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November 12th 2019   5:34 am PST
| 1:34 pm GMT  | 11:34 PM AEST
Our feminine gifts awaken when we realize how deeply we must love ourselves through our human experience.
Taurus *FULL MOON* activates our feminine energies reminding us of this love that returns to us when we come home to ourselves.
In life we can travel far out but when we return home, to our own em(BODY)ment, our incarnation, our true nature, we feel the blessings of having enough and of Being enough.
Here we can feel most ourselves and can express the full spectrum of vibration that we are, as we allow ourselves to feel and yield to the sensory world that surrounds us.
Here we open up to the Real world beyond the seen, across the Scorpio Veil, the Taurus Moon bridges Life and Death and opens our awareness to the present moment.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved guiding lights…
SIMONE BUTLER from Mooncircles.com:
“We are about to experience something auspicious that only happens about thirteen times in a century. Astronomers call it a ‘transit of Mercury,’ in which the Winged Messenger passes directly across the Sun
“Similar to a solar eclipse, during its transit Mercury appears through a telescope as a tiny black dot gliding slowly across the solar disk… beginning at 7:35 a.m. EST  (11/11) and lasts for several hours.
“As with all eclipses, be sure not to stare directly into the Sun; it may be easiest to view it online from wherever you live.
“A celestial event of this magnitude (which won’t occur again until Nov. 13, 2032) is a portent for us Earth-dwellers at this fraught time in history. 
“Because Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio, its mission is to reconnect us with whatever has been hiding under the surface and bring it up for examination, purging and renewal
“Notes astrologer Gary Caton, ‘Since this event happens in a special zone of Scorpio afforded to Mercury by the Egyptians – known as terms or bounds – this gives all things Mercurial (communications, local travel, commerce), a temporary boost of power or protection.
“‘We have the chance to zoom into the very heart of something and witness it in a way seldom possible.
“Making this celestial event even more potent, it happens the morning before the Taurus Full Moon…
“This Full Moon is famous for opening a gateway to magic, whether of the emotional, financial or spiritual variety, as it activates the powerful fixed signs of Scorpio and Taurus.”
© Copyright 2019 SIMONE BUTLER


PAM YOUNGHANS from her NorthPoint Astrology Journal says:
“As the Sun, Mercury, and North Scale align at 19° Scorpio on Monday, the search for truth deepens on many levels, potentially leading us to life-changing realizations…
“At the time of this lunation, the Sun and Mercury are separated by only two degrees, so we can expect more revelations and significant communications to take place.
“And, the Moon is at the same degree as the asteroid Vesta, which represents devotion and service, especially of a spiritual nature. 
“Astrologer Demetra George has written that when the Moon and Vesta align, our capacity for ’emotional rapport and sympathetic understanding’ is increased.
“Supporting a harmonious unfolding of events—and a positive resolution to the issues that have set us off balance in the past two weeks—the Full Moon is trine Pluto and Saturn, and in sextile aspect to Neptune.
“These aspects will help us focus our intentions, open our hearts, and do the work that needs to be done to achieve successful outcomes.
“Throughout this week and next, the planet Jupiter is in alignment with the Galactic Center (GC), which is currently at about 27°05′ Sagittarius.
“Philip Sedgwick, the acknowledged expert on the GC and many other cosmic realities, tells us when we connect with the GC, we have ‘instant access to a download of Divine Insight.’
“The access is so immediate, our only job is to ‘clear our mental decks, set the agenda and then do the hardest part of any spiritual exercise: Listen.’
“You may have already been feeling this alignment building over the past week or more, since Jupiter is currently less than two degrees from that point and has already been amplifying its energies…
“There is a challenge involved in this download of brilliant insight: The GC can provides us with information that is quite advanced, requiring that we let go of existing concepts and perspectives, a process that hard for most of us.
“But how synchronistic, that at the same time Jupiter is conjunct the GC, we have the Mercury transit of the Sun in Scorpio to help us purge outdated thinking patterns.”
© Copyright 2019 PAM YOUNGHANS


PAT LILES from The Power Path.com says:
“With Venus as ruler of Taurus, our sensual natures are wanting to be expressed now…
“The Full Moon is exactly conjunct Vesta in Taurus. Vesta’s wisdom comes through her symbols of fire, the sacred hearth or center of the home/temple and sacred sexuality. 
“Vesta is associated with the Vestal Virgins of Rome.  She is associated with transformation of sexual energy – that is dedicating your kundalini energy in service to something greater than yourself to a goal or purpose – perhaps your art, a spiritual practice or service to others where you are highly committed and focused…
“The Full Moon with Vesta will heighten our desire to serve others and to focus and direct our core energy to our true purpose
“It’s a time of releasing blocked sexual and emotional energies – how the past interfered with our development of our own sexual integration and expression.
“Vesta and Full Moon stand opposite the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio.  Our minds, thinking patterns, communication styles governed by Mercury, greatly magnified by the Sun, may be the focus of the penetrating scrutiny of Scorpio and bring the mind and the emotions into deep dialog. 
“Are you telling the truth about your emotional needs?  Is there something behind your words that wants to be heard? 
“Vulnerability may be the catalyst here, but it doesn’t come naturally to two fixed, power signs like Taurus/Scorpio…
“We are all learning to tame the mind and trust the heart.  Rich and revealing conversation is possible under this Full Moon…
“Taurus Full Moon is always a particular favorite of mine owing to its feminine nature, warm texture, and ripe enjoyment of all that is provided.  Fill your coffers with satisfaction and gratitude.
“It’s a Moon to remind us of why we chose to incarnate at this tumultuous time and all the support available to us as we undertake huge transformation.”
© Copyright 2019 PAT LILES


And ELLIAS LONSDALE interpretation for this Moon’s Chandra symbol is:
“TAURUS 20: A fork in the road with a blank sign post.
“Getting inside of things. Discovering what they are like, when you have no idea any longer what you want out of things or where anything really is going.
“All the riches of subtle texture can only begin to arise now, and to touch your soul.
“This journey has gone on forever, but now the deep Earth calls you once again and you cannot refuse.
“All roads lead to this same place, where it all flips over and you’re tumbled to the inside where you meet yourself for the first time. This was not who you expected to see.
“This other self has lost everything, but has found its way to be here at last, on the inside of the world, ready for anything, no preferences, nothing to accomplish, nowhere really to go–just here, in the fiber of existence, home free.”
© Copyright 2019 ELLIAS LONSDALE


Blessings of profound love to all!


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