“So it is that you, the children of the Sun,
are now being bathed in the waters of remembrance…
to fulfill the promise of the new and ancient myth unfolding.
Know that the magic you were born with is indeed real.
By simply anchoring Love’s presence on Earth, you’re sending waves of healing and uplifting energy throughout Gaia’s eagerly receptive body.
As you emerge in this time, your gifts awaken and you empower others.
Utilizing the tools of laughter, song, dance, humor, joy, trust and love, you’re creating the powerful surge of transformation that will transmute the limitations of the old myth of duality and separation…
The time is now, luminous Children of the Sun.
Incomprehensible is the joy of creation, as you feel called to gather together in ever widening circles of the Great Heart Mandala of light, which will one day ignite a critical mass triggering a power surge, which will transmute matter into a higher octave of being.You are being called into wakefulness…
Ancient Skywalkers rise up.
Stand in the beauty and power of your true identity…
Set aside self-doubt. You are a divine child of the Sun!
Go where your heart draws you to share your great gifts.
Surrender to the magic that you are as Love.
And the miracle will be manifested here on Earth!
Remember, we dance and sing here for the One Heart!
 ~Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner from “The Mayan Oracle”