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July 20th 2020  10:33 am PDT  | 5:33 pm GMT 
July 21st 2020 4:33 am AEDT
We have a second *NEW MOON* in Cancer on July 20th 2020, precipitating with it an Axis shift.
The current is moving us all forward and we are needing to let go of the shore, the familiar nooks, as we are transformed by the great river of change.
These times have been demanding great effort to keep our head above water, to keep swimming so we don’t drown. But we must remember that we can take time to shift our Axis, and allow the great ocean of consciousness to hold us as we dip our ears into its deeper waters.
For it is here that we can pivot our Axis in alignment with Source. 
As we gaze up at the stars above and into the ever expanding Universe we are a part of, perhaps we can catch sight of the comet NEOWISE who is moving through our inner Solar system and will be closest to our planet Earth on July 22nd!
The horizontal axis we usually inhabit, is where the dominant cultural ideologies and narratives exist that dictate our relationships to each other and the world around us. We are conditioned is so many unconscious ways.
Our journey requires that we as individuals reclaim our personal power through our vertical Axis that activates us into our Center, as the midpoints between the Earth and Sky, Above and Below, Past and Future. 
It is here that true power and healing lies, in this place of Return to the original state we were birthed in. To heal we must find our way back to the MOTHER womb of our self-acceptance and LOVE. This is our umbilical cord to the Original Axis.
The more we can establish a relationship with who we truly are, the better we will be able to navigate the horizontal Axis on this journey of learning and unlearning.
This NEW MOON in Cancer asks us to release what is no longer true for who we are now.
Its purpose is to get us into alignment with where we are needing to go next on our individual evolutionary journey.
I first began sharing these ASTRAL INSIGHTS on the Cancer NEW MOON in 2011. These energetic news reports have allowed us to collectively witness and experience the qualitative waves of each passing Moon, which has been validating and unifying for us to experience and witness together.
I have been the proverbial finger pointing at the Moon, but now you see Her and feel Her deeply, and so this part of my journey and service feels at completion.
I’m shifting my Axis so that I may discover new ways to express and fulfill my mission at this present time and reclaim my Self amidst the huge changes that has been happening in my personal life and in our world.
I have so much love for you and am truly grateful and humbled by this beautiful commUNITY. 
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It’s not easy to let go of the shore, but these times are calling for radical trust as we shift to our Original Axis, so we can realign in a truer way with the whole of Creation and our part in it.
Like Jimi said “Bold as Love, Just ask the Axis.”
Here are the ASTRAL INSIGHTS from our beloved interpreters of the planetary bodies…


SARAH VARCAS from her Astro-Awakenings.co.uk shares:
“Black moons occur roughly every two and a half to three years and are always preceded a month earlier by a new moon in the first one or two degrees of the same zodiac sign…
“Once the black moon arrives, a shift in the fabric of the universe is underway, often manifesting as a new life theme that develops and matures across the coming two to three years.
“Our attention may shift to new interests and/or occupations. We may meet new people or drift from old ones.
“What once seemed so important to our well-being loses its appeal and we find deep inner shifts reflected in changes we once could never have contemplated…
“If we are thirsty for change in our life, eager to discard old and tired ways to make room for new life, a black moon is our unfailing ally, providing the impetus and focus to embrace and bring about effective and long-lasting change.
“If, on the other hand, we fear unavoidable change, this moon holds our hand and places iron in our soul, assuring us we have what it takes to navigate difficult terrain ahead and find, in due course, more solid and fertile ground.
© Copyright 2020 SARAH VARCAS


“This New Moon is opposite Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto and square to a stationary Eris who goes retrograde just over 2 hours after the New Moon is exact.
“This is great for excavation of shadow and dealing with unresolved crap- but if we are avoiding doing this then all manner of things can come up and out for us to address..
“This New Moon semisextiles the North Node of destiny and quincunxes the South Node of karma. We are at a crossroads.
“Are we going to keep defaulting to the past? Are we going to stick with things that are long past the expiration date or are we ready to offload?
A new path is calling us but we have to lighten our load in order pursue it.”
© Copyright 2020 DIVINE HARMONY


ANAIS of Mystical Mandrake Root shares:
“This is one to slow down and tune in; to listen and pay attention to your inner emotional self and what it’s asking of you.
“This is a moon to reflect on what you need and how you can take steps to achieve those things. 
“If you find this moon is hard for you, don’t push yourself to do anything you don’t need too.
Be kind to yourself and let the tears help you release any pent up emotional weight.
“Cancer reminds us of what matters, our priorities, and the richness of our emotions. 


And last but certainly not least, ELLIAS LONSDALE‘s Star Spark for this NEW MOON in Cancer…
“CANCER 29::: A large school of baby fish swimming in a group
“We have all been here before! We have swum these waters.
“We have joined the chorus budding civilization. We have paid our dues. We have entered upon the follies.
“And most of all come to a place of rest in the thickest of disputes and conflicts. For we have learned how to get through and to keep on flowing.
Now there comes a different lesson. So much of what we know is of the past, is given by time, and is made possible by the soul group we belong to.
“In so many ways, we became everybody around us. We lived their lives as our own. It has been such a dream, such an endless dream.
“Yet as we keep on moving through the same currents forever, as we flow with the familiar and the comfortable, the trance starts to wear off.
“We have the strange sensation of being forced back upon ourselves to determine what we think, what we feel, and what we know inside.
“It is a rude awakening. When you are this accustomed to merging within the given pattern, that initial point of coming forth on your own feels like a terrible severance, a deprivation, a loss. It is hard to find the blessing in it.
“Therefore, the drama must go on. All the currents stirring up the waters, the turbulence and the issues, these things must play out.
“Just being part of something that’s always been there, you are now led deeply to find your own inner ways.
“There are lots of tearings. It isn’t easy.
“Yet the blessing really is that somebody is being born who can follow a spirit that is bright and clear and so true.”
© Copyright 2020 ELLIAS LONSDALE
I love you!
With all my heart~
Montealegre  (MM)


::: I encourage you to follow the links to all wonderful astrologers that have been featured in these ASTRAL INSIGHTS and tune into them directly. It’s been a beautiful reflective journey together and I look forward to reconnecting with you in new ways very soon! Blessings to us all~~~