“Every moment you let in love, you are opening your heart to experience your soul. Every moment you give love, you are letting your soul express its love through you…”
“Think of your soul like a sun in your heart. Imagine you are sending your soul’s love outward in ever-widening circles. Picture various friends and loved ones, and see the nourishing love of your soul touching them.”
“Think of people you know and have known, and let your soul’s love flow through you to them. Picture your soul’s love radiating outward to your city, to all the people, plants and animals around you. Allow your soul to pour even more of its love through you, until this love encompasses humanity and all life on the planet.”
“Feel your soul’s love embracing the planet earth itself. Notice how enormous your soul’s love can become!”
~Orin and DaBen – Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer