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March 9th 2020  10:48 am PDT  5:48 pm GMT
March 10th 2020| 4:48 am AEDT
What a journey we are on! Mercury is going Direct in Aquarius on this powerful FULL MOON in Virgo.
There is so much stirring our planetary awakening for healing and change.
More and more through peak experiences of collective crisis, we are being awakened to our interdependence as a planetary family.
The Sabian symbols for this Moon speak of us coming together in cooperative effort as we “venture in faith meeting some challenge” and leave the past behind to cooperate in an “adventure in consciousness.”
Our collective cultural agreements and the dominant dogma of “what Reality is” are crumbling day by day.  There’s a crack in the firmament and the Light is shinning through. 
There are new sprouts bursting through the cement, reaching for the Sun and ready to turn our world green again. We are these sprouts! 
We must water the Holy Seeds within. Great change is seeded by conscious dreamers.
Virgo is the archetype of the healer, so this FULL MOON we can focus and activate healing energy pouring forth onto our planet through each and everyone of us.
We have healing light inside us. We have the ability to bring healing to ourselves and nourish and feed our Souls with the pure manna of Creation.
It is a free resource available to each and everyone of us directly from Source.
As the tides continue to ebb and flow, the landscape will continue to change. We are about to enter a new cycle of momentum where the trajectory of our lives could be taking a turn.
The key with all of this is to really anchor into our Soul’s wisdom.
These changes are propelling us to step up into our Higher Knowing, to trust the wisdom inside us that guides us on each of our Soul’s unique and evolutionary journey.
We might find ourselves grasping, trying to make sense of it all, but as truth rises to the surface, as new realities emerge from the Dreamtime, we are encouraged to surrender to the flow of Life moving through us.
We are on the edge of time, and our Soul is wanting us to experience embodiment in a way that we have not previously experienced.
Like Mark Borax says right now, “we must harvest magic out of chaos.”
Here are the Astral Insights from these wonderful featured interpreters of the planetary bodies…
ALEX from Coyote Star Astrology shares:
“We have the (FULL) Moon in Virgo, in opposition to the Sun in Pisces, and the Sun is conjunct Neptune the ruler of Pisces…
“Super magical, celestial, creative, galactic, but the Moon is in Virgo and the Moon represent our inner world, our feelings about our reality right now.
And when we are dealing with a Virgo Pisces polarity we’re dealing with these opposites…
“Virgo wants things to be structured and ordered and logical and perfect. Virgo wants things to be clean and pure, make sense.
“Pisces on the other hand is chaos, magic, confusion, surrender…there’s no rules, there’s no regulations, anything goes…
“The poor Virgo Moon is trying desperately to make it all make sense, but the truth is, it can’t. So there is this need for surrender...
“Pisces takes Virgo’s hands and slowly detaches them from the steering wheel, and reminds Virgo that we can’t control everything in our life. Things don’t always make sense, things aren’t always perfect…
“And Virgo is ruled by Mercury, so this Full Moon really brings in the cerebral processes that we are going through when we look around the world..
“There’s a lot that feels confusing, there’s a lot happening that can lead to uncertainty around where as a human race we’re actually headed right now.
“We are in very uncharted territory, things can feel alien, things can feel strange, and this is about faith.
“Pisces represents faith because it isn’t logical there are no guarantees.
“It’s that internal anchor and that internal structure and our individual relationship to trust in the Divine plan. That’s what makes each of our relationships to the Divine so unique.
“How much can you trust? How much can you believe in things you cannot see or you cannot prove?
“Virgo/Pisces axis represents that, although on our inner world we may be always trying to analyze and categorize, this is a need for the ego to fully surrender to a higher path, a higher calling, surrender to God.
“And somehow transmute and alchemize the helter-skelter of the inner confusion and the outer confusion, and turn that into a ladder to heaven, or a ladder to the creative process, or surrender to the divine flow.
“The Sun represents the Self, the identity. Neptune represent Spirit. So the Sun conjunct Neptune is the Spirit Self or the Higher Self and the Moon in Virgo represents the day to day tasks, the day to day duties, the lists and the steps and the work, and the service that it takes to make those dreams come true.
“And we have a lot of energy in this chart supporting our wildest dreams to come true.
“When we’re dealing with Neptune we’re dealing with the ideal, we’re dealing with our fantasies. And the Sun is in sextile to Mars and Jupiter in Capricorn, the long-term plan and our long-term commitments.
“So this chart is literally the creatives or the artist’s dream. It really is.
“Full manifestation potential in this chart if we can let the inner world relax and surrender to the process and find that perfect balance.
“When we are dealing with a Full Moon with these polarities,  it’s all about meeting the middle.
“Realizing that the ultimate artistry and creativity is the perfect balance of the nebulous mystery into structure and order.
“Like music. Neptune rules music. Music is taking random notes, choosing random notes and putting them into an order that becomes harmonically, sonically pleasing, right?
“And for most artists it doesn’t happen very well when we’re trying to control the process. It happens when we get into that flow.
“This Full Moon is very cerebral because Virgo is ruled by Mercury and at the same time… we have Mercury stationing direct.
“So this Full Moon marks the green light and the closing out of this 3 week long Mercury Retrograde in Pisces journey. Congratulations we made it!
“We’ve all been plunged into the subconscious over the last 3 weeks.
“A lot has been coming up emotionally, we’ve been sifting through that and Mercury goes direct in Aquarius.…Aquarius represents higher intelligence.
“It represents visions of the future. It represents innovation and genius.
“So having Mercury going Direct during this Full Moon pulls through this intelligence. And it’s also going direct and sextile to the Galactic Center.
“What this means is that when Mercury Stations direct, which is always a green light to move ahead with ideas and move forward with our energy, because it’s making that Sextile to the Galactic Center, which is essentially a crack in the celestial mantle where outside influences from beyond the Solar System for beyond the Milky Way galaxy can come through.
“This is a green light to make some pretty drastic and and quantum leaps within our own mind, about what is possible, about how we’re going to move forward, and about how we’re going to now navigate and create in the existing reality.
“It doesn’t get much more magical than that. I mean it’s like I said, this is like the artist dream.
“It’s going to go direct full power, and the ruler of Aquarius is Uranus and Uranus is conjunct Venus this Full Moon.Venus is in Taurus.
“Venus in Taurus represents our moral codes systems, our ideas of right and wrong in the world and Uranus by nature, completely restructures, revolutionizes and changes what we know.
“So Taurus likes to be stubborn but it doesn’t stand a chance when Uranus is involved. 
“Uranus comes through and completely shifts the reality of how we’ve been seeing things, our opinions about things.
“And Venus rules our relationships. So this could be coming into a new understanding of how to relate to the people around us.
“Pisces is about compassion, coming into a new way to exist with other people in our life. 
“Uranus conjuct Venus is about breaking free from the past…
“Pisces is manifestation, it’s your relationship to your external reality and recognizing that it starts within, seated from the thoughts that you have, and connecting with the power of those thoughts, and the power of your ability to create.”
“Mercury indicates this is the moment when we’re moving into a radical transfiguration time, so if major changes present themselves, welcome to the future!
“…The coming two weeks will help us know who we’re connected to spiritually as we link our energies in a new life adventure.
“Everything has been phenomenally compressed, and we’re in the heart of it
“We’re in a period where we’re about to launch into a different reality than where we’ve been lately…
“Take the long view, and play the long game in every particular.
“We’re now in the heart of the activation of the Capricorn promise of 2018 and 2019 which will change us and our world for decades to come!”
“….The Lunar degree symbol for the 20th degree of Virgo is “An automobile caravan.”
“…In The Astrological Mandala, he (Dane Rudhyar) says this degree involves ‘the need of cooperative effort in reaching any ‘New World’ of experience.’
“He states that this implies a group process where people link ‘their consciousnesses and energies in order to safely reach the goal of destiny’ in ‘an ordered and structured endeavor.’
“We see that in this symbol ‘the past is entirely left behind,’ where people cooperate in ‘an adventure in consciousness’ in a ‘totalization of purpose and effort.’
“So we are illuminated over the next two weeks by how and what we cut loose from, and some new adventure with others…
These will express in a pending adventure where we link with others, venture with faith in meeting some challenge, and mobilize in developing our visions and claim rewards for skills…
“It’s the Light of future ‘federations’ expressed as the culminating step in a new life adventure.”
© Copyright 2020 ROBERT WILKINSON


MARK BORAX shares:
“The karmic drama unfolding across the world is The End of Everything That Never Worked Right in the First Place.
“As old systems crumble, we must harvest magic out of chaos.
“…The mimeograph of our time is the internet, last bastion of global freedom.
“Even though corporate ownership is pushing for more control… and even though, now that Google has gone into the pharmaceutical business, alternative healing sites are dropping off their search algorithms, for the most part the web is still within public domain.
“Which means we have the ability to spread news counter to corporate views
“Aquarius adds the telepathic communication of the real worldwide web of collective consciousness, announcing the great change rising from the soul of the world everywhere people get done with being puppets on a string.
“To harvest magic from chaos we must join together in exposing distortions, speaking truth, untwisting corporate twists, and envisioning the real human being rising up out of a corrupt system.
“Don’t buy into the lies. Don’t let yourself be talked out of claiming the magic of an evolving species that has a lot of love left inside.
“Feel the change sweeping the soul and let it out in your own way.”
© Copyright 2020 MARK BORAX


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