are here to remember, here to learn, here to BE.


Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers:


PAM YOUNGHANS from her NorthPoint Astrology says:
“Our Milky Way galaxy is part of a great river of galaxies that flows through space, being magnetically pulled in the direction of a massive galactic anomaly called Abell 3627, more commonly known as the Great Attractor (GA)…
“Our Lunar Eclipse this Friday is… aligned with the GA… (and) will be activating its influence in our awareness.
“Since the GA continuously draws us toward itself, it represents the inexorable pull of our Higher Destiny.
“When it is activated in our collective awareness through events such as an eclipse, new insights and unexpected viewpoints become possible.
“We can experience a major shift in our perceptions and beliefs, which in turn alters our trajectory
“Astrologer Philip Sedgwick, who has studied the GA in great depth, explains:


‘The enormous gravity of the GA actually bends light around it.
“It bends the light so much, that a glimpse of what is behind it can be taken.
‘This provides clear behind-the-scenes insights, while simultaneously offering other refractive illusions.’


“Friday’s Eclipse, being conjunct the GA, represents a profound juncture in our evolution.
“As we stand at that crossroads, we must expand our understanding of reality, while also accepting that each person may rightly have their own version of truth
“Another quote from Sedgwick:


‘A narrow view (or opinionated nature) does not fit with the Great Attractor.
‘There is not one simple answer.
‘Perhaps each point of focus is only a fragment of the hologram of understanding.’


“Sedgwick advises that in order to find our own truth, our own ‘fragment of the hologram,’ each of us must ‘Center the source of your light within the matter of your life. What matters clearly focuses your truth.’
“The last time we had a Lunar Eclipse that aligned with the Great Attractor was on June 4, 1993.
“Events that occurred around that time, and subsequent changes in our perspective, pulled us into a new future, perhaps a different destiny than the one we had thought we were building toward.
“We may have gone willingly toward that new future, but maybe not. And yet, looking back, we can see how essential that trajectory shift was, and how it forever changed the course of our life.
“We are at a similar time now. This Lunar Eclipse conjunct the Great Attractor alters the landscape, requiring us to reroute.
“In time, we will find that our new road is more aligned with that greater destiny we came here to fulfill.”
© Copyright 2020 PAM YOUNGHANS


SARAH VARCAS from Astro-Awakenings.co.uk her says:
“An alliance between Chiron, Uranus and Mercury at the time of this eclipse unlocks fresh perspectives.
“But to benefit from them we must reclaim the fundamental right to honor our own experience and not have it dismissed, ridiculed or silenced if it runs contrary to the received wisdom of the time.
“This takes courage in a world where people are being demonized and discredited for daring to question… and reflect more deeply on the narrative they’re being fed.
“But if ever there was a time for courage it is now!
“Courageous thought, courageous speech, courageous hearts open to a new world in which we’re not told how things are but instead discern, through digesting many perspectives and listening, perhaps most importantly, to the voice within that knows truth..
“As we stand at this juncture in human history there are weighty choices to be made and we must each make them as best we can.
“This eclipse season will both reveal the shadow side of readily accepted sources of information – hidden interests, inaccurate assumptions, covert agendas –  as well as illuminate in their wake new sources of knowledge previously eclipsed by the might of received wisdom and unquestioned ‘truths’.
“The path ahead remains scattered with obstacles and the battle for dominion over the collective mind continues unabated.
“This lunar eclipse is just the beginning and there is much to be revealed and digested before we can decide, collectively, the quality of our future.
“Saturn is now retrograding through Aquarius before returning to Capricorn in July. (You can read more about what this means for us in terms of freedom of thought and speech in full here.)
“..Saturn is a key player in the unfolding of events this year. As signifier of the establishment and authorities, its alignment with Pluto speaks to the extension of government powers and the reduction of civil liberties.
“It illuminates who gets to shape a dominant narrative, how they do it, and the use of fear to suppress and control.
“Indeed, the Saturn / Pluto conjunction of January speaks far more deeply to issues of power and control than of health and disease, signifying the imposition of authoritarian power over the masses in ways never before seen on such a vast scale.
“As Saturn completes its shift from Capricorn to its new home in Aquarius during the course of 2020, it illuminates the suppression of free-thought and open debate.
“The silencing of free speech and what happens when those silenced refuse to be so…
“Initially, Saturn in Aquarius can continue to manifest as the metaphorical boot that kicks dissenters back into line, stifles independence and acts contrary to collective well-being.
“It’s the fear of having to think for yourself in a confusing and paradoxical world.
“It wants to be told what to think and believe, who to love, who to hate, how to keep yourself safe…
“As Saturn tiptoes from the familiarity of conventional perception (Capricorn) to the uncharted terrain of independent thought (Aquarius) this year, fear arises: What if I’m wrong? They’re the experts. What would I know? How do I justify gut instinct when what it tells me goes against the grain of accepted belief? What if I’m left standing alone in my beliefs, ridiculed for daring to think differently? What if I’m roundly rejected, left in a group of one?
“But Saturn is nothing if not steadfast!
“Its presence in Aquarius empowers us to think for ourselves whatever it takes.
“To take responsibility for our own well-being. To enjoy maturity of thought and behaviour, not surrender our sovereign view to a surrogate ‘parent’ who tells us what to believe.
“Saturn in Aquarius reminds us that even the oft-uttered refrain ‘everything is happening as it should’ doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be done but let it all unfold.
We don’t download awakening, we cultivate it, nurture it, question those aspects of self that mitigate against it.
“And in doing so we discover that wise action in this moment can change the next.
“That by being present to the full triumph and catastrophe of the human experience we can recalibrate it and shape the course of history rather than simply be shaped by it.
“And we’re currently living at a historical crossroads of monumental proportions.
“To choose well we need to harness the power of Saturn’s journey into Aquarius to engage courageous thought and nurture fresh perspectives.
“Not to stifle debate and feed the fear of dissent.
“Black Moon Lilith and Chiron were conjunct the Sun when Saturn first entered Aquarius in March 2020, highlighting the influence its Aquarian journey would have over our individual and collective sense of self.
“They affirm the healing radiance of the human spirit and the unadulterated power unleashed when we remember who we really are – divine through and through, and equally human. Of this world and all others everywhere.
“This power cannot be diminished by tyranny or lies, by manipulation or fear.
“It is unassailable. Always. And it knows the truth. We know the truth. This is the message of Saturn in Aquarius…
“It’s a long road ahead. Courage will be needed.
“As will a sense of humor and the ability to know when to speak up and when to keep one’s counsel for a more propitious time. No outcome is assured so complacency is best avoided.
“That said we need to know our own limits and take care of ourselves first and foremost.
“Saturn in Aquarius can be a game changer if we let it, opening up debate, revealing hidden truths and endowing each and every one of us with a deep sense of responsibility for what we believe, such that simply accepting what we’re told by anyone will be anathema to our finely tuned moral compass.
“Let the prevailing narrative place its evidence alongside that of alternative views. Let us debate and explore, question and analyze. Let us be convinced of an argument, not receive our beliefs by dictate.
“But most of all, let Saturn in Aquarius cement the sovereignty of our mind and our right to form our own opinion from external evidence and our internal knowing about it…
“For whatever’s going on in this world today, it is we the people, not the privileged elite with vested interests in our obedience to their cause, who can – and must – decide the shape our lives take from here.”
© Copyright 2020 SARAH VARCAS


“The North Node in Gemini is about coming back to beginner’s mind. This is about cultivating the mind of a child- full of openness, curiosity and generosity.
“This is about saying ‘show me where I am wrong’ and ‘hmm I don’t know- what is the Truth here? Show me the Truth Universe.’
“The Highest expression of Gemini is open mindedness.
“The karmic South Node in Sagittarius highlights where we do the opposite of this. This is where we have hubris, self righteousness and dogma.
“This is where we think MY beliefs are the right ones and yours are the wrong ones- you just need to listen to me, I will teach you the RIGHT way of doing things/seeing things/believing.
“In any conflict if anyone is coming from this position I can guarantee you it is a no win situation.
“But cultivating an open mind and willingness to see other perspectives and work to understand other positions WILL open doors in communication rather than close them.
“The thing to remember here is when we listen to another’s perspective it’s not about right or wrong. It’s about understanding where another comes from.
“Understanding another person’s world view and lived experience…
“Vesta is conjunct the North Node – drawing us forward to our Sacred Focus and Greatest Devotion.
“The North Node is in Gemini but Vesta is in Cancer- the sign of the Great Mother.
“One of the great necessities of this time is to honor and reinstate the Divine Feminine
“The denial of the Mother has had horrific ramifications on our planet.
“The Feminine elements are Earth and Water- body and soul, physical reality and emotion…
“We need to heal our disassociation from our emotions and (Water) and our detachment from and abuse of the body (Earth).
“If we were fully connected to these elements we could NEVER harm another person, dump toxic poison in the water or air, abuse a child, kill, murder or go to war.
“If everyone’s heart chakra was fully open we would FEEL what we do to another and we would never be able to do the horrific things happening on the planet right now.
“Reclaiming and restoring the Divine Feminine to her rightful place is NECESSARY… (and to be clear- this is not about men vs women- as men and masculine identified beings have an inner feminine just as women and feminine identified beings have an inner masculine)
“Use this sacred Eclipse portal to question your assumptions, beliefs, attitudes and ways of perceiving the world around you.
“Use this time to anchor more deeply into your heart, compassion, empathy and love for all beings- human, animal and non-human- everywhere.
“Use this portal to open up to Higher Truths that go beyond ego-mind perspectives. See beyond the veil of delusion/illusion/manipulation so you can get to the Truth.
“Start with yourself (do your shadow work) and then extend that inner work out into the world around you.”
© Copyright 2020 DIVINE HARMONY
And ELLIAS LONSDALE interpretation of the Chandra symbol for this Full Moon Eclipse is:
SAGITTARIUS 16:A man shearing sheep.
“Practical fortitude. Resiliency to keep finding a way to do it, to keep discovering how to get through the deepest quandaries, the greatest karmic traps. Ingenious and resourceful. Paying attention to the cues, going to get it right.
“You’re involved within a path which requires discipleship or apprenticeship, learning the ropes. Building up fresh capacity in this lifetime to scale the heights. But you remain preoccupied and absorbed within honest tasks.
“A pervasive conviction grows and forms, of how it really is.
“You’re willing to take every step to reach a far goal, and attentive to what is really there. A throwback to the old ways of a rural past.
“Oddly comfortable in adopting forms and moving through phases and taking on the worlds.
“The journeyman learns the ways of the journey and gathers Earth wisdom in small bundles.
“Knowing how to be there when it counts.
© Copyright 2020 ELLIAS LONSDALE


This has been a very tough week. For me personally, I lost one my very best friends and allies on this physical plane. This last line, “Knowing how to be there when it counts,” is what she embodied and reason we all continue to do what we must.
Sending so much love to each of our hearts during this trying passage,
With all my heart~



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