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FULL MOON in Libra on April 19th 2019   
4:12 am PDT | 12:12 pm BST | 10:12 PM AEDT


Last New Moon brought myriad revelations illuminating feelings that could no longer be denied.
This Full Moon brings us to the precipice, initiating trust in our evolutionary hearts as we step through the alchemical ring of fire.
It’s all happening at 29 degrees which is called the “critical point” and with Uranus and Eris as key players there are major (r) evolutionary energies bringing everything to an apex so there can be forward movement.
With a second Full Moon Blue Moon in Libra, the cosmos is focusing our consciousness on our relationships. The sacred dance of the masculine and feminine is being recalibrated at foundational levels.
There are greater forces at work moving us all into new evolutionary pathways, we must trust that ultimately these changes are leading us toward greater expansion and fulfillment.
Astrologer Pam Gregory says the ongoing Jupiter/Neptune square in Pisces is about “being able to see life as a dream,” and  “being able to master your energy and attention to any possibility.”
And to that I add that the fateful key, is not about trying to control any outcome, but about having a deep sense worth and stepping forward with surrendered faith and an open heart of truth.
Here we embody awakened presence. Here is the key that opens the door to infinite possibilities.
We don’t have to have the answers and we don’t have to be so concerned with what “they will think”. When we can finally let go of that, and drop into our heart path, we will experience our freedom and aliveness.
Our Soul is howling at this Full Moon…. Awwwwwww!
We are all feeling vulnerable from all sides in all directions. Not easy but necessary, evolutionary.
Messages will be incoming. Trust those that are clear and kind and let that kindness sink into our hearts.
PAM YOUNGHANS from her North Point Astrology Journal says:
“The 29th degree of any sign is called a ‘critical degree.’ It is a point of transition, the last degree before the next sign begins.
“When an astrological event occurs at this degree, it emphasizes the completion of something.
“We have an enhanced awareness of what needs to be left behind so that a new beginning can be made…
“It is the climax of the lunar cycle, representing culmination and crisis…
“Because the Moon is in Libra, the sign that represents relationships and alliances, this is likely to be a crucial time in partnerships in all its forms— personal, business, and international. And, with Uranus and Eris activated, issues may erupt suddenly and forcefully.
“The Moon is fortified by being aligned with the fixed star Izar at the time of the Full Moon. Astrologer Roderick Kidston writes that:
‘There is a huge fund of enthusiasm streaming from Izar. It can be one of the warrior stars, either in the traditional sense or in the way of the spiritual warrior…
‘This star prospers Big Works. The greatest gift of Izar appears to be the ability to inspire other people, to infuse them, to give help and hope to the helpless and hopeless. The enthusiasm is infectious, a tonic to the weary or the weak.
‘Work as skillfully as you can with Izar’s bounding energy, find your own way to speak up and out, to connect and create, by living as abundantly and generously as you know how.’
“Izar’s involvement in the Full Moon speaks to the importance of connection with others, reminiscent of the North Node in Cancer.
“It emphasizes one of our current challenges, which is to see beyond fears and rigidity (South Node in Capricorn) and move into our hearts.”
“…We are in a crucial time in our evolution. Each of us must pay attention to how we are feeling, rather than suppressing or repressing our needs.
“We must find ways to release the pressure so that we can continue to be kind to ourselves and others.”
© Copyright 2019 ~PAM YOUNGHANS All Rights Reserved


PAT LILES from The Power Path.com shares:
“LIBRA ~ Our focus of illumination is on how we keep those symbolic scales balanced in relationship to ourselves and others. 
“Picture that person walking in a windy blizzard, their body leaning in while the intense elements push them back – they are forced into balance in order to move forward
“Their intention is evident and they are meeting challenge head on adapting with every step.  I give, you give, and we give…
Fire burns, yet there are inspired opportunities afoot and we have the influences to use them for liberating ourselves from self imposed limitations. 
“Uranus is The Awakener.  Shields and shells, our old forms, are shattering and melting.  Perhaps you can name how this is occurring in your life.
“….our mission is to witness, bless and release the old in all its forms within ourselves, within our societies, within our consciousness. 
“The Eris, Sun, Uranus combination is drawing out the festering aspects of our lives as we have created it and helping us to rebel and find new ground to regenerate
“Chances are you are either creating shift in your life, awakening to larger vistas or you are responding to what you have been dealt as a growth journey. 
“Uranus is a huge catalyzing energy and wherever revolution is overdue, that’s where you will find yourself finding freedom and declaring some ‘new rules’.
“It’s important to take the long view here.  These two Full Moons in Libra stretch our abilities to relate, cooperate, negotiate, and find common ground
“We learn more and evolve faster when we relate.”
© Copyright 2019 ~PAT LILES All Rights Reserved
“In the Full Moon chart the ruler of the Full Moon is Venus exalted in Pisces heading to the OMEGA POINT of 29 Pisces!
“We also have Juno the Goddess of partnership and marriage at 29 Gemini! So much 29th degree symbolism speaks to huge endings playing out right now- huge chapters finishing, stories completing, timelines ending- particularly in relationship.
“Venus and Juno have to do with relationship- romance (Venus) and committed partnership (Juno)…so we have a trifecta of Moon, Venus and Juno- mother, lover and wife- powerfully aligned in the Full Moon chart.
“HUGE REVELATIONS around what is working and what is not are incoming in relationships. The scales of balance that are out of balance are showing themselves for what they are.
“Personally this can play out in relationships of all kinds in our personal lives… but on a collective level this is about the imbalance playing out in the MASCULINE FEMININE dance.
“…I leave you with Ellias Lonsdale’s Star Sparks meditation for this Full Moon… I am struck by how he speaks to the need to face shadow (this year is ALL ABOUT SHADOW WORK- for a special offering please read below post)- and he talks about the polarization of being loved or hated- being exalted or scapegoated.
“The shadow of Libra is where we care more about how others see us than we do about living the embodied Truth of our being.
“Libra will deny the self to keep things peaceful with others.. yet this Full Moon is opposite Uranus and the Sun and quincunx Chiron- so the boat is going to be rocked.
“…The fiery way is not for the faint of heart. But if you want to be transformed there is no other option! And this Full moon will help you navigate the journey.”
© Copyright 2019 ~DIVINE HARMONY All Rights Reserved
Libra 30: A black rooster
We feel, we sense, and we proclaim the hidden parts, the under-places, that which denial avoids.
“We constellate, we become the representative of the missing element, the aspect it would be so convenient to overlook and forget about.
“We are irresistibly magnetized toward the great causes, the conscience stirrers, the collective awakeners.
“Our very existence keys on merging within that which at first seems to be dark, strange, and forbidding.
“We find our truth in such places.
“For a very long time, we have gathered toward this point. Now we know that inward feelings count, that deep soul is what we are here to share and embody.
“Now we get it that whatever you leave out and refuse to reckon with will become your shadow and bite you in the rear until you look around and love it.
“Even as we come to those staggering realizations perpetually, we are placed in situations where we will be loved and hated.
“Our resolve to stand for the truth we feel and sense will be greatly tested. We will need to be ready to overcome the distraction of external reflection as decisive influence.
“Along this path, the collective and the personal become one. We are our world. We feel responsible.
“It’s quite a burden to bear this lightly and freely, gladly, and lovingness is our best shot.
“Otherwise, the undertow can be pretty heavy duty. It is a lot to be scapegoat, hero, central figure in so many ways. Especially because we are much more engaged with the world around us then with our own stature or position.
“To stay lucid and dispassionate, yet to activate regenerative shared forces is our deep destiny.”
© Copyright 2019 ~ELLIAS LONSDALE All Rights Reserved


Super important to nourish our tender hearts through this period and try not to take other’s actions personally as we expand our capacity for greater understanding and compassion.
This process of awakening and evolving will demand a lot from us, but we have the strength and the direct inner guidance readily available, to help move us through.
With all my heart!


PS: If you want more check out the wonderful LEAH WHITEHORSE’s video forecast here.


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