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Here is the energetic theme of the month from the always wonderful Lena Stevens from The Power Path.com:
“The Theme for June 2014 is CHOICE. There were many other phrases and words that came to describe the month such as ‘commitment’, ‘just do’ etc., but I chose CHOICE because it really does cover all aspects of what this time frame is about and what it can teach us.
Claiming your CHOICE in something is the shortcut to eradicating any vestige of Martyrdom or being the Victim of circumstance. This is not an easy month but it can be a really good one in what it teaches you.
“This month will require a commitment to a daily practice of CHOOSING how to be proactive in your life. It is time to move from being passive and letting life happen to you, to having a more active role in asserting your intentions and deciding what it is that you want.
“Those of you that are used to letting others make your choices for you (you know who you are) need to step up, get over your fear of failure or rejection, and decide for yourself what it is that you want for a change. This is empowering and the influences of the month will only support this process for you…
It is also a time to work on accepting the choices others make without feeling victimized by them. When someone makes a choice that permanently changes your life such as a relationship leaving you, a loved one passing, a job ending, or any decision that affects you in a challenging way, you can either get stuck in feeling extremely victimized or you can be in acceptance of that choice and choose to use it as a bid for power in the next part of your life.
Every challenge that is brought on by a choice that is not yours can turn into a choice that is yours. The choice is to accept it and use it as an opportunity for a bid for power. This does not mean you have to like it. It just means you accept it and allow it to empower you instead of dis-empowering you.
“Here are some examples of CHOICES this month.
“If you are impatient and stuck behind a very slow line or vehicle or person, you can choose to accept it and to slow down yourself. You can choose to see it as an opportunity to enjoy a slower pace. You can choose to have enough time for everything and you can choose to be happy instead of irritated.
“If you are self deprecating or have low self esteem issues, it is important that you work on being proactive and take a more active role in putting forth what you want. Practice making choices that are yours and voicing your desires.
“If you are stuck in indecision about something out of fear, you need to make a choice. It will free the energy and empower you. The choice can be a small baby step. The first baby step is followed by another, until the steps get bigger and more confident.
“If you have martyrdom and are often feeling victimized by life, then you can begin to take responsibility by eradicating all blame and choosing to see your situation as a bid for power instead of someone else’s fault.
“If you are a stubborn person and tend to block the flow by resisting what others choose, try being in acceptance around their choices and seeing that you always have a choice too. Instead of resisting their choice, focus on your own choices.
Remember that there are many choices out there that you cannot change. What you can change is your relationship to those choices. You can accept them, you can learn from them, you can decide to be empowered instead of devastated by them.
“You can choose to have a good day no matter what happens. You can choose to see spirit in everything. You can choose to be in love with life. You can choose joy instead of fear. You can choose to forgive instead of holding others hostage for your misery. You can choose NOT to suffer.
“This is a month of movement. Shifting out of the sluggish integrative and assimilative influence of May, there is a sense of just wanting to ‘go for it already’. The body wants to move, and there may be a tendency towards impatience.
“You may feel almost an urgency to make certain decisions or choices and some of you may have great clarity about what those choices are and some of you may not be clear at all except for the sense that something has to shift and a choice has to be made. Often you have to work energetically first to clear a path for clarity to show up.
“It is important to put the mind in its place as well. As we know in our hearts, the mind does not always have all the information that it wants to have before making a choice.
This month there will be many lessons and opportunities to trust the clarity of the heart and the emotions before knowing intellectually what choices are right. Choices that are made from the heart don’t always make intellectual sense but they are more authentic.
“So the lessons of the month are that you ALWAYS have a CHOICE. There is not such thing as not having any choice. Even when it feels like you don’t, you can always start with the choice to accept, then a choice to use the opportunity to empower yourself. Bottom line is that it is YOUR choice.
“How the month shows up:
“There is tremendous opportunity for personal growth this month. You can move forward in your life in ways that you have not done before by making choices in areas that need them.
“If you have been sitting on the fence about something or waiting for right timing or taking a passive role in what is happening around you, this is your time for stepping forward into CHOICE. This will mean different things to different people. Some of you will experience a freedom in simply choosing to be accepting of situations you cannot change.
“Some of you will be making more concrete choices such as changing location or job or relationship. Others will need to work on changing your attitudes and choosing joy and inspiration rather than misery. If you tend towards being victimized in life, this is perhaps the biggest opportunity you have for making a choice to change that.
“Relationships are a sticky area because all of them are influenced by choices. The work here this month is to accept the choices you have made with regards to all of your relationships and also to accept all the choices that have been made by others. Practice making choices that are right for you, and practice choosing forgiveness and neutrality whenever you can.
Especially challenging this month will be to accept the choices of others in your life that you cannot change. It is important to also accept that everything that happens to someone else, no matter how it looks to you, is ultimately their CHOICE. So take responsibility for your life and see everything that has happened as your CHOICE on some level. This is empowering and will always put you in the driver’s seat of being proactive in your life instead of a passive observer.
“Interacting with your environment this month can be enlightening and powerful. We recommend that you CHOOSE to be accepting of however your natural environment chooses to show up. If it is a sunny day, you are choosing a sunny day. If it is windy, you choose wind. If it is raining, you choose the rain. You accept whatever is.
“In your personal environment, you accept your past choices and if you need to, you make new ones, changing your personal environment by upgrading something or even moving location.
“Beauty is very important this month and we would recommend that you always actively choose beauty every day. In making that choice you will become aware of anything that is NOT beauty and be inspired to change it by making a different choice.
“Look for more movement this month in both the natural environment as well as in your own personal environment.
“Choices here will require commitment. Perhaps you have put off being proactive in this area. Perhaps you have been waiting for right timing. Perhaps you have been confused about what the next step for you is in managing your health and your physical body. Perhaps you have listened to too many ‘experts’ and have given some of your power away in being responsible for your own health.
“Whatever your situation is, this month will support a reboot on your health provided you can be accepting of what is current and see it as a choice. The next step is to be proactive and to make a committed choice around your health and physical well-being. Don’t leave it to someone else. You can receive support but ultimately your health is your responsibility.
“If you have felt victimized around your health, this is the month to turn that around by eradicating blame and taking full responsibility. Make a choice every day to experience as much well-being as you can. Remember that many baby steps will eventually get you to the top of the mountain.
“The influence of the month supports ‘just do it already’. If you have been waffling around a choice out of fear, this is the month to ‘go for it’. As long as it is in alignment with where your heart wants to go and not just an intellectual rationalization of what you think you ought to do, you can’t really fail. If it doesn’t work out, you can always make another choice. Always see your experiences as opportunities to grow, to be empowered and to experience life.
“It is time to ‘get off the couch’ and stop talking about what your intentions are and to actually take action in the direction of manifesting them. The month supports the first steps in creating what you want. But you first have to make a committed choice, which means no back door.
“This is a great month for abundance provided you make committed choices. Here is a quote from a book called the abundance tree and taken from W H Murray from the Scottish Himalayan Expedition.
“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, a chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation) there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.”
So make a committed choice and see what happens.”
© Copyright 2014 ~ Lena Stevens All Rights Reserved
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