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We welcome a *FULL MOON* Lunar Eclipse in Leo as yet another cyclical evolutionary turn on our personal and collective journey. 
Occurring on the Leo/Aquarius axis, we are being called to reawaken to our original blessings and link our hearts with the heart of the Earth and all of humanity whose essence is Love.
As we work on healing our wounds of disconnection and nurture the feminine principle in all creation, we re-create our world anew.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved interpreters of the planetary bodies. First from astrologer CHAD WOODWARD  from his Kosmic Mind:
“This month’s Full Moon is a Supermoon and Total Lunar Eclipse in tropical Leo. As you may also have heard, it’s a ‘Blue Moon,’ the second of two Full Moons in one calendar month.
“Astrologically, a Blue Moon is insignificant (and in some parts of New Zealand this Full Moon occurs on Feb. 1), but a Supermoon/Lunar Eclipse is interesting enough on its own.
“During a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth’s shadow crosses the lunar surface… this projection of the Earth gives the Moon a reddish-brown color (it definitely won’t be blue); this is why lunar eclipses are also called Blood Moons.
“Both Solar and Lunar Eclipses occur in pairs each year, and Supermoon Lunar eclipses aren’t that rare…
“Much like this Supermoon/Eclipse itself, be mindful of overhyped exaggerations.
“With Venus in opposition to the Moon, look beyond appearances. The tendency to be fooled by glamorous facades can be one theme and pitfall of this Lunar Eclipse.
“But if you believe in whatever you’re putting out there, trust this lunation’s call to confidently step up and gain applause, attention, and recognition from others…
“And with both Venus and Jupiter’s connection to this lunation, it supplies auspicious peak energy for parties and celebratory events, especially acknowledging the completion or culmination of something significant…
“Watch out for over the top displays of egotism. Undeserved pride can lead to humiliating downfalls.
“Be careful of overestimating what you’re capable of, or even taking a good time too far into mindless overindulgence…
“If you’re mindful of those negatives, this Supermoon/lunar eclipse is an exciting culmination of creative and playful energy, touched by two benefic planets.
“It has the power to restore optimism, playfulness, joy, and a willingness to embrace new opportunities.”
© Copyright 2017 CHAD WOODWARD All Rights Reserved

Astrologer CATHY PAGANO shares:
Both eclipse seasons invite us to discover our own unique heart skills which we can contribute to our collective culture.
“Love is supposed to lead the way for all of us. 
“Women are especially called to add our voices and imaginations to help heal our cultural wounds, while men are called to defend what is true, beautiful and good in the world.
“Our world is so out of balance that it has to descend into chaos to get remade.
“All honorable people want to re-make the world with a more balanced, life-giving energy, which gives equal value to the feminine gifts of imagination, emotional intelligence and compassion as well as the masculine gifts of clarity, reason and justice…
“The Moon and Ceres join with the North Node in Leo, which is a collective directive to each of us to express our unique creativity.
“The Moon and Ceres, the Roman fertility and mother goddess, are both energies that help us access our unconscious (Moon) feelings of being un-loved (Ceres).
“We all deserve to be loved just for ourselves and so many of us weren’t loved in that way.
“Ceres asks us to let her mother us, to let ourselves be and feel loved
“Who would we have become if we were allowed to follow our soul’s longings in life?
“…Who would we be if we all felt, down in our bones, that we are worthy of love?
Not because we have money or are smart or good at our jobs, but just because we are alive?
“If we can think these kinds of thoughts, and open our hearts to our original blessings and hopes, what would we do? Who would we be? What would our world look like?”
© Copyright 2017 CATHY PAGANO  All Rights Reserved


Astrologer PAT LILES from The Power Path.com says:
“Here we have the South Node aligned with the Sun and Venus – an opportunity to let go of all those times we felt we weren’t loved the way we thought we should have been loved. 
“In Aquarius, we can look with some real detachment at the events of our lives, acknowledge the experience, let that old loved/unloved story go..
“Aquarius Sun/Venus can help us move in to the modern moment of now, push the boundary, and live in an entirely new headspace where we ARE love.
“The Lunar Eclipse at Full Leo Moon is aligned with the North Node – our edgy point of growth at this time, and exactly conjunct Ceres – Earth Mother…
“Mother and nurturing issues go deep and eclipses are known to reveal and release that which is hidden.”
© Copyright 2017 PAT LILES All Rights Reserved
Astrologer DIVINE HARMONY shares:
“..with this Total Lunar Eclipse on the North Node in Leo- there’s a clearing out happening in our solar plexus/3rd chakras and in our creative selves, romantic relationships, relationships with children and/or relationship to the child within…
“One of the most significant aspects of the eclipse chart is something that showed up in the New Moon in Capricorn chart: Ceres the Great Mother asteroid EXACTLY on the North Node of destiny and evolution and Juno the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage on the karmic South Node…
“With Ceres on the North Node heading into quincunx Pluto- we are in deep times right now where we are being asked to see what is out of balance, what is not healthy and what is being suppressed within us emotionally but also collectively…
“Demetra George says tense Pluto/Ceres aspects can unearth intense emotional crises- particularly regarding loss and separation (from mother, from children, from Mother Earth, from the essential self).
“Deep experiences of grief, rage, sorrow, anger and depression can arise when Pluto tense aspects Ceres- much like Ceres went through in her myth when Pluto abducted her beloved daughter and took her into the Underworld…
“The North Node in Leo is asking us to get radical in our self-care, self-Love and self-nourishment!
“We also need to get radical in our care and Love for Mother Earth!!! She is our Mother Matrix- without her we cannot sustain ourselves…
“It will take fierce Love to shift things right now- within ourselves, in our relationships, on our planet and more…
“Neptune harmoniously links with the Sun on the karmic South Node- which can make it very easy to spiritually bypass during this eclipse.
“Spiritual bypassing is when we use spirituality to escape our pain, when we prematurely forgive before we have fully moved through the pain/anger/grief/rage that is there, and when we default to transcendence, choosing to go up and out before we have truly descended and gone all the way down and in and through.
“The Full Moon/Ceres/North Node conjunction asks us to be fully here now: embodied
“I leave you with Ellias Lonsdale’s Star Sparks meditation for this Lunar Eclipse…
© Copyright 2017 ~DIVINE HARMONY  All Rights Reserved


“Star Sparks by ELLIAS LONSDALE:
Leo 12: The mouth of the Amazon River
“This world we live in is wide open. Anywhere we want to go, the invitation is there.
“Yet if we are going to take the path of open destiny where it leads, first we will need to liberate ourselves from all the versions of this which turn out to be mirages, illusions.
“We so easily draw to ourselves that which looks and insists that it is the open adventure, the free space, the clear possibility.
“Yet soon enough we find that we are enveloped in something so familiar and so stuck. In fact, we are repeating ourselves endlessly, in yet another variation.
“Quite compulsively, we persist in this pattern until we cannot bear another cycle of self-avoidance.
“Then the actual open portal of the New Earth is right here before us.
“Unlike the substitutes, this one gives no ego-mileage, never will it make us a special person.
“Instead, it floods us into journeying with everybody in a bigger story than the one we’ve told before. That unusual dimension allows us to breathe free of our own extraordinary nature.
“For it turns out that the good we can do starts when we give it all through us without a trace of self-conscious absorption in our own magnitude.
“But it takes so many heartbreaks, such deep letting go to find the place beyond the separative self version of existence.
“The only way we’ll hang in there through all the twists and tuns is if we just know that we are worth it and that this world is worth it.
“The place of all-worlds-converging, all-times-now, all-windows-open calls to us here with a force, a power, a great passion.
“We must find the real thing and become it’s true servant.”
© Copyright 2017 ~ELLIAS LONSDALE All Rights Reserved
All my love~

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