Virgo NEW MOON is here bringing into alignment and integration all we have been learning and growing into. We have been going through some deep shifts as we birth our new selves into being, shedding our skins in favor of  more authentic forms…
Virgo is the sign of healing and service and as we continue to do the internal work of self-healing, we come to know and remember who we really are. Beyond our story, beyond the ego, we are humbled by the remembrance of who we are and from this place we naturally extend forth in service. It is time to be who we are, and tune in to how we can serve. 
We are children of the Earth, beyond boundaries, beyond nationalities, beyond beliefs. It is time for us to embody what we know and take action by >>>affecting change through example<<<
This energy is encapsulated by this VIRGO NEW MOON and as we shift into a new cycle, a new season, we tune to this energy which calls us to merge our passion and work with service.
I have so much more to share about this which is feeling so potent right now and is echoing from every direction so more to come…In the meantime soak in these resonant insights from our featured astrologers who positively interpret and communicate the shifting tides…
Here are MYSTIC MAMMA’s Astral Insights….
First from the always wise Cathy Pagano and her Wisdom of Astrology:
“It’s time to integrate everything we’ve learned about ourselves this year…This Virgo New Moon opens us to planting the seed of our wholeness, both the perfected parts that Virgo strives for and the wounded parts we are healing.
“We are still immersed in a grand water trine comprised of Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. With Chiron opposing this Virgo New Moon, it channels this water trine, pouring the healing waters into our Virgo purpose, helping us see our needs (Jupiter) and our shadows (Saturn).
We get a truer picture of ourselves as we heal the old wounds… Chiron is a bridging energy between our concrete reality and other dimensions of reality. As we open ourselves to the spiritual realities of life and heal, we begin to accept parts of ourselves which patriarchy would have us deny: our feminine consciousness and wisdom, our need for community and support, and our need for true partnership between women and men. Equal partnership means we are equal but different. We are meant to complement each other. “
“… It’s time to Know what we really believe. Mercury, the ruling energy of Virgo, symbolizes how we use our mental energy how we come to understand life. At this New Moon it is unconnected to any other planet, so we get a chance to be really objective about what we want out of life. In a few weeks (September 14-19) Mercury will become part of the Uranus/Jupiter/Pluto energies, helping us to see the big picture and think outside the box
“The Sabian symbol for the New Moon at 14* Virgo is: An aristocratic family tree. This is an image of  ˜The Tree of Life”of our genetic and soul history. Dane Rudhyar says it indicates a deep reliance upon the ancestral roots of individual character. Our true power comes from our soul’s purpose, which has been built up through many lifetimes to meet the needs and challenges of our times. We all have it in us to do what only we can do.We have to believe that we are here to serve the world so we can understand what we are called to do. One returns to the roots in order to produce the flowering of personality, if this flower is to bring forth a living seed. (DR)”
“…What is your new Creation? What have you apprenticed yourself to this year? We have been in a long and hard labor.. “
“What have you given birth to this year? With Neptune and Chiron in Pisces opposite Virgo, the Creative Imagination ‘the realm of the collective unconscious’ is leaking through into our daily routines. Hopefully, you’re letting your imagination, your intuitions, your feelings and your ideas feed how you’re living your life. How do you treat your body? How are your thoughts creating your reality? Are you acknowledging your feelings and intuitions? Are you open to the messages of Spirit? You and I are infinite, and yet we’re just drops in the ocean of infinity. Manifest your drop of infinity! “
“…How can we change the world unless we know ourselves? How can we bring to birth our purpose if we do not know what we are capable of? Virgo helps you with this part of life to see all of you and rejoice!”
“This Virgo New Moon calls us to service we are here on Earth at this time in history to be agents of change and growth. Discard what no longer serves your life. Re-balance yourself. Know yourself.”
© Copyright 2013 ~Cathy Pagano All Rights Reserved
From the always inspiring Kelley Rosano:
“The Virgo New Moon on September 5 occurs in late summer…In Virgo, we are to separate the wheat from the chafe. That is what is essential is to be nurtured and developed. What no longer serves our soul’s evolution is to be discarded. You are encouraged to cleanse your body, mind, heart and soul. Embody more of who you truly are a beautiful soul of Light.”
“Virgo stands for the ‘womb of time’. This is where Creator’s plan is being worked out. Through conflict, pain and struggle you are to give birth to your authentic Self. That is your Soul-Self your Christ Consciousness. This is where the Soul Self takes dominion over the ego. The ego is fear, jealousy, greed and separation. Living from the ego-self will only keep you earthbound. We keep repeating the same karmic lessons (natal birth chart) each lifetime. Until we learn humility, forgiveness and compassion, then we transcend the wheel of life (karma). We merge with our Holy Christ Self.”
“…This is why the Virgo energies can be so challenging to master. Here you desire to reach your highest level of purity and perfection. Doing things ‘right’ is a Virgo passion and standard…”
 Your perfection lies within your imperfection.
The seed is within itself.
“Chiron the wounded healer is opposing both lights (the Sun and the Moon) at the New Moon. Chiron acts like a planet in your astrology… Chiron is a bridge. Oppositions are awarenesss that come to us externally. Chiron can bring to your conscious awareness your perceived weaknesses, insecurities, fears, and patterns of pain. These are being brought to your attention for healing. What are some of the pain patterns that keep repeating in your life? …Chiron acts to pull up your courage and bravery. We either sink or swim.”
” Where do you need to stand up for yourself?
 Where do you need to own your power?
 What do you need to release to move forward?”
This New Moon is useful for strengthening your Self-esteem, Self-worth and Self-respect. When you do what is right for you, it is right for everyone else. When you are not doing what is right for you, it is not right for others either.”
“Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Your natal Mercury reveals how you think and communicate. When you use your mental power for criticizing and judging, good vs. bad, pain/pleasure, and right/wrong. You can limit yourself in duality consciousness. Sometime things that seem bad for us can turn out to be quite good. Instead of thinking is this good or bad?”
“Ask yourself, ‘What supports my balance?‘ Shift and evolve out of the need for worry, fault-finding and skepticism. Move to a place of allowing and acceptance. This is unity consciousness. This will empower you on your path of ascension. This will keep you in a place of magic and miracles.”
“…The North Node (direction in life we are to travel) is also in supportive aspect with the New Moon. You are to laser in on what is most important and valuable for you. Move forward doing what builds up your reserves. Use your resources wisely as you proceed on your path. Be patient. Be kind. Be aware.”
“There are many ways that you can attract abundance to yourself. For instance, adding value to the lives of others, for the share joy of it, makes you irresistibly attractive. People will want to help you. People will support your success. Your Love and Light makes the world a better place. You are a magnet that draws wealth to you.”
Use the Virgo New Moon to ground, balance and support yourself. Use this New Moon to increase your health, well-being and vitality. You can strengthen your financial foundation. At the New Moon, set your intention for a financial increase this fall doing work you enjoy.”
The Grand Mercurial Square is our opportunity to see the bigger picture of our lives. Use our intuition as our guide. Trust our instincts. This will create more inner peace which in turn creates more world peace. Practice detachment. Be the eagle and rise above the karma and drama the ego and/or others create.”
“With Mercury in Libra the love and partnerships theme continues.Venus tango’s into Scorpio on Sept 11. Venus in Scorpio plays for keeps. We seek to feel life with passion and intensity. There is a strong urge to merge…relationships are a major theme through the fall.”
“The Virgo New Moon is a brilliant time to do your house cleaning in mind, body and spirit. Get organized. Set your intention for what you want to create this fall. Stay out of negative thinking. Instead ask, ‘What supports my balance? Don’t project out into the future. You are not there yet. You can scare yourself with the ‘What if’s.’ Stay present. The past is history. The future is a mystery. The present is the gift. Your power and effectiveness are in the now. Virgo is the powerful and effective human being.”
“Virgo is a deeply sensitive and spiritual sign. You are becoming more sensitive because of the Ascension. Creators Love/Light energy is pouring down from the heavens. You are ascending. You are here to soar in life. Holding onto patterns of pain through negative thinking keeps you held down. Do a daily ritual of grounding and balancing yourself. Turn down the noise in your mind…”
“Virgo rules the sixth house in astrology…Virgo and your sixth house rule your service to the planet. How you have come to serve life. Every human being has a dharma. This is your personal path of service…”
“Virgo is Gaia. Gaia is our Mother, our Mother Earth..Virgo is the cosmic womb where we live, work and play…We are the sons and daughters of Gaia. We are to live as one in harmony with all life. All Are One is Septembers message.”
© Copyright 2013 ~Kelley Rosano All Rights Reserved
From Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology:
“The sign of Virgo brings attention towards service as well as health and healing. Direct some of the exacting energy of the New Moon in Virgo to produce an excellent product, express a level of care and excellence to clients as well as whatever job you are doing let it be your best.”
We are in service to all of life not simply our boss if you have one. The opportunity presents itself to go above and beyond and lead by example with the service you provide. This can be at home or at work, and whether it is a small task or bigger one does not matter. We must give it our best in any given situation.”
“The New Moon in Virgo provides the rich fertile ground to be realistic and carefully attend to the details so that the idea of excellence manifests into tangible form.”
Ask how you can be of help and service to others whether you get recognition or not. Let yourself do the small tasks with the same amount of care, loving attention and integrity as you would if you were doing a bigger job with full spotlight and recognition.”
© Copyright 2013 ~Dipali Desai All Rights Reserved
From Robert Wilkinson and his Aquarius Papers:
“This one helps us ‘materialize the spiritual,’ and helps us see the importance of background in any thing we must be practical about. The next 4 weeks will give us techniques of discrimination, social education and/or experimentation, and help us be more balanced as we see what must be repaired or reconstructed.”
“This will be a highly specializing and productive New Moon, activating our Leo and Virgo sectors in huge ways! This helps us anchor our ‘up close and personal’ feeling-knowing, integrating what we’ve been learning into a more perfectly formed personality.”
“We’ve all developed an increased sensitivity to a greater feeling-flow and/or emotional intelligence via the Grand Water Trines active in June and July. This one helps us to diffuse confrontations by seeing what’s admirable in both points of view.”
“…This New Moon will jump start Virgo energy wherever it falls in our chart. This helps us ground and refine our practical function relative to the new life chapter we began in the Spring. This will help us see what we need to do, in the order we need to do it, in order to accomplish some productive expansion of our affairs…”
“This New Moon has an individual, mental, and spiritual focus. Because it happens in Virgo, Mercury rules the Lunation. This puts the focus on discrimination and awareness of order, place, priority, and function that helps us express what we deeply value and admire.”
“…Of major importance in this New Moon chart is that Saturn is on the exact degree it occupied at the May 2013 Solar Eclipse in Taurus! That means the lessons of the next 4 weeks will be directly related to the lessons of those Eclipses, including any issues involving fear, rigidity, taking responsibility, or being called to a greater maturity through letting go of old Taurus responses these past few months…”
“…This is a time of growth in effective orientation so that we can bring Spirit to matter, and the ideal in a grounded form. What we move into now will take shape once Saturn moves into the second half of Scorpio this Autumn.”
© Copyright 2013 ~Robert Wilkinson All Rights Reserved
Last but not least some final grounding gems of insight from Sarah Varcas from
“˜Look beneath your feet the Moon reminds us now. Mother earth supports you right here in this place, not over there on an illusory horizon line which forever recedes as you approach. Your roots are fed here in the present moment, not over there where you believe you should be’.
“Its an oft repeated lesson but one that bears re-stating and today the Moon does just that for us. We have all that we need right here, right now. There is nowhere to be and nowhere to go. Those voices in our head which tell us otherwise are deceptive in their certainty, sacrificing peace for the promise of an imaginary future replete with all that we believe should be ours.
“In honour of this New Moon we would do well to just stop and sit, just be. Allow her energy to surround and fill us, for in doing so she will help us recognise what we truly need, only to discover that it’s all at hand, nothing is lacking.
“So swiftly the voice of the self pipes up but I need this and that and the other that I dont have yet. But if it’s not here now, then right now, we don’t need it. Its that simple and yet that profound.
“How can it be that we do not need our loved ones by our side when they have left us, or a cure for the illness that ails us. How is it that we don’t need peace when despair has been our companion for too long? How is it that we don’t need the money to pay our bills? Because if we don’t have any of these things in this moment, then in this moment we don’t need them. That’s how.
“This New Moon in Virgo reveals life to us through a magnifying glass focused upon this very second, and then this one. She exhorts us to be totally present, even if just for a minute, to allow the present moment to infuse us with its energy and spirit, aside from the commentary our mind wants to add.
“Humanity has created so many things that we think we need, and each one keeps us ensnared in the density of the material world if we invest it with greater power than we invest in Truth and peace. She asks us the question; Do you want to be at peace or do you want to be in need?. Asking ourselves this same question at the time of this New Moon may help us to access answers previously unavailable amidst the din of fear and desire.”
© Copyright 2013 ~Sarah VarcasAll Rights Reserved
NEW MOON Blessings to us all~~~

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