I had the great gift to join in a conference call hosted by one of my treasured teachers Saul David Raye and hear the beautiful wisdom shared by a Mayan Master teacher from the Yucatan named Don Miguel Angel Verdara. He shared some powerful messages which resonated deeply within me and I wanted to share some of them with  you…
Beforehand though, I wanted to briefly address the discussion on the actual “end date” of the calendar. As many of you know, Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, who is a respected scholar and foremost researcher on the subject, states that his years of in-depth research in decoding the calendar have led him to believe that the culmination of the great cycle lines up on October 28th, 2011 rather than December 21, 2011. You can read his official statement of his explanations in my previous post here.
When Saul asked Don Miguel Angel to clarify the confusion over the date, Don Miguel Angel answered by saying, that it’s not really about a particular date. He encouraged us to meditate and check in to what we feel connected to within our truth and to follow our intuition with what resonates.
This is the same message that the Mayan Grand Elder Wakatel Utiw / Wandering Wolf /Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj has been saying. Dr. Calleman in fact also echoes this sentiment by saying that “it’s not about a date, it’s a process.”
So regardless of the actual culminating date, which is really not an “end” anyway but rather a new beginning, we are in the midst of a great transformation and we are waking up to the truth of who we are.
The Ancient Mayans forsaw this time of great change and connectivity. Their vision and focus was on this age that we are living in. I believe this portal has already opened. I feel within me that the message that all these great teachers have confirmed is aligned.
Listening to the great wisdom shared by Don Miguel Angel was tremendous. I was moved by the experience and wanted to share some of the things that stayed with me. One of the most potent messages Don Miguel Angel shared was the importance to live our truth, to experience our own Divinity. “Cielo… nirvana…heaven” are inside.
He said many masters have left the planet so we could lead this life by ourselves but not alone. In having moved on to other realms they are always with us, helping us. He said it’s time to find the “INNER TEACHER inside you, who you are, develop a real connection with the knowledge and wisdom inside of you.”
Profound words.
“Increase the life and love inside yourself” he advised and with complete relaxation, have faith and be inspired.
“We are the children of the Earth. We are Beings of the Sun. We are light.”
We are the center points between the cosmos and the earth, we are the connecting points between the roots of the earth and the branches of the cosmos. He said beautifully, “part of our being is connected to the stars and part of our being is connected to the Earth.”
As we are undergoing this re-alignment, and our planet is re-calibrating into balance, we are also internally mirroring this transformation. You can read more about these changes here and here.
In order to help balance and ground some of these energies, we should visit power places in nature if they are calling us. The Earth Mother is emanating powerful healing light grids in many spots all over the world.
Don Miguel Angel said that these sacred sites are catalysts that can open us to new energies, but know that wherever we are, we can access them within.
So remember that it’s not about a particular date. Like Don Miguel Angel said, find what is true for you and what resonates with you. The time is now. Tune in through your inner frequency. Find your teacher within and be present.
I am deeply grateful to have received these teachings, to Don Miguel Angel for his generosity of Spirit, and to Saul for opening these channels and always guiding us and grounding us into our truth.
In La Kesh
“I am another mirror…
of myself…
of you”
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