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*NEW MOON* in Taurus + Uranus moving into Taurus for the next 7 years, marks a new phase in the unfoldment of our collective growth and evolution.
Uranus’s revolutionary energies will be helping us shift into new ways of relating to our planet Earth, the material plane, and what we value.
Through our acts may we pioneer new ways that help transform our cultural views of both the Earth and Women. For beyond gender, this shift is a move toward the Feminine Principle within all of Creation being honored and valued.
The bridge is a return to the Earth, to our body and to our senses through which we can communicate directly with the Life Stream that pulses throughout all of Creation.
Through these times of change, ground into the Mamma Earth, spend time in Nature and remember that music is a portal that opens the body to the feeling realms. And so it begins…
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers. First from CATHY PAGANO :
“This month’s Taurus New Moon is energized by Uranus’ entry into Taurus…
“New archetypal energies can take root now and start to grow. The Earth herself awakens and so do we.
“The Aries fire that Uranus has been cooking in for the past 7 years will now engender  – both personally and collectively – as it journeys through Taurus from May 15 – November 6th 2018 and for the next 7 years starting in March 2019. 
“When Uranus changes signs, major world events occur…
“Uranus, the Great Awakener, rules freedom, reformers, rebels, liberation, higher consciousness and the archetypes, as well as science and technology.
“As the archetype of the higher Mind, one geared toward the future, its energy will bring us unique and original ideas that can move our society into the future.
“It certainly shakes up the status quo, infusing us with the fires of the heavenly, archetypal Mind, rebelling against rules that no longer apply…
“Get in your body and exercise, dance, plant a garden. It will relieve tension and open you up to new energies…
With this New Moon, we can plant a seed to help us develop our unique talents.
“It’s also a good time to work with our senses, which are often shut down in our plastic society…It’s time to develop a new relationship to our senses, for they can teach us about life in this time of change…
 Taurus is also symbolized by the Garden. The Garden of sensual delight, of peace and fertility, the Garden paradise we all long for.
“We can reclaim our connection to this earthly paradise when we listen to and observe the world around us and understand how it feels to us.
“Relating to our environment and the Earth through our senses cause us to understand things through our feeling nature.
“We are called to deepen our consciousness, widening it so we can learn to listen to and respond to Earth’s dreaming.
“The shift comes when we leave behind our left-brain rationality and open to our right-brain imagination.
“In feeling the deeper realities in life, in a story, in Nature, we are opening the doors of perception in ways we haven’t done since early childhood. 
“Our feeling sense is what we use when we listen to music or drop into a good story or fall in love.
“It’s not something we can easily put into words, but it writes itself in our bodies and our feeling nature…
It is through our feeling sense that we access information
“Stephen Harrod Buhner in his book, Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm, calls this feeling dimension the secret kinesis of things, something sensed beyond the visual, tactile dimension of the experience.
“This is what we have to relearn…We have to relate to our world on a feeling level.
“And by feeling, I don’t mean emotions such as anger, jealousy or happiness. It’s Jung’s feeling function, where we evaluate people and situations on a feeling level. 
“Like Taurus’ relationship to values, we get to feel out what affects us. 
“So this New Moon in Taurus, with Uranus’ entry into Taurus hours later, offers us an opportunity to expand our consciousness by giving value to this feeling sense that can deepen our experiences of life.
“…The New Moon is opposed by Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio, demanding that we stop projecting our issues and own our shadows. 
“It also calls us out of our collective trauma and into a renewed sense of hope and love.
Nature heals. Even the shadow.
“If you’re in relationship, it’s time to acknowledge if your partner is enhancing your life or draining it. 
“Partnerships are supposed to bring out the best in us, each partner feeding the other’s best interests. If they’re not, perhaps it’s time to take a break and recenter yourself in your Self…
“Stay centered in your inner Self and grounded in the Earth.
“While the world seems to be descending into chaos, know that you are the one grounding in the stillpoint, the center.
“That’s the real security that Taurus craves.”
© Copyright 2018 ~CATHY PAGANO All Rights Reserved
From SARAH VARCAS from her Astro Awakenings.co.uk:
“Aspected by both Venus and Eris, this moon speaks to the many faces of the feminine and how we can best integrate them into our lives, no matter who we are…
“This new moon occurring just a few hours prior to Uranus’s entry into Taurus heralds the next stage of this process.
“Inviting Uranus into the first earth sign of the zodiac – sensuous, grounded, nourishing– this Moon reminds us that our planet herself is a living goddess, our Great Mother.
“How we treat her reflects how we honour the feminine throughout our lives, throughout history, across the world.
“If she is nothing but a source to be exploited we will struggle to recognize the unique spirit that lives in each of her creatures, in her rivers and oceans, land and sky, in ourselves.
“This is a living death which enables the exploitation of our planet, and all life upon her, in the name of business, of the economy, of ‘progress’.
“This isn’t progress, and Uranus’s arrival in Taurus a few hours after this new moon heralds the beginning of an eight-year period during which Mother Earth will push back like never before.
“We simply cannot afford to take her or her bounty for granted a moment longer. Every mouthful of food, each sip of water, every lungful of air is a blessing to be thankful for.
“By honoring an enduring commitment to caring for Our Mother and all her children of every form we dismantle, piece by piece, the patriarchal mind-set that equates aggression and domination with power, and love, compassion and generosity with weakness.”
© Copyright 2018 ~SARAH VARCAS All Rights Reserved
From LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology:
On all fronts, we will be breaking new ground.
“What challenges us is that Taurus just doesn’t like change and therein lies the problem.
“Many of us will want to stick our hooves into the mud and not budge. But budge we must.
“There is immense anticipation in this chart with Uranus on the absolute final degree of Aries and Mars, ruler of Aries, also anaretic at 29 degrees of Capricorn.
“Mars and Uranus will perfect a square, the second in a series of three, on May 16. These two anaretic planets are like sparks leaping from live wires. There’s the potential to jump the gun, or the gate, whichever analogy works!
“Any hard aspect between Mars and Uranus is restless. We want to be free NOW.
“But at the same time, with the Taurus influence we don’t want to feel rushed and we don’t want to lose what makes us feel safe and secure…
“Still, with all this muscle in the chart, it’s like the cosmos is saying, you’re stronger than you think you are
“With Uranus about to fall into Taurus, what we currently accept as solid ground and absolute certainty is liable to change very quickly…
“Asteroids DNA (#555550) and Storm (#12182) are conjunct the New Moon in Taurus. It feels like a disturbance in our cells.
“It’s like encoded genes, releasing new information.
“This is a tempest at quantum level. 
“We can’t see it yet, but we can feel it.
“It’s priming us to accept change as a constant.
“Right now, it might feel like a walk in the park but something wild is about to take root in the garden and it’s likely to look different to anything we’ve seen before.”
© Copyright 2018 ~LEAH WHITEHORSE All Rights Reserved


Love love love~

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