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*NEW MOON* in Aries + Mercury going Direct marks a turning point for us all.
This recent passage hopefully has brought us galvanizing growth, broader understanding, and self-forgiveness coupled with greater awareness of our actions and their effects.
As a new cycle begins, we set forth with new understanding and are ready to seed our actions with our newfound inspiration.
But patience is needed, as mindfulness is seeded with every step in its own good time.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our wise and illuminating featured astrologers. First from CATHY PAGANO :
“This Aries New Moon is the first new Moon of the astrological year. And it’s a big one!
“This is the time to plant the seeds of rebirth and renewal for this coming year, seeds that will take you into your future.
“What’s different about this Aries New Moon? It is cradled between the asteroid Eris, Goddess of Discord and the planet Uranus, sky god of freedom, revolution and sudden changes.
Add to this the fact that Mercury ends its retrograde earlier in the day and we can see that a new mind-set, a new perspective is waiting to be born within us, and hopefully within our society.
 “As you look at the news (ruled by Mercury), for every attempt to turn the clock back on freedom, equality and environmental protections, you can see people rising up everywhere to stand against the regressive pull of old patriarchal thinking.
“…we are in the ‘hero’s journey’ part of the Uranus/Pluto cycle where we have to overcome obstacles to make sure the new seeds of revolution and evolution planted in the 60s get stronger and spread their roots deeper in our collective consciousness.
 “More people are waking up to the fact that we have to be citizens rather than consumers, that we have to be stewards of the Earth rather than users, and that democracy demands an awakened citizenry….
 “As you can see, most of the planets fall in the solar 1st and 10th houses.  The first house is our self-identity while the tenth house deals with how we contribute to our society. 
 “That’s the message of this new creation story.  As JFK once said, ‘Ask not what your country/world can do for you.  Rather, ask what you can do for your country/world.’
“With Uranus in its final connection to an Aries New Moon for the next 84 years, plant seeds for the unexpected! Plant seeds for inner revolution and freedom.”
© Copyright 2018 ~ CATHY PAGANO  All Rights Reserved
From LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology:
“Right now, Chiron is teetering on the final degree of Pisces, preparing to make his debut into Aries.
“For the last 8 years, we have had to make peace with our pain and find meaning in our suffering. When Chiron moves into Aries, our style of both healing and suffering will change.
“In astrology, Chiron is symbolized by a glyph that is shaped like a key. After all this time imprisoned in the global house of the lost and forgotten, now the key is in the door.
“With the Moon and Sun joining forces in fiery Aries, this is a lunation which prefers action over thought.
“With Mercury having just stationed direct in Aries as well, the energy of this chart is akin to a tiger being released from its cage.
“The Moon in Aries indicates emotions are animated. We are in fight or flight mode. What we feel is raw, passionate and loud…
“Aries is about what we want and right now, with this New Moon conjunct Uranus, we want something different to what we had before.
“Uranus is an unstable, unpredictable energy yet it can also represent awakening too. We may feel jazzed up, electric, sparkling with great ideas that we want to set into motion.
“This is a lunation where we could receive cosmic downloads as Uranus is the higher frequency of intellectual Mercury.
“Universal information is available which can help us dare to display our unique talents. Flashes of inspiration could fortify us with the courage to take independent action.
“But it is unpredictable – remember, the tiger is coming out of the cage! Mercury is still on the degree of his station too and sometimes this can also be a shaky influence.
“The main caution advised is to pause for breath if possible. Take a moment, survey your surroundings, listen.  This is new territory.
“Venus in possessive Taurus is opposing giant Jupiter. It makes me think of how starved that tiger is!
“Imagine, you’ve just been released from a cage and your tummy is rumbling and everything just smells so good! What do you chase after first?
“Venus opposite Jupiter can give us an urge to want it all and it’s hard to discriminate between what is good for us and what isn’t.
“We need to stay mindful of excess and over-consumption. Just because we want it, doesn’t mean we should have it.
“Mars, ruler of this lunation, is currently marching through Capricorn…Mars however is restricted and intensified with conjunctions to both Saturn and Pluto.
“We’re either powered up and ready to lead with iron-like will or we feel frustrated to the point of volcanic eruption…
“With Mars in cautious Capricorn, we would do well to figure out our strategy first before leaping into the fray..
“We could be very focused on seeing the results of our actions quickly.
“However, with Mars conjunct Saturn and Saturn now stationary as he turns retrograde in two days’ time, the results of what start now may take longer to manifest than we’d hoped. Then again, that isn’t always a bad thing…
“If we can remain true to our values and find a quiet moment to listen to our soul, we’re more likely to figure out the best next step.
© Copyright 2018 ~LEAH WHITEHORSE All Rights Reserved


PAT LILES from The Power shares: 
“It’s a game-changing reset of a Moon.  Through what door is change coming into your life? 
“Contemplate what has unexpectedly presented itself and caused you to have to adapt radically and shift your comfort levels. What has been your reaction to the unexpected? 
“What does your emotional process show you about your wiring?  Open-armed surrender? Slow to accept? Discombobulated by change and new demands?  Growth can often be courted, invited or dealt to you by Spirit to prod you along.
“At New Moon, Chiron is in the last, last, last degree and minutes of Pisces 29º55’ …On April 17, Chiron moves into fiery, courageous, Aries for the next seven years.  That’s a major shift point.
“…Aries, as the masculine first sign and ruled by Mars, encompasses both our vital, emergence into individual selfhood and the mantle of the divine Warrior, champion and protector of all that is sacred and worth defending. 
“Chiron will take us on the journey of healing our masculine selves and teaching us right use of the medicine of fire, desire and will in consort and balance with the feminine.”
© Copyright 2018 ~PAT LILES All Rights Reserved
“Something… remarkable happened several years ago after a fire in the desert outside San Diego. Spring flowers appeared that hadn’t been seen in decades.
“It seems that hidden in the desert soil are seeds that can only be activated by intense heat, causing them to burst open. Through great trials, unexpected new life arises.
“Do you recall a time when a real or metaphorical fire swept through your life, heating up your world to an unbearable degree? Maybe you’re even in such a phase right now.
“At some point there is no choice but to let go and allow the past to crumble away.
“And that’s when, through a mysterious alchemical process, things begin to shift. You’re gifted with new insight or motivation. A goal you’d despaired of reaching is suddenly within your grasp.
“No matter where you’re currently at, the upcoming New Moon will be your ally in embracing change…
A quickening is at hand, and courageous action is required. The Mars-Saturn conjunction earlier this month got a lot of us committed to important work and on track for success. 
“It’s time to let the past burn away and begin making your contribution. If you’re still seeking a jolt of awareness about your true purpose or next step, listen for messages around this New Moon, arriving with the clarity of a lightning bolt.
“Look to what you’re passionate about. Take a strategic risk.
“You never know what inner seed pods will get activated when you surrender to the fires of change and allow new life to blossom.”
© Copyright 2018 ~SIMONE BUTLER  All Rights Reserved
Infinite Blessings~~~
*N E W  M O O N*
April 15th 6:57 pm PDT
April 16th 1:57 am GMT
April 16th 12:57 pm AEDT