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May 22nd 2020  10:38 am PDT
5:38 pm GMT |May 23rd 4:38 am AEDT
The numerology on this NEW MOON in Gemini is beautifully dyadic, as we have lots of Gemini in the chart and lots of 2’s; the Sun and Moon are both at 2 degrees in Gemini, and Venus and Mercury are at 20 degrees in Gemini on the 22nd in 2020.
We can see how this reverberated dual reflection aptly plucks the strings of the polarizing vibrations of the times.
But Gemini encompasses more than just the dual nature, and reflects a wide spectrum of perspectives, possibilities and communications.
The Gemini archetype shows us how we can create a kaleidoscope of inclusion with the multiplicities of form, just as is reflected by the very diverse nature of our natural world. 
This NEW MOON in GEMINI encourages us to activate our engagement with the larger patterns that shape our destiny, in a way that is much more empowering that the world dictates.
She asks us to consider how we can show up for ourselves in the outer world, from our inside place. 
Gemini’s directive is like a butterfly asking us to emerge from the darkness of our cocoons and let our colorful wings unfold. Gemini wants to engage with the sensations of external feedback that twinning offers.
Within the Gemini matrix, we exist in multiple worlds simultaneously, in this world of form at hand and in the world beyond form.
We can also witness the opposing aspects of Self, the contradictions that exist within our very own natures.
There are myriad prisms of reflection that Gemini brings, each one a twinning mirror with the gift of helping us see ourselves more accurately.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured interpreters of the celestial bodies…


“With Gemini, we enter the realm of the Mind, and so we have to learn how to touch each other using other senses – our hearing and our sight.
“We might learn to consciously embrace each other with our energy fields. Although this happens naturally, we can also practice sending and receiving hugs energetically.
“As you can see, this crazy pandemic offers us opportunities to expand not only our consciousness, but also our senses.
“With Venus retrograde in this sign, it’s time to be playful with our experiments.
“We might also practice our communication skills, since this is the gift that Gemini and it’s ruler, Mercury, offer us…
“It’s a time to speak from our hearts and use our emotional intelligence so we can start to heal our divisions…
“Since the Lunar nodes moved out of Cancer/Capricorn into Gemini/Sagittarius, our collective lessons have moved from what makes for a secure and happy life to what are the new ideas that can support the truth of life
“The lunar north node of Gemini and south node of Sagittarius suggests that as we explore new ideas, we have the opportunity to find our own truth as we stay open to others truth as well.
“As Venus connects us to our Divine Source through her square to Neptune in Pisces, we can connect to our own truth and sense of Self.
“Centered in that truth, how can it hurt to listen to someone’s opinion without jumping down their throats with our own?
“…This Gemini New Moon asks us to learn deep listening skills. As we get good at that, we can hear what is being left unsaid.”
© Copyright 2020 CATHY PAGANO


“There is so much Gemini in the New Moon chart- not just the Sun and Moon but also Mercury (the ruler of the New Moon in his own sign), Venus who is retrograde and the asteroid Goddess Vesta.
“So much focus in Gemini can make the mind very active… 
“There is an absolutely lovely Grand Air Trine in the New Moon chart between the New Moon, Saturn in Aquarius, Pallas Athena and Juno…. exact just hours before the New Moon- bringing an amazingly grounded energy to our minds, thoughts and interactions with others…
“There is the capacity to open the lines of communication here- to speak openly and honestly but also to listen. 
“To see sides of the story or situation we did not see before- so that we are not just seeing through our own lens but also seeing through the lens of others. 
“Vesta is also involved- so we have a lot of Divine Feminine action in the New Moon chart!
“…We are asked to question the focus of our thoughts and feelings. What is behind them?
“…Where are our perceptions driven by shadow, fears and Unconscious material from behind the scenes?
“It is easy to spin things our way right now thinking we are seeing Truth but actually we are seeing through a glass darkly.  The dark glass is our own Unconscious wounding, conditioning and motivations that run the ship so-to-speak. 
“This is an excellent time to see who is in the driver’s seat 
“…Gemini rules the lungs and the lungs hold grief.  Shadow Gemini wants to think about feelings but not actually feel them.  Unacknowledged grief can morph into depression, aggression or escapism.  
“Again- questioning what is behind the surface emotion or surface thought so we can get to the real core issue is key right now. “
© Copyright 2020 DIVINE HARMONY


Here is the Chandra symbol by JOHN SANDBACH for this NEW MOON in Gemini:
“The Chandra Symbol for this degree is ‘A dense thicket of brambles surrounding a magic castle.’
“The brambles are a protection, as is the invisibility of the man in the Omega Symbol. This degree is about relating, and in the process of doing so finding ways to get through barriers of fear and misunderstanding so that one can make deeper connections.
“Another aspect of this degree is that it may ward off connections with life and/or other people and not be aware it is doing this.
“Ultimately it is a way of maintaining one’s freedom to be oneself – a kind of filtering device that only allows in what harmonizes with one’s own vibrations.
“This can be positive in that it protects one’s energy, but, like all systems of protection it can also, in some contexts restrict personal evolution.”
© Copyright 2020 JOHN SANDBACH


Let’s allow this incoming preponderance of AIR energy to sweep through our spaces and bring fresh new clarifying winds in. Open the windows!
Blessed NEW MOON friends!



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