“When science and spirit and reconciled, the world becomes enchanted, full of wonder and magic. The great conversation is happening around us in many dimensions.
“Magic might also be called the art of opening our awareness to the consciousness that surrounds us, the art of conversing in the deep language that nature speaks.
“And magic teaches us to break spells, to shatter the ensorcellment that keeps us psychologically locked away from the natural world.
“To open up to the outer world, we also undergo inner changes and development. For we are part of the living earth, and to connect with her is to connect with the deepest part of ourselves.
“We need the discipline of magic, of consciousness-change, in order to hear and understand what the earth is saying to us. And listening to the earth, doing the rituals the land asks us for, giving back what we are asked for, will also bring us healing, expanded awareness and intensified life.”
~Starhawk fromĀ The Earth Path: Grounding Your Spirit in the Rhythms of Nature