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December 25th 2019   10:13 pm PST 
December 26th 2019 6:13 am GMT  4:13 PM AEST
We have acquired a new vantage from all that we have traversed and journeyed this past year.
It has been a year of differentiation, where we have made significant choices emanating from the inner orientation of our Soul rather than from external orientations and conditionings.
As we contemplate the long standing physical and mental structures that have held our lives and societies in place, we may find ourselves reflecting on the underpinnings that create our worlds.
This Eclipse and the closing of this decade, brings us all into a period of looking back, and so amidst the outward busyness, we are reminded to make time for inward reflection.
On our wounds, may we put salves of compassion and petals of love, as we bless and release all the life experiences that have made us who we are.
This is a passage for us to bless the past, bless the endings and come full circle into the NOW.
Amidst it at all, we are HERE and as we embrace what is, we open to the emerging newness of the present unfolding.
So bless yourself, bless each other, bless all the creatures of this world, all the sentient beings, bless the Earth, bless the loom of Creation. 
May these seasons of turning and churning and the holiest of days, heal and enrich the inner landscapes of our Soul.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our featured lights…


SIMONE BUTLER from Mooncircles.com shares:
“The upcoming Capricorn New Moon.. is an annular solar eclipse… similar to a total solar eclipse, but instead of the Moon completely blocking the Sun, a ring of fire is visible around the edges.
“Personally and collectively, we can look at this as an omen, helping us to burn away and alchemize the past so that something new can arise.
“It could be an emotional Christmas (or whatever holiday you might be celebrating). When the Moon eclipses the Sun, emotions and instincts take precedence…
“Truth-teller Jupiter is magnifying our real needs so we can address them. Feelings that have been buried for years, even decades, may arise.
“Jupiter’s influence can also magnify the joy of the season, but if you’re feeling tired or grouchy, consider that it may have its roots in long-ago feelings lurking beneath the surface of awareness.
“An eclipse in Capricorn, sign of tradition and ancestral patterns, can help free you from the past. 
“And, since it trines escape artist Uranus, this New Moon is keen to loosen the bonds to whatever has enslaved you.”
© Copyright 2019 SIMONE BUTLER


PAM YOUNGHANS from her North Point Astrology Journal says:
“We usually think of a New Moon as being a time of beginnings – and yet this one, paradoxically, is even more powerfully a point of cleansing and release
“As such, this South Node eclipse could more clearly define the patterns and behaviors that are holding us back…
“This eclipse theme of overcoming fears appears in different form through Chiron’s involvement in the event. Chiron, known to astrologers as the Wounded Healer…
“When we work with a hard aspect involving Chiron, we are aware of an underlying wound that needs to be healed.
“With Chiron in Aries, that wound generally appears as a lack of self-confidence, a tendency to react in anger or aggression, and a deep fear that we will never be able to fulfill our desires.
“I believe that Chiron represents a fearful aspect of our beings, a part of us that needs our unconditional love. Like a small child, this part of us acts out when it does not feel our acceptance and support…
 “If we are able to truly love, accept, and embrace this part of ourselves during this eclipse season, we can make great progress in healing not only our own lives, but the collective as well…
“The asteroid Pallas Athene aligns with Mercury at the time of the Solar Eclipse, and is also in square aspect to Neptune.
“Pallas is the goddess of Wisdom and Healing. Her alignment with Mercury, the Messenger, indicates an enhanced opportunity for us to access higher wisdom, as well as to discover new solutions that heretofore have eluded us.
“And, the square to Neptune means that we must set aside our beliefs about what is and is not possible, if we are to take full advantage of Pallas’ gifts of insight.”
© Copyright 2019 PAM YOUNGHANS


“With Jupiter on the South Node and magnified by this Eclipse we have incredibly auspicious endings, blessed deaths and opportunities for benevolent completions unfolding right now.
“In the midst of all this we just got news that Ram Dass- a great spiritual teacher and Light- passed during this auspicious time for endings. What a way to surf the cosmic waves back out to Source!!!
“…We have Pluto conjunct Orpheus so it is important we honor our endings, losses, grief and pain. This is not a time to spiritually bypass but to really go down and in and honor the goodbyes, honor the endings.
“When we fast forward past this portal of grief and loss- we actually miss the ripening and deepening that comes with the dark night of the Soul. We also bring with us into the future the undigested, unprocessed emotions and shadows of the past.
“This is a time for conscious endings and conscious new beginnings. To be present with all that is!
“…I leave you with the Star Sparks degree for 5 Capricorn by Ellias Lonsdale:
© Copyright 2019 DIVINE HARMONY


Capricorn 5 Tall Dark Cypress Trees in a Cemetery:
“We bring over from previous deaths an unshakable power of perseverance and deep will.
“We just keep on keeping on. Our deaths here made us strong and clear.
“We have learned how to be mortal, how to be limited, without succumbing to the illusion of identifying within our conditions.
“This knowledge, this wisdom, this truth is profound. It is a key to existence.
“We know that we can take on and become any form or structure without letting it coerce or intimidate us into believing it’s fictions, it’s control mechanisms, it’s power maneuvers.
“So we can get into and out of things which for others would seem formidable, if not impenetrable. We know our way around.
“Such a quality is exemplary for taking up special tasks, cycles, ways of life and melting into them almost completely while retaining a sober inside of autonomous vantage point and state of being.
“The pedigree is of the highest. No assignment is too extreme to be carried through successfully if it is appropriate and is approached with our characteristic detached self witnessing.
“And we even can push this quality so far into crisis and wild demand and still be just as cool and contained and able to stay with what is essential, even as the outward mobilization can be steady and strong and right there on the spot.
“To bear such a treasure from the death realms is also a sign of something cosmically possible if the destiny ambition leads that way.
“We can here incarnate the archetype of vision-in-action at such a level of mastery that we may break through into working directly from this threshold and becoming a bridge between and among worlds.
“If this lofty task should be taken on in any form, the sign of it outwardly will be such an affinity with edges, extreme states, far flung worlds, that there is nothing alien anywhere.
“The synthesis factor inside grants extraordinary deep comprehension.”
© Copyright 2019 ELLIAS LONSDALE
May love circle around us and within us and may it lift us and surprise us when we need it most.
Wherever you are, I’m sending you a big embrace.
Bless you, bless you, thank you, thank you so much for all your support, from my deepest heart~


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