Growth happens in the subtle spaces,
beneath the Earth,
before we can see any evidence
of any new beginnings.
Deep down inside, there are changes occurring, 
on a personal level and in the collective.
Behind the scenes, things are shifting
and real change is slowly unfolding.
But it takes time for things
to take shape and give an outward
manifestation of the inward.
Remember this and do not think
that progress is not occurring,
because it is.
As Full Moon rises in Taurus,
take time to ground into
our dear Mother Earth.
Remember that she is alive
and calling us back to her.
We are not Motherless children,
we belong to her.
In her, we can always find
our place of belonging.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers.
“This Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon is all about the transformation of the Feminine.
“Both signs are considered feminine and receptive, and as they align with Venus retrograde at the end of her Wisdom aspect as the Evening Star, we get to evolve our understanding of the divine feminine energies.
“While Taurus, the Moon and Venus are all related to love, fertility, sexuality and connection – the essence of life – they are reflecting the Scorpio death energy.
“The divine feminine is grounded in the cycle of life – death – rebirth and so at this point in the year, we must learn to die to be reborn again…
“This Taurus Moon is conjunct Uranus, not an easy placement for a Taurus Moon, who likes things just the way they are, thank you very much!
“With Uranus about to leave Taurus for a few more months of playing with our Aries’ identity, it’s going to crack open those old Taurus behavior patterns so our new Aries’ identity can shape new habits and new rules of engagement with others and with the Earth…
“So with Uranus joining this Taurus Full Moon, watch for ways to break old patterns. You’ll be surprised to find that freedom is your new form of security.”
© Copyright 2018 ~CATHY PAGANO All Rights Reserved
PAT LILES from The Power says:
“How does the cosmos do it? How does it align the Full Moon axis exactly across the axis of the North/South Nodes when they are in the very last degree before it changes signs?!! 
“Only a divine cosmic (comic) force could create this one, knowing exactly the pressure we need to further our transformative journey
“The Full Moon in Taurus is aligned with Uranus, The Awakener, opposite the Scorpio Sun aligned with Venus.  This forms a Grand Square with the Nodes in Leo/ Aquarius 1º all in fixed signs. 
“Our most locked in patterns will be presented for our viewing pleasure.  Well, like is said, ‘Crisis or Opportunity?’. 
“The intensification of polarity is a given.  With seven out of 10 planets in fixed signs there is great determination, strong will, and uncompromising resistance being played out. 
“One will need to be calm, restrained and not be drawn into dramatic behaviors. 
“Those we resist can be seen as our teachers.  Can you muster gratitude to find yourself revealed in this form? 
“Even the strongest among us will be pulled into this growth vortex.  How we respond will be the ‘opportunity’.
© Copyright 2018 ~PAT LILES All Rights Reserved


PAM YOUNGHANS from her North Point Astrology Journal:
“The effects of a Sun-Uranus opposition can be sudden and surprising, either literally or figuratively shaking the ground beneath our feet…any disruptions or eruptions we experience are likely to evoke a deep emotional response
“A configuration called a fixed grand cross is formed by this Full Moon.
“Making up the pattern are the Sun and Venus in Scorpio, Uranus and the Moon in Taurus, the South Node in Aquarius, and the North Node in Leo. 
“The configuration is called a cross because lines drawn between these points on the zodiac form a large X.
“A grand cross such as this represents great tension that is looking for a way to be released, much like lava that is building in the depths of a volcano…
“This inclusion of the Nodes in the Full Moon chart carries extra significance since the Nodes are almost done with their journey through the Leo/Aquarius axis.
“They will move into the next pair of signs on November 6, and so are working extra hard to get us to take this essential step in our evolutionary journey.”
© Copyright 2018 ~PAM YOUNGHANS All Rights Reserved

“This is a moon of profound change and radical disruption of the status quo. It threatens to test even the strongest attachments if they compromise our freedom.
“Squaring the North Node, this moon can either propel us forward or hold us back, depending upon how we use it. Refusing to budge can be as radical as letting everything go if that’s what circumstances require.
Wise discernment is key to managing the energy of this moon and we may well experience its ripples throughout the rest of the month.
“Things long ripe for change may shift exponentially around this time, most likely just when we’ve gotten used to living with them as they are!
“Likewise projects we’ve pursued because we thought we should may suddenly seem too burdensome to continue, auguring a return to a simpler life previously sacrificed on the altar of progress.
“What this moon means for individual life circumstances will of course vary, but the end result can be a powerful and positive recalibration of our energy and intention if we let it.”
© Copyright 2018 ~SARAH VARCAS All Rights Reserved
LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology:
Something has been building for a while now. An imbalance has occurred…
“Venus opposing Uranus shows that we’re dealing with problems in relationships, inner disharmony, financial instability…
“Venus opposite Uranus shows that we need to make way for new perspectives, different ways of doing things, innovation.
“We need to wake up when it comes to how we’re treating ourselves and each other.
“Our values too are changing. Note that the Moon-Sun, Venus-Uranus oppositions are square to the Nodes.
“This shows that the resolution of these issues is now of karmic consequence.
“This message is emphasized by the fact that the rulers of the Nodes (the Sun and Uranus) are also opposite one another.
“With the South Node in Aquarius, we have been alienated, cold, on the fringes, remote, cut off, distant, too objective.
“With the North Node in Leo, the universe has asked us to step into the light, shine, show what we can do, demonstrate warmth, take part, reconnect with our inner child, play!
“But maybe we can only really do these things when we wake up to how precious we are.
“If this Full Moon makes us feel a little crazy, it’s because we need to shake ourselves free from old paradigms.
“Just as the land grows stale when planted with the same crops over and over, so too can our lives become stale when we continue to repeat the same old patterns.
“The Moon represents our habitual responses born from the conditioning we received as a child. With the Moon conjunct Uranus, we may become more aware of habits that hold us back from evolving. We need to be free…
“Whatever occurs during this time isn’t likely to knock us off our feet. Rather, it’s a brilliant flash of lightning, illuminating where we were in the dark before.
“It’s the exhilarating, thundering BOOM of truth, rattling us right down to our DNA, promising change is best for our long-term security.
“The storm breaks because it must to restore calm.”
© Copyright 2018 ~LEAH WHITEHORSE All Rights Reserved
And so it is. Endless gratitude for the myriad insights shared by the lighthouses above, illuminating our seas like the bright Full Moon that rises.
With all my love~


October 24th 2018 9:45 am PDT
October 24th 2018 4:45 pm GMT
October 25th 2018 2:45 am AEST