“The global environmental crisis has more than adequately demonstrated that business as usual will not and cannot ensure global survival. What is needed is a fundamental shift in consciousness, and this means that the views of the indigenous peoples—our laws and rules and relationships to the natural world— have been brought back into the picture. In fact, these natural laws and rules have to become the focus of humanity.”
“This is the first role of the indigenous peoples in the survival of the planet, the Earth. Our continuing primary commitment has been to communicate the indigenous perspective to all who will listen…”
“Our elders tell us that we have to do more than save what is left of our traditional homelands. We need to contribute to an overall change of mind…so that human-kind can begin to initiate strategies which will preserve and sustain the environment all cultures and nations share…”
“As indigenous peoples we have always tried to convey a sense of the sacred to the newcomers to our traditional territories and homelands. With generosity and compassion we have attempted to share our ceremonies and our songs…because these rituals convey our successful relationships with the lands and seas around us and our necessary knowledge for those who would share our lands with us. “
“But the forces of development have refused to recognize the fact that indigenous peoples around the globe have in place complex systems of obviously sustainable resource management which has been successfully practiced for millennia. Our people’s ability in and responsibility for our traditional homeland has been handed us by our ancestors and cannot be lightly dismissed.”
“(Our role) is to protect what is left of the natural world…with every ounce of strength and every resource at.. (our) disposal”
~Ruby Dunstan, Lytton Indian Band 
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