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Grandmother Moon comes into her fullness in Aries reminding us to steep in the power of our own inner knowing and truth.
The fire that burns within us can never be extinguished. It is this truth of our inner Being that needs to be honored and tended to. 
Now is the time to bring forth our truth in a way that can heartfully express, assert and realign that which is out of balance. With the Sun in Libra, we can learn to do this in a way that is compassionate and cooperative so that it can illuminate, purify and transform. 
This is a fiery moon that will ignite many emotions. Let’s allow for deep breaths, grounding into Mamma Earth and communicating from the heart.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our featured luminaries…
From the insightful DIVINE HARMONY:
“In the unfolding of this cycle we have seen some pretty big wounds and pain up around the world…This lunar cycle certainly has brought some horrific disasters…
“With Saturn in Sagittarius and Chiron in Pisces there’s a huge spiritual crisis happening- and also a crisis around Truth
“We all have our opinions and truths- the problem is when we get so self righteous that we think we are right and everyone else is wrong… 
“This Full Moon in Aries is a call to look at our personal and collective history with anger, aggression, rage, violence, reactivity and shadow masculine expression.
“This is a Full Moon to take stock of the self and other dance in our lives as individuals, as countries, as beings who inhabit planet earth with others.
“If we overdo ‘my way or the highway’ and try to strong arm everyone else- this Full Moon will not be fun.
“If we are willing to work towards collaboration, compromise and connection- then this Full Moon will be more illuminating, freeing and evolutionary.
“In the Full Moon chart we have Moon at 12’43 Aries opposite the Sun/Mercury/Vesta conjunction in Libra.
“This brings focus to how we communicate with others. Are we diplomatic, tactful, graceful?
“Are we taking out our unprocessed anger and rage on others- or are we using partnership and relationship as a mirror to see our own reflection.
“If we are too Aries- we need to learn Libra relatedness. If we are too Libra- we need to learn Aries assertiveness. We each have our growth edge- but they key is to not swing completely in the other extreme but to find balance between the two so they can work together.” 
© Copyright 2017 ~DIVINE HARMONY All Rights Reserved
From CATHY PAGANO from her Wisdom of Astrology:
“..we have to see how our unconscious anger, assertion or desires need to be expressed differently.
“It’s time to grow up and take the time to imagine…different ways to give form and voice to those emotions instead of letting them control our decisions unconsciously through the Shadow…
“Don’t project your Shadow – embrace your anger and discover what it’s trying to tell you.
“Own your desires – if you repress them you twist them out of shape.
“Be assertive when you need to, and when not, let others lead.
“The Libra Sun shines her light on the questions of balance, equality and beauty.
“With Mercury and Vesta close by, truthful communication is a must to bring things into balance, especially in close relationships. We have to be willing to disagree as well as compromise to come into balance.
“What can we do about violence? How can we help our devastated neighbors? How can we create beauty in our relationships rather than ugliness, while staying true to ourselves?
“Being conscious is hard work. It takes discipline and courage and honor.”
© Copyright 2017 ~CATHY PAGANO  All Rights Reserved


From  PAT LILES from The Power
“Pluto along with Juno is squaring the Sun and Moon signaling a dynamic moment, perhaps of crisis, perhaps an opportunity to partner and relate in a new way. 
“Relationships whether personal or in business may take the brunt of the Aries heat that needs release. 
“The backbone of our relationships might be in for some restructuring after words fly to clear the air.  
“If feeling erupts under the Full Moon, have the courage to listen and receive.  Default to the Truth. 
“Perhaps you can offset unsettled and volatile emotion by drawing on Libra’s ability to speak first with love and kindness creating a container where restlessness, stress or aggression can be acknowledged and contained. 
“Pluto and Juno, asteroid of partnership and marriage, will be moving closer and closer over the next 60 days. 
“This Moon just might signal the emergence of an issue ready to be dealt with from deep within your relating issues.  
“Keep in mind this is a Moon of Projection of your self on to others.  How you express yourself carries great weight here. “
© Copyright 2017 ~PAT LILES  All Rights Reserved
From astrologer JESSICA SHEPHERD from
“How often we censor our true, raw experience because we think it makes us weak, crazy, too emotional, when it’s actually refusing the whole truth of our real experience that weakens us…”
“We aren’t born afraid to be our selves. We aren’t born fearing what other people will do or say in response to us, what their reaction will be. It is learned behavior. 
“It can be scary to be ourselves–so real, so aligned, so honest–because it pushes other people’s buttons. Because real-ness is scary to those who can’t be real in their own lives.
“Authenticity is something to reject for those repressing their truth.
“Honesty is threatening to those who are unwilling to honestly look at their self. I’ve seen this over and over. The more authentic and aligned I get, the more my alignment pushes buttons of those who are not…”
“I used to let what they couldn’t handle give me pause about sharing my self. Until I learned that is not feedback about what I should or shouldn’t share– it’s feedback on who and where they are.
It is never wrong to stand in truth, to show up as how and who you are, to fall apart, if needed...”
“As the Libra Sun opposes the Aries Moon, your authenticity, honesty and real-ness is bound to meet a reaction from others.
“Now is not the time for gilding the truth, or avoiding it, but for strategizing the best, most compassionate, way for you to stay aligned.”
© Copyright 2017 ~JESSICA SHEPHERD All Rights Reserved


From the insightful LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology:
“Yes, tough chart but you know what, it’s Aries – Aries can handle tough and so can we…
“There’s still time to diffuse the situation. It’s clear that we’re unhappy – we’re ‘protesting’ but not being heard (it’s ‘unsuccessful’). So maybe we need to change the way we’re doing things and for that, we look to Mars.
“Mars is in healthy Virgo snuggled close to lover Venus. These two are trying to kiss it better. With Virgo accented, Mars makes the point that small actions and attention to detail is what is required at this time.
“Rather than going on the warpath (Pluto), we’ve got to make conscientious decisions that take into account our health and welfare. Adding in some love medicine wouldn’t hurt either…”
“…Mars is also opposite to Neptune, an insidious aspect we need to watch out for. I have already seen several rather ugly memes talking about how prayers are empty and people should (a Saturn word!) do something.
“Again we have an ‘either/or’ problem here. There’s an assumption that those who say they are praying for XYZ are not doing anything yet many people are doing something as well as sending prayers.
“Many are helping in their own small way (advocated by Mars) because they don’t have the power to do more. We must not forget the small and humble daily positive acts in the desire for immediate resolution.
“Small is not weak. Simple is not insignificant.
“Yes, prayers alone cannot fix problems on the ground but a sea of empathy, a tide of compassion can be part of the change.
“Instead of feeling defeated or distracted by Neptune, Mars can get inspired by working together with others, acting on intuition, fighting for the dream.
“We can be spiritual warriors, spirit movers and shakers, driven by a collective knowledge that we are all souls having a human experience.
Sometimes we make mistakes and correction is necessary but it can be done without tearing each other down.
“The biggest message in this Full Moon is that we can’t give up and check out.
“We owe it to ourselves and to each other to do better in whatever small way we can.”
© Copyright 2017 ~LEAH WHITEHORSE All Rights Reserved
*FULL HARVEST MOON* Blessings to all of our hearts~

  F U L L  M O O N  ⚬

October 5th  11:40 am PDT

October 5th 6:40 pm GMT

October 6th   5:40 am AEDT


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