*FULL MOON* in Capricorn
July 16th 2019   2:38 pm PDT |
10:38 pm BST | July 17th 8:38 AM AEDT

This Lunar Eclipse FULL MOON on the Capricorn/Cancer axis vibrates on the theme of personal authority, guiding us back to our seat of power.
It illuminates the ley lines of our life choices, asking us to clearly see what has been driving them.
Beneath it all, have our choices been based on a need to stay safe? Or propelled by social approval and acceptance? Or perhaps have they been unconsciously bound to some old programming that has been passed down for generations?
Right now they are being realigned to emerge from the direct fount of our own truth and knowing.
We are here to discover that DEEPER WELL, that Life Source that is the Source of all true power.
It can never be taken away or diminished, it is the primal essence of who we are. And we are individually and collectively moving toward that reconnaissance, reclaiming and tapping that purity of essence, that brings us back into alignment with who we are and our place in the whole of Life.
We can feel vulnerable and raw as we are stepping out of old constructs into new perceptions and experiences of life, but we are pioneers of consciousness and that is what we are here to do.
As a means of survival and protection, we have made choices based on what would keep us safe and secure. And part of us wants to stay where we have been, but another part of us is pulling us into the new.
So on multiple levels this is what is emerging.
We can trust the wisdom of our hearts. We can dive deep beneath the world of appearances, beneath the masks we wear, to find ourselves, and find our way back home to our seat of power on Mother Earth who holds us.
Remember we are not what we look like, or how much money we make, or what we do, or how many followers we have etc. Who we are is much more than any of those outer garments. We know this.
So we are rewiring how we operate in this outer world, so we can make our choices based on the real.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from featured guiding lights…
LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology says:
“As the Moon represents emotions, we could feel like a fish out of water, exposed, raw, tender and yet still we must do what needs to be done…
“Both Saturn and Pluto are insistent that old structures (Saturn) must change (Pluto).
“Working at its best, the Moon in Capricorn is mature in the face of gravity, consistent despite fear.
“Even if we’re way out of our comfort zone (Sun in Cancer), we’re required to face up to the truth, deal with consequences and manage ourselves effectively…
“As the Earth’s shadow falls across the face of the Moon, unconscious material materializes. Old karmic lessons surface. Reality sets in, bringing us to a conclusion or crisis to clear the way ahead…
“And yet note Venus’s proximity to the North Node. This close conjunction is like a quiet reassuring hug from the cosmos that whispers, keep your heart open and you will find your way.”
© Copyright 2019 LEAH WHITEHORSE


From SARAH VARCAS from her shares:
“With the Sun at the North Node and the Moon at the South Node, this eclipse warns against the sacrifice of inner knowing in favour of external authority.
“Pluto conjunct the Moon, with Saturn also in Capricorn, emphasizes the power and influence of received wisdom which keeps us locked into old beliefs and patterns of behaviour.
“Such service to another’s agenda disenfranchises our own insight, denying us the ability to know for ourselves what is true…
“With the Saturn/Pluto conjunction approaching, it’s important we use this eclipse to unearth any fears of leading our own lives and discerning our own destiny independent of mainstream propaganda.
“We must be prepared to do what we know to be right even if everything and everyone around us says it’s wrong.
“This is a formidable challenge which requires courage and strength.
“We need to find those kindred spirits that will support a new way, even while the world tells us we’re crazy, irresponsible, immature or ignorant…
“This eclipse teaches us that what feels like sacrifice is in fact a profound and enduring liberation from everything that binds.
“…Conjunct Pluto, this eclipse reminds us that when the heavens are stirring things up in Capricorn we need to use something other than our bank account and social status to assess our worth.
“So if things aren’t looking so great from where you stand, and the results you’d hoped for in recent years aren’t forthcoming, this eclipse is a wake-up call. A gift.
“For within the conditions that disappoint are hidden the shoots of new life and fresh, but different, possibilities.
“The challenge, however, is spotting them!
“One has only to turn on the TV to hear all kinds of doom-mongering, misinformation and fear.. When minds and hearts contract in fear, a bunker mentality develops.
“We must guard against this contraction now. Whilst at one level it looks like everything’s falling apart, the search for an abiding truth continues…
“Thankfully we have the mighty Eris on side to help us now… she leads the charge against all who willfully obscure the truth to serve their own agenda…
“Eris reminds us just how deeply we’re programmed to polarize the world and fight ‘the other side’, no matter who or what it may be…
“Our present moment perceptions can change the future irrevocably.
“If we see a world full of enemies, enemies are born, and they will undoubtedly do all they can to convince us we were right all along.
“But if we dive deeper to penetrate the source of current conflicts, we’ll find millennia of fear, oppression and hatred that continues to feed off the human psyche like a parasite, to this day.
“In the months to come we have the chance to curtail its advance on the human heart and begin to reshape the future into something other than more of the same…
“At this eclipse Venus asks us to shift from ‘you’ and ‘me’ to ‘us’ and ‘we’, seeking common ground when we can.
“Kindness, she reminds us, is a revolutionary force in a world built on conflict and lies.
“But we must also be prepared to face hard truths if our relational environment is too toxic for our own good.
“Venus desires peace and security, not a miserable existence for the sake of a quiet life!
“Many may feel the need to move on at this time, walking away from people and places key to their past but not their future.
“To them Eris offers courage and resolve to do what must be done, while Venus provides gentle support to seek out true kith and kin…
“However the eclipse energies manifest in our individual lives, the challenge will be to embody our wisest and kindest self, even as we stand firm and refuse to be taken for another ride!
“Learning how to say ‘no’ with an open heart can be a radical act that subverts the prevailing discourse of ‘disagreement equals conflict’.
“Nothing could be further from the truth right now.
“For only in seeking a deeper and more nuanced understanding of difference can we truly comprehend the path to peace.”
© Copyright 2019 SARAH VARCAS


PAM YOUNGHANS from her North Point Astrology Journal says:
“Cancer is the sign of the Empath, the Nurturer, the Sensitive. And yet, Cancer the Crab needs its shell—representing strong boundaries—in order to survive in the world.
“The North Node in Cancer tells us that humanity’s growth depends on our ability to be more openhearted, more emotionally generous, more trusting in the guidance of our intuitive knowing.
But, at the same time, we must also know our boundaries and our internal strength, so that we don’t dissolve into a helpless and hopeless emotional heap when viewing the problems in the world.”
© Copyright 2019 PAM YOUNGHANS


And lastly this is the Omega/Chandra symbol by JOHN SANDBACH for this Full Moon/Eclipse degree at Capricorn 25 (in symbols we round up):
“This degree innately realizes that sometimes it needs to completely let go of an old way of being and be reborn anew.
“The problem is, that old energies from a past existence, if not cleared sufficiently will come back to limit and oppress one until they are cleared away.
“And so this process of dying to the old and being reborn may have to happen multiple times until the clearing finally occurs.
“The Chandra Symbol for this degree is ‘A woman wearing a mask made out of butterfly wings.’
“This degree wants to be accepted by others, and to look good. There are two ways this can manifest:
“(1) a self-idealization that manifests in outer trappings that are put on in an attempt to feel safe and comfortable and socially appropriate, and (2) a continual and persistent identification with the soul’s purity and spiritual aspirations so that everyone you contact is radiated with an elevated energy that disperses the heavy depressive vibrations of this illusory, physical world. Only number 2 will lead to self-fulfillment.
“The woman of the Omega Symbol is wrapped, like a butterfly, in a chrysalis,so that she may emerge from it as a higher being.”
© Copyright 2019 JOHN SANDBACH


If we keep identifying with Soul as our seat of power, we will emerge as we re-build our world anew ~ together~
Sending all my love!


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