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*FULL MOON* in Scorpio on May 18th 2019   
2:11 pm PDT | 10:11 pm BST
May 19th 2019  8:11 AM AEDT


FULL MOON in Scorpio, also known as the “Wesak” Moon honors the Buddha’s enlightenment, and brings us the gift of a deep-seated knowing, beyond the intellect.
Scorpio is the keeper of the deep mysteries and her gifts are attuned to the all-encompassing field of pervasive understanding and magic.
Access is gained through self-reflection, and a clear letting go of all the stories we tell ourselves, bringing AWARENESS to all the ways they muddy our perception.
(Brené Brown whose work I shared back in 2012 here and here and here, has a wonderful new doc on Netflix that you might enjoy which speaks to “the stories we tell ourselves”) 
So on this FULL Scorpio Wesak MOON, let’s bathe in our inner realms, bringing light and compassion to all the narratives we create, and releasing them in this Full Moon’s light that bridges new understanding.
The more we come to face and acknowledge the uncomfortable, hidden parts of our psyche, the more we can come to know ourselves and gain clarity on the driving forces motivating our actions. 
Matters can be skewed and projections need to be reeled in, but we have the ability to drop in steady and continue learning and deepening our understanding.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved guiding lights:
ROBERT WILKINSON from his Aquarius Papers says:
Because the Moon is in Scorpio, the Wesak Wisdom always involves some form of renunciation or letting go, creating space for new wisdom-forms to be substantiated.
“Since the Wesak represents ‘Buddha Wisdom’ of a compassionate form helping us all to end suffering, the next two weeks can help us remember the wisdom we’ve found throughout our ‘mature experience.’
“This will be expressed through what we let go of, what we choose to regenerate, and how we choose to fill recent voids.
“This one will show us something about our worth and/or what we value, and what we need to reclaim of our wisdom which allows us a genuine rejuvenation.
“This stabilizing, regenerative, and awakening Full Moon… renews our dedication, opens deeper relationship connections with others in our Soul groups, and continues to give us rewards for our courage as we move into unknown zones…
“This Full Moon is expansive, and will elevate our view if we don’t cling to old 3D forms of perception.
“…Past weeks have shown us how to get out of our own way so a Spirit-infused new life may manifest.
“This is the time to go deeper into your magnetism, go deeper into your connection to the One Life, and continue to envision your way from an elevated view.
Listen to the inner voice to hear your Spiritual Master, and embrace the new role, the new archetypes, the new understanding of inner and outer nature, and a new life adventure, identifying with a larger life and purpose…
While things may get weird, most of the friction is generated by Venus conjunct Uranus with both semisquare Neptune…when it comes to using friction productively, remember that it takes pressure to turn carbon into diamonds.
“And the more skillful we become in dealing with life’s aggravations, annoyances, disruptions, and unexpected diversions, the less these are a problem in the future, and the more we are able to keep our cool in the midst of the generic atmospheric conflict.”
© Copyright 2019 ROBERT WILKINSON


“This Full Moon is opposite Algol- the fixed star connected to Medusa! She is the epitome of female passion and intensity!
“She is also a VERY POWERFUL Dark Goddess who can see into the shadows and see what others do not want to be seen.
“The contemporary version of Medusa’s myth is a patriarchal re-write as pre-patriarchy she was a powerful, beautiful and loved Goddess.
“She can be understood symbolically when we remember that the snakes in her hair are an ancient symbol of chthonic power, the ancient primordial Goddess and the capacity to navigate the Underworld.
“Her capacity to make someone turn to stone when looking at her is symbolic of her ability to see through the ego and shatter it.
“She gets beyond the facade and she gets to the Truth. Adding her potent seer-ing power to this lunation is POWERFUL.
“With the Full Moon in this deep and intense sign with Algol involved- there can be A LOT that is coming up to the surface that we need to address emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, sexually and more.
“Luckily this Full Moon makes exceptional aspects to the entire Capricorn confluence- to Saturn, Pluto and the South node…
“This Full Moon supports doing the deep work of excavation, transformation and evolution.
“The only way out is through and this full moon can help you move through some very deep layers!”
© Copyright 2019 DIVINE HARMONY


LEAH WHITEHORSE form her LUA Astrology shares:
“This Full Moon in Scorpio tells us that emotions are intense, and this is what is driving us forward. Feelings, fears, deep unconscious material, it’s all on show, floodlit by the opposing Sun in Taurus.
“The ego would like for things to be simple. ‘I want an easy life’ says the Sun in Taurus. But of course, life is rarely so simple.
“Emotions are sticky, complicated things that lead us to scary places – and places of real depth, power, insight and riches.
“The Sun is almost exactly conjunct Sedna so we have stories about loss and betrayal illuminated.
“The Moon in Scorpio desires greater intimacy but Sedna has already lost so much that it’s hard to move into a place of trust. But we need to trust.
“We need to have those deep conversations that speak of unpleasant things before getting to the good stuff.
“Mercury has just perfected a trine to Full Moon ruler Pluto.
“Mercury tells us that we must talk about what hurts us so that we can find our way back to the ease we yearn for.
“But is isn’t easy because the Moon in Scorpio likes to keep secrets. We don’t want to feel exposed.
“The Moon is however in a wide out of sign trine to Chiron. Here is the release point from the tension. Healing is possible.
“We can find our way back to one another and to ourselves if we show courage.
“It’s okay to be wounded, fragile, vulnerable, different.
“Another important point is that Venus has just perfected a conjunction to Uranus. Note that the Venus conjunction to Uranus is the first of its kind for 81 years. The last time these two met in Taurus was in 1938…
“Venus conjunct Uranus is liberation from heartache and potential for an awakening at heart level.
“It’s like a high frequency blast of energy that shakes the bedrock of our lives and shows us what really matters.
“It’s the glint of a brilliant jewel in Pluto’s underworld. To release the jewel, we need to release resistance to change, no matter how insecure it might make us feel.
“The Sabian symbol of the Full Moon is : The King Of The Fairies Approaching His Domain
“Close your eyes for a moment and imagine this glorious, otherworldly King returning to his castle. What we have here is an image of assurance, certainty, belonging wrapped up in powerful magic.
“Scorpio energy might be tough at times, but it strips us bare and lets us know without a doubt who we are.
“Like the King, we need to keep our heads held high, eyes straight ahead, fearless.
“Whatever happens, we are being brought back to ourselves and to where we belong.”
© Copyright 2019 LEAH WHITEHORSE


Like Ellias Lonsdale says in his interpretation of the Chandra symbol for this Moon’s degree:
“Our innermost soul has agreed to become naked to existence once again.
“The only thing we can keep with us is that core blazing spirit.” 
Pretty much says it all.
Love to each of our hearts~



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