May 7th 2020  3:45 am PDT
 10:45 am GMT  | 9:45 pm AEDT


::: MOON:::
She stands in her fullness
within the darkness of night.
Her gaze our mirror
reflecting all that we are.
We cannot obscure
the steadiness of her Light.
Cannot deny the wonder she elicits,
nor the way she makes the waters
 flow from our eyes as she pierces
the depths of our feeling natures.
As she moves within the Scorpio energetics,
she open us to the spectrum of emotions
that are ever-present.
She brings the knowing that we can
face death and move through endings
into regeneration.
She knows that
from the ashes,
she will rise.
She trusts the fertile darkness
that holds her through the night,
knowing that the Sun will rise again
and kiss her face and bathe her
in its healing Light that is
ever-streaming and ever-present,
even on cloudy days.
She LISTENS to the deeper way,
to her Crone wisdom,
to her Maiden desires,
to the music of the Earth.
She hears the cries of the children
and the forest and the creatures
beneath the sea.
And like my teacher
Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes says,
she gathers all the bones of her life,
all of her past experiences,
the heartbreak,
the yearning,
and blesses them,
sings to them,
“pours Soul”
into them.
In doing so,
she is revivified.
All of our life experiences
have brought us here,
and Scorpio, like La Loba,
knows how to heal herself
through gathering the bones
and singing them into new life,
into a new embodiment.
This Full Moon in Scorpio is universally celebrated as the Vesak Moon or Buddha Jayanti, in remembrance of Buddha’s enlightenment.
This holy night invites us to widen into those openings that brings us a greater sense of expansion and peace.
It reminds us of the lotus that rises from the mud. Through the churning is the potential for greater clarity around what needs to be released and cleared to sanctify the beauty that lies within us.
How have we changed? Can we see with new eyes?
What insights and inspiration await us in the quiet spaces of deeper listening?
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers…
“The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 18* Taurus is: A woman airing an old bag through the open window of her room.
“This symbol speaks to the need to let go of our old ego attachments: it’s the opportunity to let go and purify who we think we are.
“The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 18* Scorpio is: A path through woods brilliant with multicolored leaves.
“…We need to trust that all our troubles, our pain, our issues have been there to teach us how to meet this moment and transcend our fears. The future awaits us!
“Full Moon energies bring what’s been hidden from our ego consciousness to light.
“As we re-engage in the world, this Scorpio Full Moon might reflect back to us what we really yearn for – those things in life that bring us peace and joy and satisfaction…
“While this watery Full Moon brings up issues of letting go of what no longer serves life, it also has a powerful hit from Neptune in Pisces, opening us to compassion, not only for all people suffering during this pandemic, but also for ourselves…
“Neptune also gives us the tool of the creative imagination to help us through this death and rebirth of our culture…
“As we release the emotional wounds that keep us repeating our insanity, we need to fill those spaces with possibilities. And that’s what Neptune can do for us.
Living in our active imaginations can change our habits quicker than anything else.
“Since Mercury is conjunct the Taurus Sun, we have the ability to see and communicate what is broken in our society (Mercury trine the Pluto/Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn) as well as what expectations we need to let go of in trying to return to ‘normal’.
“Instead, we can be looking for opportunities to bring something into play that people need.
“Something many of us have spent our lifetimes discovering and learning. Now is the time for us to lead the way into a better future…
“The great challenge of this chart is the Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus, which will operate the whole of 2021…
“It’s time to start creating a structure or plan (Saturn) to establish the new possibilities the world needs (Uranus).
“Uranus was in earthy Virgo during the birth of this Pluto/Uranus cycle. And look at all the creative, outlandish, wild and free things that came out of the 60s.
“Taurus will offer us another chance to bring that Uranian energy down to earth, so let us be disciplined wild people and cultivate our relationship with Mother Earth while letting the creative force flow through us.  
“This is the Wesak Full Moon, when the Buddha attained Nirvana – when he saw the truth of the world…
“With this Buddha Moon, it is a time of realization, when even the most unconscious of us had to look at ourselves and our behavior.
“Who are we now? Who will we be when we go back out – emerge – and what will we see?
“…We’ve all been on retreat for 40 days/40 nights.
“The question is, what have we discovered?”
© Copyright 2020 CATHY PAGANO


ROBERT WILKINSON from his Aquarius Papers says:
“This stabilizing, regenerative, and awakening Full Moon… helps us clean out sources of dissatisfaction, opens deeper relationship connections with others in our Soul groups, and will bust a lot of old stagnant material loose!
“There is a tremendous capacity to BE Love during this time, whether the Love we ARE with others, or the Love we ARE for all sentient beings…
“This Wesak Festival Full Moon in Scorpio-Taurus will open a global wisdom and greater ways of substantiating our personal spiritual activity…
“While there may be conflict from examining the musty or dark ‘corners of the mind,’ ultimately by what we eliminate to create the inner and outer space we will magnetize new power to us.
“Be clear about the ideal, and deal with scattered people and situations with precision, order, and a sense of the bigger picture with a sense of humor…
 “We are still finding healing through seeing how we’re not bound to an old identity, and learning to use our freedom to mentor ourselves in new social-emotional expression.
“We’ve been offered many higher, more diplomatic and dignified ways of interacting with others these past few months, with this shift opening doors to even more evolved relationships…
“Use dissatisfaction to do ‘mental housecleaning.’ Examine what you need to, open into new ideas, and remember we cannot put new wine into old wineskins.”
© Copyright 2020 ROBERT WILKINSON
“This is the Full Moon the Buddha was said to have gotten enlightened under (aka Wesak)- to me this makes perfect sense as enlightenment is not about imagining figures of Light but about making the darkness conscious (Jung).  
“The Full Moon in Scorpio illuminates the shadows and shows us what is hidden in plain sight. 
“Focusing this light within first and then without is key- as it’s often easier to see the shadows ‘out there’ but if we do that instead of reveal the shadows within we are missing the opportunity for further enlightenment! 
“…in the Full Moon chart only Pluto and Juno are retrograde but in the coming 10 days we have 3 planets going Retrograde- Saturn, Venus and Jupiter (in that order).  
“Come summer Solstice we will also have Neptune retrograde for 2 days before Venus goes direct. 
“So many planets in the Underworld means get ready to dive deep and descend, deal with the past, go over what has come before in order to clean things up and get into alignment.”
© Copyright 2020 DIVINE HARMONY
SCORPIO 18::: People holding hands around a table. One candle is burning in the middle of the table
“Merging our will with spirit.  Focusing the power of what we carry in the centering, grounding action of the Living Spirit.
“Giving our all for the cause of what spirit wants to do and needs to do in this world at this time.
“Gathering all our many selves to simultaneously burn up in the spirit light.
Being driven to the utmost to retrieve from death, from tragedy, from lost places everybody in here who can contribute to the flames.
“Having a wild time of it in terms of battling with resistance’s and lingering residues.
“Feeling with utmost passion the call to burn up the dross of mistakes, of every time we ever have fallen short of the mark.
“Being incapable of bearing for another moment what it is like to be cut off, separative, less than what we really are inside.
“A tremendous impulse that gathers momentum as we get into it. At first, the obstacles seem so intense and the drive feels to be too diffuse.
“But the further we go with this, the easier it is to sense that we are bringing all our selves to the table and that we could not get them here smoothly and quickly.
“A deep thunderous roar, a voice rarely released. The sound that comes from working on the inside in diverse directions and beginning to sense the worlds coming together after forever being apart.
“An immense willingness to go through anything and everything to walk in naked splendor in the tall grass.
“A certain undertow that is deadly. So much has been worked, suffered, lost. If the backlog is identified with too harshly, paralysis sets in.
“But the thrust of destiny is so great that ultimately these stopping points are really just the deepest food for the fire to burn.
“Death has no sting when life arises to itself with sufficient focused intent and surrendered will.
“Out of that which was burned to ash arises a different being, one with a bold and steady step, sturdy through and through.
© Copyright 2020 ELLIAS LONSDALE


And finally, I was led to look up ELLIAS LONSDALE’s Chandra degree for this SUN axis at 18 Taurus, and (although this is already long I know!) it felt like an appropriate piece that must also be included.
In honor and gratitude of all who have been, and continue to be on the front lines helping others, helping us, during this time…
To all whom regardless of gender, are vehicles of the MOTHER energy of the universe, allowing it to flow through in ways big and small…
And to all MAMMAS on Mother’s Day…
Deep bows…
“TAURUS 18::: A woman with hundreds of breasts.
“The fruit of the vine. Limitless supply is the rhythmical law of the Divine Mother.
“There are those who are given over to the Divine Mother and her earthly counterpart, She of Earth, and who are called upon to give of something beyond them and to do so selflessly.
“A heavy responsibility to take on, because there are no boundaries to it. A certain rapture in being able to serve in this fashion, with multiple undertones of realization and fruition.
“Yet the ritual gesture, the signature, is so given over to the Mother that what dominates every breath is the explicit need that is here–to live inside that need, to be surrounded by it everywhere, to know only that there is somebody, that is everybody here who asks, who must have sustenance and inspiration.
“The growing into the task, the becoming worthy of the investiture and the singular dedication to complete to the Mother’s satisfaction all that is intended in perfect conscientious endowment.”
© Copyright 2020 ELLIAS LONSDALE
Blessed Moon Blessed Mother love~



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