June 20th 2020  11:41 pm PDT 
June 21st 2020 6:41 am GMT  | 5:41 pm AEDT


Total “Ring of Fire” Solar ECLIPSE on the ✜ SOLSTICE ✜ with a NEW MOON at 0 degrees of Cancer, as well as the other alignments present, make this a rare “seed” moment turning point.
Cancer is archetype of the Mother, She is the cosmic womb from whence we all emerge, and the Feminine energy that lives within each of us, regardless of gender.
She rules the emotions and this period of time is unearthing many deep emotions along with core trauma that many of us have experienced. There is a lot being unburied as the tectonic plates of our world shift.
Compassion is what is needed to be seeded this Eclipse. This empathic Mother SEED will have reverberations for months to come, as we continue on this journey of our evolutionary turning.
The healing salve is to allow, listen and integrate, uphold the dignity of the human spirit, and lean into Her enveloping love, compassion and empathy for ourselves and others who are hurting.
Cancer, symbolically personified as the crab, carries Her home with her. Symbolically She is always home.  She belongs.
Mercury just went Retrograde in Cancer (6/17- 7/12) as well, so the usual inward-moving, reflective energy of Mercury Rx, is further accentuated in Cancer encouraging us to take time to anchor into the safety of our home within.
The Mother wisdom that Cancer brings reminds us to tend to ourselves first, so we can RESET and have the strength and resilience to care for others for the long haul.
I myself am going to be taking this next Moon cycle, during Mercury RX, away from posting, so I can listen and be receptive to all that is transforming.
Thank you for holding space for me and please know that I will be back on July 20th with our second NEW MOON in Cancer!
Wishing all of us much tenderness and love as we break open and break-through these times of activation.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our featured astrologers and readers of the planetary movements…
Astrologer DIVINE HARMONY shares:
“This is the midpoint of the triple Eclipse portal, the midpoint of a 1244 year Saros Eclipse cycle and it is right smack on the Solstice point…
“The maximum Eclipse is at the EXACT SAME TIME TO THE MINUTE as the New Moon…
“The Moon’s eclipsing of the Sun will not cover the whole Sun and what will appear is a ring of light/ring of fire (Annular means ring-shaped)…
“Symbolically the Moon eclipsing the Sun can represent the Unconscious eclipsing the Conscious Self.
“Casting a shadow on Earth can represent all the shadows coming to Light when the bright Light of the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon/Unconscious.
“This feels apt for what we are seeing on Earth right now and especially in the USA… in order to evolve and transform as a country WE MUST DEAL WITH THE SHADOWS OF OUR PAST
“Having this Eclipse on the World Axis is huge. The World Axis includes the 4 cardinal points of 0 Aries, 0 Cancer, 0 Libra and 0 Capricorn.
“In tropical astrology when the Sun transits these degrees we have the spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice respectively (In the Southern Hemisphere 0 Aries is Fall, 0 Cancer is Winter, 0 Libra is Spring and 0 Capricorn is Summer).
“The World Axis degrees always correspond to highly visible world events and they are extra potent
“This whole Eclipse series is about transforming the shadows of the past (Scorpio South Node) and balancing the Feminine and Masculine (NN Taurus- ruled by Venus, SN Scorpio ruled by Pluto and Mars)- and now we are the precise midpoint of it on the world axis.
“The tipping point is not near- IT IS HERE!”
© Copyright 2020 DIVINE HARMONY


SARAH VARCAS from her shares:
“When we have a Solar Eclipse sandwiched between two Lunar Eclipses like this one, we often see a process of emotional upheaval and purging triggered by the first Lunar Eclipse, followed by a time of radical action and significant events at the Solar Eclipse, followed by a period of emotional repatterning and transformation at the Second Lunar Eclipse (in Capricorn, on 5th July 2020).
“Because a Solar Eclipse always occurs at a New Moon, it augurs a period of intense creativity which benefits from deep reflection around the time of the actual Eclipse.
“This stillness allows the needs of the moment to make themselves felt and enables us to respond with greater sensitivity and wisdom.
“Whilst we may feel compelled to act at the time of a Solar Eclipse, action taken under such compulsion often falls short of our desired outcome if we don’t first turn within to discern the appropriateness of our response
In essence, this Solar Eclipse primes us to think and feel with a greater degree of consciousness and apply our thoughts and feelings to the conscious act of creating the world we desire.
“The seed thoughts and feelings planted at this eclipse will grow strong and vibrant if watered with incisive wisdom, fierce compassion and a robust commitment to birth a new world from the on-going demise of the old one…
“As far as is possible we need to hold our centre, stand firm and allow whatever occurs to penetrate to our deepest core. As we do this, the wisdom of these times can arise within us, free of external dictates and the imposition of a narrative shaped by those voices that shout the loudest.
“We may not, however, want to hear this wisdom right away! It may challenge too many cherished truths and blow apart too much of what feels like ‘me’. But hear it we must.
“For, if nothing else, these times call for the unyielding courage to see life through eyes that refuse to turn away no matter how challenging the truths perceived.
“If you do nothing else, at least make a note of insights at this time for they will surely form an intrinsic part of your life from here on in, despite any struggle to embrace them. (This article about solar eclipses may be of help if you find yourself in a stressful situation at this time).
“…The human family can no longer live divided within itself without perpetuating ever more profound psyche and soul damage.
“We have a choice in times of intensity: to protect and defend or open and embrace.
“Neither is ultimately right or wrong, but we must be able to shift between the two, knowing when to stand firm and when to concede, when to retreat and when to advance
“Refusal to acknowledge the knot of wise apprehension in our stomach or the sterile unhappiness of a life out of balance, deadens our senses and separates us from the unified field in which we each occupy our own unique space.
“As does allowing others to dictate what our feelings should be. In the darkness of this eclipse we are safe to let it all go, to be no-one and yet everything, sure in the knowledge we can make ourselves anew at any moment and nothing can steal the essence of who we truly are.
“To return home to oneself in this way is an act of great power in an age when so much distracts us from doing so…
“Silence calls us now, not to shut out the world but to understand it anew.”
© Copyright 2020 SARAH VARCAS


ANAIS of Mystical Mandrake Root shares:
“This solar eclipse will quincunx Saturn in Aquarius. This brings themes of responsibility and personal freedom to the forefront. 
“Some of us may feel restricted under this aspect or physically uncomfortable. If you are feeling the latter, some adjustment may be needed.
“Ask yourself, where you feel the discomfort, and how you can fix the issue? Personal comfort is a strong theme for cancer, when this combines with the vision of Aquarius, we are encouraged to reinvent and change things up.
“The old ways won’t work anymore, this is our opportunity to create new ones…
“The Solar Eclipse will square Mars in Pisces, this asks us to find creative solutions to issues.
“We may feel tired, restless, scattered, or have a hard time focusing. But, if we take a moment, slow down, and move past the clouds, we can better see our path and vision.
“This aspect requires us to be clear about our boundaries as well, and what is and is not healthy for us. 
“Ask yourself, what is healthy for you now? How can you best care for yourself at this very moment?
“How are your boundaries? Are you being honest with yourself about what you are capable of? Do you give yourself enough breaks when you need them?


ELLIAS LONSDALE Star Sparks for this NEW MOON is:
“Cancer 1 A potter at work
“There is a formative pattern which expresses itself when we can let it through with sensitivity and conscious attunement.
“It has a voice, a call, a characteristic feel. And when you get in the groove of letting the whole stream into this part, the tension dissolves and spirit reverberates everywhere.
“It’s a craft, a practice, a discipline. And this requires careful cultivation. You need great readiness, a practical skill to set the tone for spirit to do it’s great work here.
“And all the steps and stages, all the learning and growth are already part of the guided pattern, instrumentally choreographed by those who know.
“Yet once you’re there, it’s so simple, so basic, so commonsensical. You lend yourself to the movement, to the music, to the pulse-beat.
“Your fingers know. Your whole body bears the resonance.
“So this wants to become a return to what is natural, a restoring of ancient timeless way.
“It seeks to manifest a remembrance and a rededication. And when these things are forthcoming, they will seem intrinsic, implicit, nothing to think about.
“Deep inside the pattern there is dispassion, a viewpoint far removed from the action carried over from before.
“There is this cosmic beholding power, this witnessing intelligence.
“Yet the whole movement here is to become as common and accessible as can be.
“The guided instrumentation is to join forces with the whole of humanity.
“Then what wants to come through will be basic, popular, obvious, clear, the next place to go.”
© Copyright 2020 ELLIAS LONSDALE


Many blessings on this profound SOLSTICE as the cosmic wheel turns!
With all my heart~


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