April 22nd 2020  7:26 pm PDT  
April 23rd 2020 2:26 am GMT 1:26 pm AEDT
NEW MOON in Taurus, the sign of Earthy feminine embodiment, aligning with EARTH DAY is a potent symbol of what unites us. We are embedded into the landscape and this we must remember.
Taurus brings into focus what we truly value, and so this New Moon in Taurus on Earth Day is asking us to realign with our shared values of caring for our Mother Planet Earth, our bodies, and all of Life.
As move through the very real and challenging situations we are facing, and sift through various narratives and lenses of perception, may we not loose our inner sight and remember the Feminine way that teaches us to live within the flux of the unknown, movement and change.
There is a lot of grief being unearthed on so many levels, let’s be gentle with ourselves as we allow the necessary healing to unfold.
We can bring our awareness to all the ways we can strengthen and support all of our systems, immune, nervous, emotional, and mental to feel optimally sustained during these times.
If we are feeling uprooted from our former lives, we can  feel into our spiritual ROOTS to help ground and link us into the larger web of Life that connects and sustains us all.
I just watched the beautiful documentary about the incredible life of fungi, Fantastic Fungi which can be rented from their website. This film beautifully informs us about the mycelium network that connects the forest in an active web of communication beneath the surface, and the regenerative power of the mushroom that rises through the process of composting death into new life.
There is so much hope in the film on multiple levels, including all the medicinal qualities present in fungi and the untapped potential that they hold for us as a humanity in terms of healing our physical bodies from disease and expanding our minds.
If we allow the experience we find ourselves in to transform us, we will come through it.
The antidote might be a bend in our perception. “Are birds free from the chains of the skyway?” chimes Bob.
My dearest sister Jane-Anne Thomas reflected to me the other day, “And she took the time, to believe, to believe in what she says.”
She was quoting a Sharon Van Etten song, and gifting me these words to lovingly reflect and affirm the space that I hold.
I wanted to share because I felt this was a message for all of us. It’s ok to take our time to move through and take in all ways we are deeply being transformed.
The chorus of the song bellows, “And she made me love, she made me love, she made me love more.”
The heartbreakingly beautiful golden thread seems to always lead us to love more.
Here are the ASTRAL INSIGHTS from our beloved featured astrologers…
“This New Moon is focused on what it means to be embodied and fully present in this experience we are having on the planet right now…
“This New Moon is conjunct Uranus- illuminating the 7 year transit of the Rebel and Revolutionary through the sign of the body, money, material reality and Mother Earth herself.
“…this is a transit that is about a ‘Revolution of Embodiment.’ Uranus in Taurus is about WAKING UP IN THE BODY and ON THE EARTH.
“This is not a sign that wants to enlighten and ascend into the 5th dimension… This is the sign that at best brings all that light down into embodiment…
“This New Moon is square to Saturn in Aquarius- in the sign of Uranus. We are in the midst of some get real moments– personally and collectively.
“We are in a collective reset right now- with many people staying home we have less pollution, and in places like India and Nepal, mountain ranges are seen clearly that have not been visible for decades.
“We are told we cannot cut back on emissions but guess what we can! We are challenged to think globally and act locally…
“The ruling planet of this lunation is Venus, who is her front end shadow and ready to go retrograde on May 12th…with her triple square to Neptune we are asked to take off the rose colored glasses and see through illusion/delusion/deception…
“Pull back the curtain to see clearly. Pay attention to your gut response to something or someone.
“If you have an adverse reaction in your gut PAY ATTENTION. Even if everyone else around you thinks it’s art or amazing or powerful or positive- pay attention to your inner knowing.
“Mercury in the chart is heading to trigger Pluto square Eris and the Sun and Mercury head to align with Uranus in the first days/weeks after the New Moon.
“Pay attention to information and revelation. Stay open to change.
“Don’t keep your mind closed to what you know or think you know. Open your mind to what you don’t know.
“Allow yourself to be wrong so you have the openness of spirit to see other perspectives and Greater Truths.
“Pandora and the dark Moon (Waldemath) on the North Node. Sometimes it takes chaos and shadow to bring our destined path to Light.
“Sometimes we need the greatest breakdowns before we can move through the greatest breakthrough.”
© Copyright 2020 DIVINE HARMONY
ROBERT WILKINSON from his Aquarius Papers shares:
“This stabilizing, fixed, unique and revolutionary New Moon… will bring us into the Light of new values and the need to compare information to make sure we’re seeing things the way they actually are.
“…Mars now begins to activate Management energies. Those who know how to manage energies with simplicity and flexibility will do well…
“Jupiter now expands our capacity to bring humor and imagination to any task or situation.
“Venus now encourages us to be flexible in how we do what we do, sharing and comparing notes with others to make sure we’re learning what we need to.
“Because of so much Capricorn and Aquarius influence, keep in mind the coming weeks may be dominated by a hard edged rebelliousness. Take all of it with the proverbial ‘grain of salt,’ not giving the illusion more power than it deserves, which is none. Aquarian patterns will soon reveal themselves, so prepare for ‘thinking outside of the box’ and joining with others in a greater work which will outlive you!
“…Be efficient and visionary as you move through your ‘liberation from adverse conditions,’ since the building Aquarian Age energies cannot be stopped nor contained.
“Show strength and flexibility. See the relationship between your spiritual nature and the ‘gold’ you find in those things which have permanent value.
“Know what you stand for while remembering you can operate on multiple levels simultaneously and ‘find fulfillment and happiness in both.’
“While this one won’t take us all the way to the mountaintop, we can see who’s in our Soul group and protect what we know is of eternal value.”
© Copyright 2020 ROBERT WILKINSON
PAM YOUNGHANS from her NorthPoint Astrology Journal:
“With the New Moon in close proximity to unpredictable Uranus, we can anticipate some surprises this week, and over the next four weeks as the Moon waxes and then wanes.
“And yet, the New Moon is also in square aspect to Saturn, reminding us of that need to focus on inner stability as the waves of change continue to roll through our experience…
“This week, Mercury aligns with the dwarf planet Eris (Friday), and then squares Pluto and Jupiter (Saturday). These aspects indicate an intensification of clashes between individual rights and the power of government. 
“Orators may feel especially impassioned under this influence, but the wiser of them will understand their responsibility for what actions their words could incite.
“On an individual level, tempers are likely to be short, and words can be laser-like in their ability to cut through to the heart of a matter.
“Although we may feel driven to speak a truth, we must also be aware of the power of words to hurt or heal.
“The potency of the square between Mercury/Eris and Jupiter/Pluto is even greater than it might be at other times, because Pluto stations retrograde on Saturday. 
“Because this weekend’s influences are so far-reaching, we must consider other manifestations that go even deeper than an angry exchange or two.
“Pluto reveals what has been hidden, Mercury conveys information, Eris demands to be heard, and Jupiter magnifies the situation.
“As such, suspicions are more easily aroused, and resentments that have been building reach the surface. Everything seems exaggerated, as if we were looking into a distorting mirror at the carnival.
“Next Sunday is the exact alignment between the Sun and Uranus. This influence, which is contained in the New Moon chart, gains full expression over the weekend… 
Uranian events often shake our foundations, either literally or figuratively
“Manifestations of Uranus can be disruptive, since they usually involve sudden changes that throw us off balance at first.
“But, there’s a much more palatable expression of Uranus that we can take advantage of this week.
“At its highest expression, Uranus is associated with higher consciousness. It is called the “higher octave” of Mercury, with Mercury representing the logical mind, and Uranus symbolizing the Greater Mind. 
“If you are doing any work in retraining your brain, this is a powerful week to see advancements. Meditations that open us up to insights from a higher form of intelligence are not only supported but enhanced.”
© Copyright 2020 PAM YOUNGHANS


“Taurus 4: A man talking in his sleep
“He is a dreamer. His wisdom, his truth, the love in his heart are given to dreams.
“Inside the dreams, he lives another life. The patterns of that other life are very hard to surface with into common ordinary territory.
Something wants to come through. But there is so much holding it back. He is under a restriction. He is held in suspension. An enchantment, a curse, a previous agreement, a karmic matter stands over him.
“Until he has gone inside and come to himself again, there is nothing he can do on the outside; not really.
“While he waits, he can allow himself, if he wills, to receive and absorb all those aspects of life which he previously missed.
“He can become receptive and open, even while being closed and elsewhere.
“There are so many ways he can play it.
“Will he tap the power of the internal or will he curse his fate? Can he come to a peace and an acceptance?
“Will he move beyond where he was stuck by cultivating simple virtues and working upon simple things in all the basic necessary ways?
“Out ahead of him, in the future, there looms a magic, a miracle, a great recovery and movement beyond all such postponements and dilemmas.
“In order for him to get to that place, he will be tested to see whether he has come to realize where he went wrong.
“The deciding voice lies within him. There is a sweet poignancy, a wistful charm here.
Somebody who once was very different from this and half remembers, half forgets.
“It was a long way down. And yet in this place can come a subtle dream come true.
Belief in the hidden soul powers is essential.
“There are many places to turn when the twilight comes and something stirs from long ago.”
© Copyright 2020 ELLIAS LONSDALE


May love continue to guide us on the deepest level and helps us navigate the changing landscape.
Sending so much love to each of our hearts,
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