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January 10th 2020  11:21 am PST  7:21 pm GMT
January 11th 2020| 5:21 am AEST


Holy mighty force of growth. 
This is a very emotional time on many levels, with what we are experiencing in our personal lives as well as what is going on in the collective.
The healing salve at this time is the energy of the MOTHER. This Lunar Eclipse is in CANCER, the sign of the Mother. And When Pluto and Saturn have their big meeting on January 12th, asteroid Ceres, another archetype of the Mother will be right there present at the meeting.
So first call to action is, we need to mother ourselves real good right now. We need to allow all our different emotions to exist, and accept everything that is coming up. Yes, it’s ok. All of our feelings really need to be embraced.
This is a time where we are learning to re-parent ourselves. Like astrologer Timothy Halloran so beautifully expressed, we are developing “new forms, new networks of internal support that allow us to be initiated into newfound levels of authority.”
He talks about summoning that “maternal security” for our own selves, and encourages us to address our inner child with words of  support. 
It is essential that we give the MOTHER energy of Love to ourselves, perhaps in ways that we never have or have never experienced. With radical kindness, and healing energy to strengthen our foundations.
This is a big moment in time right now.  On a personal level it will of course be different for each of us, but essentially there might be something that will be challenging us. Most likely a situation beyond our control that will require a shift in perspective or something that needs to be released.
The key is our response. We have a choice as to how we will respond and this is the turning point.
Now, as we all know that’s easier said than done.
I have found that the further up we go, the more we gain perspective. 
And recently I have been doing this simple practice that has helped me greatly which I felt called to share with you.
In my stillness, I imagined myself up on a cloud up above, sitting on a bench, next to Ram Dass. 
From that vantage I observed my self in my present condition, from my Soul, from beyond Death, from my future Self.
I became an observer, and I saw myself in so much heartache and pain, but up there next to Ram Dass, I felt relieved and felt the expanded energy of love.
I realized that holding on kept me in the loop of my current suffering, but if I shifted my perspective that was causing my pain, if I moved beyond the polarity, I could lighten the load and feel free.
It became clear that’s the game changer. That’s next level right there.
And I realized in that moment, I had crossed “beyond ideas of right-doings and wrongdoings,” like Rumi said. Beyond “there is a field, I’ll meet you there.”
The field. The field of oneness, of unity-consciousness, where the ascended masters roam.
If we ascend our perspective, we can access the field too.
But as we know, it’s not easy to do, the polarity is very strong.
With love it can bring opposite forces together into union.
But if the focus is not on the whole, it becomes a power play.
And as Sarah Varcas says, we will be witnessing grabs for power as the “karmic consequences of egotistical assumptions of entitlement become ever more evident.”
We need to have that 2020 vision for the long-haul. For the next seven generations, like indigenous people say and beyond.
2020 is calling us to gain a broader perspective as individuals, as a humanity, as a people of planet earth living in this time right now.
We need to consider all parts, and make sure that our decisions take into account the wellbeing of all who might be affected.
Personally and collectively, because we are all relatives. We are family. 
I highly recommend the Audible of the late great and wonderfully delightful RAM DASS here.
If you don’t have Audible it’s free. Please listen to it, and then again and again. It will help shift perspective. And that, after all, is truly the key!
(I know this intro was long but there’s so much that wants to be shared! The Insights below are long too but carefully woven with golden streams of thought, so you can go deeper into your own findings, healings and revelations…)
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA ASTRAL INSIGHTS from our beloved featured astrologers.


PAM YOUNGHANS  from her North Point Astrology Journal says:
We are there.This is what I am calling ‘tornado week,’ the week that astrologers have been talking and writing about for literally years.
“The lineup of planetary events that occurs over the next eight days is both spectacular and powerful…
“There’s so much going on, it’s a lot to digest all at once..
“Consider that an aspect such the Saturn-Pluto alignment is like climbing a mountain.
“We’ve been climbing this particular Saturn-Pluto mountain for most of 2019. Next Sunday, we reach the peak.
“The air is thinner here, and it can be hard to catch our breath. We are reminded with each step how important self-care truly is.
“We may need to stop often and just focus on breathing, slowly and deeply.
“We must nourish our bodies and rest so that we have the strength we need.
“We must also feed our minds positive thoughts so that we do not become discouraged.
“And, we need to reach out and offer support to fellow climbers who are struggling
“The bottom line is that we are at a pivotal time in human history.
“As the astrology suggests, much is coming to a crisis point in 2020, and this first month of the year is especially critical.
“We need only briefly scan global and local headlines to see this manifesting.
“It is impossible to process all that is occurring.
“This is one of the ways that Pluto often works. It brings about situations that are outside of our conscious control, so that we learn new ways of managing our reactions.
“Through the experience, we find new levels of inner strength.
“Plutonian events shift our perspective and ultimately empower us, sometimes to take action, but always to be in greater awareness of our own capacities.
“On an individual level, even if we are not dealing directly with a crisis right now, it is important not to go into overwhelm.
“While there may be ways in which we are drawn to respond outwardly, we can also make great contribution by moving into center, into our hearts, holding a calm space, and embodying the peace we want to see on the planet.
“At those times when we feel powerless to control the outer world, we can always choose to control our own energy field. When we do this, we add much-needed, higher-frequency energies to the collective.
“This is not the same as avoidance or wishful thinking. This activity, when done with conscious intention, can be even more powerful than physical action.
“We might call it prayer. We might call it energy work. Whatever term we use, we need that spiritual focus and energy now.
“As Jupiter aligns with the South Node in Capricorn, it amplifies the ways in which humanity is still guided by the dangerous belief that ‘might makes right.’
“We see decisions that are made from an outdated, authoritative view of reality, one in which dominance and arrogance are acceptable, and perhaps even admired.
“Jupiter is holding the magnifying glass over these traits, wherever they are found.
“It shows in exaggerated fashion what occurs when we approach life from the stance that we can do whatever we want simply because we have the power to do so.
“With the U.S. coming into its Pluto return, the nation is seeing a great challenge to the belief that it is above the law, untouchable, and invulnerable.
“But Jupiter also has a more palatable intention for 2020. As it journeys through Capricorn this year, Jupiter helps us aspire to and achieve the positive traits of the sign: a stronger conscience, and greater civility, integrity, humility, and honor.
“Friday is an incredibly powerful day. Emotions are extremely high and the tension is palpable.
“This is an especially crucial day for finding our center of calm in the eye of the storm.
“The Cosmic Plan that decided to have an eclipse at the same time as the Saturn-Pluto alignment – and for the alignment to be tightly implicated in the eclipse itself – is one to ponder.
“And then throw in all the other planets that are involved … We really do need to sit down to have a heart-to-heart chat with the Cosmos.
“I’ve taken apart the Lunar Eclipse chart to help us wrap our brains around everything that’s involved in the event.
“Be sure to read the very last item on this list, especially if you start to feel overwhelmed:
  • Moon in Cancer: Heightened sensitivity and empathy. Feeling protective, perhaps defensive. Desire to hide, need for emotional security.
  • Moon square Eris: Combativeness. The goddess who has been disregarded and belittled finds her voice, causing disruption. 
  • Moon square Juno: Alliances challenged. Disagreements between partners.
  • Moon opposite Mercury: Communications affected (back up your computers). Travel disruptions. Information and disinformation. A war of words.
  • Moon opposite Ceres: Separation anxieties, feeling isolated. Conflict between personal needs and needs of family or homeland.
  • Moon opposite Saturn: Feeling cut off from emotional support. Need for increased self-care.
  • Moon opposite Pluto: Passionate feelings. Emotions may be compulsive, reactive, obsessive.
  • Moon opposite Charilko: Feeling conflicted over needs for self-care and the desire to hold the space for others and their healing. Remember the metaphor of putting on your own oxygen mask.
  • Moon trine Neptune: Our saving grace! See next paragraphs.
​​​​​​​”In our chat with the Cosmos, we need to include a prayer of gratitude for Neptune’s involvement in all of these astrological events…it is providing a release valve for the tension of those many oppositions.
“Neptune’s influence enhances our ability to transcend the emotional reactivity of these times.
“It allows us greater access to our intuition, creativity, spiritual perspective, and connection to the Divine.
“It helps us rise above the human drama, so that we might gain the vantage point of our own Soul.
“It increases our sensitivity and compassion, qualities that are greatly needed in our world.
“As if the eclipse and the alignments were not enough, there are two planets that station direct on eclipse day: Eris and Uranus. 
“When a planet stations (comes to a standstill), its influence is magnified for at least a week on either side of the date of its station.
“Eris was the goddess of strife and discord… Eris is not only stationary at the time of the eclipse, she is also in hard aspect to the Moon and all of the planets in Capricorn.
“As such, we can expect that someone plays the role of instigator, perhaps surreptitiously.
“Uranus is known to cause upheaval, through events that happen suddenly, unexpectedly, or dramatically.
“Having Uranus station during an eclipse can be thought of as a ‘double whammy’ because eclipses are thought to be Uranus-like in their effects, due to their unpredictability.
“With Uranus in earthy Taurus – and with Earth Mother goddess Ceres strongly involved in the eclipse – it is not surprising that there is an environmental crisis occurring now.
“The good news is that Uranus is still in harmonious aspect with Jupiter and with the nodes…
“Since Uranus represents the Higher Mind, these aspects provide access to higher-level information, insights, and solutions, no matter what else is going on around us. 
“Looking at the Big Picture, we can benefit from viewing this time as a healing crisis.
“During such times, we might be overwhelmed by symptoms that seem to indicate we are getting worse, not better.
“And yet, if we realize that humanity is going through a detox process, we can keep a bit more hopeful perspective on events.
“We may wonder what each of us can do, how we can contribute to the healing rather than exacerbating the wound.
“First, self-care is vital. These planetary energies are not just ‘out there’ somewhere, causing events.
“They are interacting with our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.
“We may be especially aware of physical issues right now… it is important to know that we are being inundated with all these cosmic energies.
“It’s vital to get plenty of rest, both at night and when we feel tired during the day.
“On mental and emotional levels, too, we need to take breaks. Take a walk in nature. Listen to music. Allow your gaze to float softly over the far horizon, watch the clouds move through the sky.
“On spiritual levels, there is much we can ‘do.’ We can meditate. We can pray.
“We can do energy work, calling light to the areas of the planet that are in need of support.
“We can call on the angels, Enlightened Ones, Masters, and other interdimensional beings, whose purpose is to assist the evolution of humanity and the healing on Planet Earth.
“These beings exist, but because this is a planet of free will, they must hear our call before they can offer assistance.
“Most of all, we can love each other. We can be kind and gentle. We can open our hearts.
“We can accept and respect others, ourselves, and our planet.
“We can be Love. We can embody Peace. It is needed.
“We can make this transition time into one that takes us into the positive future we all envision – but, true to Capricorn’s directive, we must each take responsibility for our piece of the puzzle.”
© Copyright 2020 PAM YOUNGHANS
SARAH VARCAS  from her Astro-Awakenings.co.uk says:
“This is an eclipse of extremes and therefore of extreme possibilities.
“It could bring liberation from a viewpoint that has kept us imprisoned – mentally, emotionally, spiritually – or it could strengthen those prison bars with a dose of so-called ‘reality’ which tells us nothing ever changes, life’s a struggle and the sooner it’s over the better.
“It reminds us that personal experience cannot be divorced from the collective energetic field in which lies the potential for all things.
“In seeing beyond our tiny fear-based perspective we can open ourselves to this wider potential with reverence and awe.
“There are always possibilities at the edge of our vision if we look in the right way.
“What was previously in our blind spot can come into view with a tilt of the head and this eclipse provides an opportunity to shift perspective to see things in a very different light.
“But the strength of our emotions may discourage us from believing this to be true! 
“If you find yourself overwrought or overwhelmed at this lunar eclipse, ask yourself How would it feel if I believed there was another way to view this situation?’.
“That question alone may take the heat out of the flames and allow a more cooling effect on an over-stimulated heart and mind…
“Following hot on the heels of the lunar eclipse comes the Saturn/Pluto conjunction exact at 16:23 UT on 12th January in the 23rd degree of Capricorn…
“Unlike many outer planet conjunctions which recur over a number of months, this alliance occurs only once, intensifying the process of shift to a new perspective.
“Consider this a choice-point of sorts, during which we can decide how to approach the year ahead and draw upon the imposing energy of this conjunction to cement our commitment.
“Of course, this also means that if we allow negativity or despair to cloud our minds and hearts at this time, the ripple effect of doing so may lap upon our shores for some time to come.
“But this doesn’t mean that if we’re having a hard time in January the whole year’s already a write-off. Far from it!
The key is our response to that hard time: do we cement it with our reactions, adding misery upon misfortune, or do we embrace the conjunction energy to allow new understanding, perspectives and feelings to arise?
“Can we recognize the catalyzing action of trauma or challenge, which can as much clear away old emotional debris as create more?
“Can we feel the energetic hurricane that up-ends a life as the winds of change that point us eventually in a new and more productive direction?
“Many people fear the action of Pluto in their lives. But fear is not a helpful response and be wary around those who encourage it!
“Pluto demands of us a mighty heart that can release all that no longer supports who we must be.
“Conjunct Saturn it reminds us that the most imposing change can also be a powerful catalyst for mature wisdom. 
“Whilst this conjunction may have a purging effect on our lives at some level, if we can recognize its action as a solution not a problem we can ride those storms more wisely.
” This conjunction of planetary heavyweights invites us into a more mature and insightful relationship with our inherent power…
“In the coming years we must own our power and the responsibility that comes with it. Or face with full force the consequences of refusing to do so.
“We must dig deep and rise strong in the face of increasingly desperate power-plays of those who sense influence slipping from their grasp as people wake up to their lies.
“Both  Uranus & Eris are stationing direct at the time of the conjunction, reflecting how this alliance between Saturn and Pluto may stop us in our tracks. Not immediately perhaps, but as its energies ‘bed in’ over time and pervade our everyday life.
“Grabs for power may occur on the world stage in unanticipated ways, whilst the karmic consequences of egotistical assumptions of entitlement become ever more evident.
“Those in power who refuse to pause a while to reflect on their intent may find themselves confronted with the inevitable outcomes of blind arrogance.
“…In this new Saturn/Pluto cycle, slowing down becomes a radical act of self-determination: An opportunity to cease spinning in an endless whirl, gather up our thoughts and feelings and embrace their deeper contemplation for a while.
“By contrast, a square from Eris to the conjunction heralds an opportunity to move through intensity much quicker than before.
“Here we see the potential for our perception of time to shift exponentially. What once took years to process we can now do in a few months and what took months can take weeks or days.
“We have the opportunity to suffer less and reap greater rewards, but we must choose to do so. Our attitude is key to this choice.
“If we focus on pain without hope of change, that’s what we’ll get. If we process the pain, work with it, be authentic within it, the outcome could be beyond our wildest imaginings as the rejuvenating power of a mighty heart is unleashed within us.
“In this sense, the notion of ‘long term’ is shifting beneath our feet as evolutionary forces flood our lives with such intensity that we can be swept up in their embrace before we catch our breath.
“One day we’re living this life then, bam, it’s all change. Just like that.
“The external trappings may look largely the same (for a while at least) but the very fabric of our life has shifted beyond return. We know it and feel it, even if we can’t yet articulate it.
“This experience is becoming more frequent as we awaken to the forces of change that act on all levels of our being.
“We can no longer ignore or dismiss them for they have become us.
“They are the very life force itself, refreshed and renewed by the vital forces that flood this planet and all who live upon her.
“Amidst these moments of sudden shift are those of mind-numbing mundanity which challenge us to put into regular practice all we profess to believe.
“This is the ‘work’ of conscious evolution: living the ordinary life in an extraordinary way, knowing material ‘reality’ as both the most and least real thing about our existence.
“We can reach out and touch it, identify it, name it, and yet if we seek its substance it melts before our eyes.
“Nothing is as it seems and yet we must live it anyway, both mundane and divine.
“In doing so we embody the unbounded human spirit which is rising triumphant, undeterred by the barriers it must breach to make its mark.”
© Copyright 2020 SARAH VARCAS


The insights from the wonderful TIMOTHY HALLORAN which I quoted above can be found on YouTube starting at 14:40 here.
May we allow in the energy of the sacred MOTHER to heal our hearts.
With all my love and solidarity!
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