Here is the Energetic theme for AUGUST 2019 channeled by the wonderful LENA STEVENS from The Power Path.com:

“Discovery is recognizing you have a talent for something you never acknowledged before.

“Discovery is realizing a truth about a passion that needs to be cultivated.

“Discovery is facing a challenging fact that one or more of your relationships, intentions or desires are no longer aligned with your highest good.

“Discovery is finding that place within you that has the courage to finally let go of an attachment that has been holding you back.

“Discovery is claiming an inner knowing that you can do it and taking the steps to prepare for the action that follows.

“Discovery is becoming more aware of your actions, reactions and motivation versus the expectations and projections of others.

“This is a very rich and exciting month where you get to be the star of your own life. What will you do with it?

“It is a mature challenge to claim your freedom to choose and take responsibility for everything instead of counting on others to do it for you so you can blame them when things do not go well.

“This month is all about the self and there will be times when you go inward to seek and assimilate new insights, clarity and understanding of what makes you unique. It is time to reconnect with your passion and your sense of certainty and truth.

“The inward processes of the first couple of weeks lead to a reset or a re-boot, a realigning of your priorities and the setting of new or refined intentions.

“These intentions should be set from the heart as your focus and determination needs to include a life lived from the heart and not the head.

“Follow this with a good game plan of execution to take advantage of the energy and support for moving forward.

“Make sure you take some time this month to celebrate yourself in some way. What have you always wanted to do, study, acquire, or express?

“In order to take advantage of the energy that wants to expand and push you into the next level, there is a need to eliminate any limiting belief systems that have kept you small and held you back in some way.

“This could be anything from karmic patterns, lack of self-esteem due to past trauma, or simply a belief that you cannot have or be more.

“Examine these and work with the focus of stretching yourself beyond your comfort level.(there is a good exercise on our monthly support Mp3)

“The more you can stretch and expand, the more options you will give yourself for improvement, expression and evolution.

“This is also a month where taking a personal risk around emotions, trust, relationships, new ideas, new projects and your own acceptance of what you discover in yourself and others, will pay off.

“So, take some time for yourself this month. Follow your intuition around what you need, discover some new desires, face some new truths, make some mature personal choices, set some good boundaries, take a risk on a relationship or project, expand your dreams, and reset your intentions.


How the month shows up:


“This is the month to find your Passion. Perhaps it has been dormant due to karma, responsibilities, or even living in the shadow of someone else’s life. 

“Sometimes it is easier to discover your passion by saying no to, and eliminating what is not fulfilling you.

“If you begin to set good boundaries against what you no longer wish to engage in, the clarity will come and new insights will emerge.

Create the space in your life this month for a new alignment of desires and intentions to surface.

“If you are overworked, overwhelmed and have no time for yourself, there is no space for anything new to solidify.

“This is the time to anchor good practices to live from your heart instead of from your head. Your rational mind may be telling you one thing, but your intuition and the intelligence of your heart may be leading you in a different direction.

“This is especially true around job security, living situations and relationships that need to change.

“It is a good month for building trust in your allies and taking a risk around something you have a good ‘feeling’ about.

“Work with your sense of curiosity as a way to keep the energy moving forward instead of withdrawing or holding back.

“A good barometer this month is to become aware of how you feel.

“If you don’t feel good about something, ask yourself why? If it doesn’t feel good it is probably because your experience is tainted with someone else’s’ expectations or the fact that you said yes to something you really do not want to do.

“Discover that you can delegate, make changes to suit your needs, or even say no.



“You will discover both the jewels and the rotten apples in this category.

Clean up the karmas, forgive the past, discover your freedom, sift out what is not yours to fix and take responsibility for what you have created and with whom. 

“For some of you this may be the month of hard choices and for some it may be the delightful and satisfying experience of wonder as you discover the beauty in yourself and in others.

“Watch for the projections and expectations of others that no longer fit the truth you discover about yourself.

“If you discover something out of integrity or a lack of alignment in a relationship, instead of being disappointed, accept and forgive with compassion and move on.

“This is also a good month to take a risk based on the emotional intelligence of your heart as long as you can express your own needs and desires.

“For most people, relationships provide growth and evolution and they will inevitably trigger what needs to be triggered.

“Use the triggers to discover what needs to be either cultivated or weeded out.

“It is also a good month to practice standing up for yourself, your beliefs and your needs.



“You may discover that you are capable of much more than you thought. You may discover that you are stronger than you believed yourself to be.

“And you may discover a new desire for the discipline it takes to change your practices to support better health.

“It is a good month to remind yourself that ‘anything is possible’ and to create and protect room for that ‘anything’ to manifest.

“We have said many times that your health is your responsibility and no one out there can do anything for you unless you are fully engaged in the process yourself.

“Health is an area where many give their power away, looking for something outside of themselves to fix what is broken. You can receive support from others but the healing process is always your own.

“We are in a great and deep process of healing our ancestral and personal past patterns of trauma, unworthiness, addiction and abuse.

“This will continue and you may discover new aspects of yourself this month that are related to these issues. Get help when you need it. 

“The biggest challenge this month will be the fluctuation of energy levels, skin issues, kidneys and eyesight.

“Make time for yourself to go within, to rest, assimilate, rejuvenate, heal and discover just how much you love your body as the magical container for your life that it is.



“Big shifts are possible this month as you discover what works and what doesn’t on a current project.

“You also may get great insights and inspiration about new projects that are based on some new desire and passion that you discover this month.

“If you have always wanted to go into a specific business but have always been too timid or lacked the courage to do it, this is the month where you could initiate something new as long as it was aligned with your personal passion, emotional truth and supported living from your heart.

“Take some time to go through and examine current situations for anything that feels stagnant, outdated, boring, unsatisfying and no longer fulfilling.

Examine your motivations behind your involvements and your work and refine or reset some of your intentions and choices.

“As you discover what is best and allow for change, the action will follow. Be determined, be focused and be inspired.



“What have you unconsciously been putting up with in your current surroundings?

“When did you last really notice your environment and if it truly supports you, or have you become blind to what’s around you? What can you discover about your environment?

“Feel into this with your heart and discover what resonates with you and what no longer does. Perhaps there are even things in your environment that have never resonated with you and that are only a part of it because of someone else.

“We are still in a good field for cleaning and clearing and making space

“Continue to discover what you love, what you don’t love, what supports you and what doesn’t.

“This is good time frame as well for stretching our consciousness and innovation around working with our planetary environment with more harmony and respect.

“Look for more awareness and cooperation around environmental issues.

“The focus is to discover how to work with rather than against what the environment has to offer.

Have a wonderful month!

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