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Good joyful blessings as we enter May 2019!
We made it through April, blessed be, and now we are ready to move into this next level of AWARENESS opening before us…
Here is the stream of energetic guidance via the wise and wonderful LENA STEVENS from The Power Path.com :


“In continuing the themes of truth, choice and action from the month of April, we move them forward into the higher vibration of Awareness.
“This is the next step for us and it involves becoming more present and responsible for our truth, choices and actions.
“A less intense month than April action-wise, the month of May will give all of us an opportunity to reflect, go inward, and take a good inventory of who we are, where we are, who we are with, what we are doing, where we are living, how we are supported (or not), what needs to change and what our next steps are.
“All of this requires Awareness. You can no longer sweep your patterns, bad habits, pain, wounds, fears, and ego driven attitudes and behaviors under the rug and hope they will someday just go away or be fixed by someone else.
“Now is the time to become Aware and Awake so you can step into your life with more presence, more power and greater purpose.
“Despite more ease and less intensity, this month can still be challenging for some of you, depending on how far behind you are in your personal growth work and moving forward with the right choices.
“If fear or ambivalence has kept you stuck in a rut, you still may experience some sudden radical change that sets you on a different course.
“Be prepared for anything, and see it all as an adventure instead of resisting how it may manifest.
“The theme of Awareness will work with us in many different ways. We may become more aware of where we lack as well as where we shine.
“We can become more aware of how we use our energy, where the boundaries are too strong or too weak, and where we hold ourselves back and where we push too hard towards unattainable expectations.
“We also have an opportunity to become more aware of others from a place of compassion and neutrality, not needing to jump in and fix, but just to become aware of their process.
“Awareness will affect our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual selves.
“Consciousness can be opened and raised, intuition strengthened, and senses heightened.  
“Waking up to a different awareness of the physical body can at first carry with it some pain or discomfort as you become aware of your body, what it carries and where it needs attention.  Instead of self-judgment or feeling victimized or blaming others, this awareness can help you take responsibility for how to move forward in better care and nurturing of your body.
“Greater awareness of your emotions can at first feel vulnerable, confusing and overwhelming. 
“It is a good month to watch projections as well as to explore what is truly yours and what isn’t. What have you been carrying for others under the false assumption of it being yours?
“You have the opportunity in this awareness to set some new boundaries as well as to open yourself up to a greater intimacy and vulnerability needed to connect with more sensuality from the natural world.
“An awareness of your own awesomeness and uniqueness can also open up an experience of truly enjoying who you are.
“Psychological awareness may connect you to the belief systems that are not compatible with you at this time and are needing to change.
“Self-esteem can be reset as you become aware of those belief systems, where they came from, and what no longer fits your life at this time.
“There is a ruthlessness to working with awareness in a practical way. If a branch is dead and you are able to see it, cut it off. The rest of the tree will be healthier as a result.
“Psychological awareness is also the area of awareness of the ego and the false personality and its hold on you as it attempts to control and limit your personal growth and the raising of your consciousness. Be aware of it and be ruthless in cutting off its blood supply.
“Spiritual awareness will definitely bring you closer to spirit and let you know where you are lacking in your practices, faith, or integrity, and allow you to see clearly whether or not you are on the right path.
“A higher centered awareness of what a gift life is can inspire us to be better, do better and to be in more acceptance of challenges and to think positively about our future.
“Awareness requires presence, and presence is the point of power. You cannot change anything unless you are first fully aware of it.
“So, it will be an exceptionally good month for reflection, study, self-observation, and opening up in ways you could not ever have imagined.
“The expansion need of the year is definitely active this month and we are all going to feel the inspiration to stretch and expand beyond what we have believed, felt and accomplished.
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How the month shows up:


“You must take the time for self-reflection and self-observation this month. If you don’t, you will feel disoriented, foggy, stressed out and prone to anxiety, despair and depression.
“You need to get to know yourself this month through Awareness, acceptance, and truth. This takes courage and can be terrifying but extremely exciting at the same time.
“There is a fine line between terror and excitement and your task this month is to drop into the inspired state of excitement as you become aware of what is possible and what needs to happen to move yourself forward.
“The benefit for you and the opportunity you have this month is to raise your level of consciousness, awareness and vibration so that your experience of life is fuller and more powerful with your senses more open and your ability to react and act in the moment is more proactive and engaged and responsible.
“There is nothing worse than feeling powerless, clueless, confused and unable to choose or act or see clearly. You can change all that this month by becoming more aware through self-observation and reflection.
“Awareness of others follows the awareness of self. The awareness of self includes how you see others and how you engage responsibly and with presence in your relationships.
“You may become aware of relationship dynamics that involve your false personality and ego machinations. This may be a painful awareness that may include how you have been enabling someone else or fallen into a rut of negative habitual behavior.
If it does not feel good or give you joy, you need to question it. At least something about the relationship should feel ‘right’.
“Another awareness that will bring you closer to unconditional acceptance and love is to see everyone as spirit and to come from a place of neutrality and compassion rather than judgment.
“All judgment involves a relationship, whether to yourself or to others or to your environment, work, health, time etc.
“An awareness of judgment is a big one but can truly accelerate your growth if you tackle it with responsibility and presence. Become aware of the judgment and then move towards neutrality, compassion and acceptance.
“If your awareness of a relationship is that a change is needed, take action towards that change as your awareness dictates. Reflect on and take responsibility for your part in all your relationships and stay out of blame.
“When you become more aware of your physical body what surfaces at first may be all the ways that it feels bad, stressed, overworked, and not supportive of you.
“You may become aware of the weaknesses and imbalances and all the places where you hold energy.  Don’t let this discourage you as it is your body’s way of communicating with you what it needs, and its way of bringing to your awareness how you may need to support it to become a better ally for you.
“This is a great month to talk to your body and become more aware of all the inter-related parts and how you can communicate with all of them to form a better relationship.  When was the last time you were aware of your little toe unless it was injured in some way?
“Sometimes the only way the body gets your attention is to become sick or wounded.  This month you have an opportunity to shift that dynamic and bring a daily awareness into your relationship with your physical body.
“Practice saying hello to various parts every day.  Thank them for being such a support in your life, ask what they need and then do something proactive to nurture yourself.
“The same awareness goes for your emotions and your thoughts.  Pay attention to how you feel and what you are thinking. 
“Become aware of your reactions to what other people say and do, and recognize that most of it will be a projection and really has nothing to do with you.  This awareness will help with your neutrality.
“If you are not present and aware, you may miss an opportunity that comes your way.  Best to practice presence and awareness in all areas of business, finance, money, partnerships and projects.  
“If you are a person that has given your power away in these areas and allowed someone else to handle everything for you without being engaged and informed, this is a good time to become responsible for this part of your life.
“Finances always represent energy and how your energy flows is related to how your finances flow and how your energy flows can relate to how your finances are. If you are always in debt, you carry a debt energy and becoming aware of it, where it comes from and how to deal with it can make a huge difference in your life (There is a good process regarding this on the monthly Mp3)
“Become more aware of how your finances come in and how they go out.  Become more aware of your responsibilities to a project or at work. 
“Become more aware of the dynamics and productivity of partnerships.  Any change or refinement needed in these areas can be supported this month.
“We tend to fall into familiarity and complacency around personal environments. Once in a while we will wake up and take a good look at what we have been putting up with and make some changes, but most of the time we are unaware of what is around us.
“This is a great time to become more aware of your personal environment, improve what you want to improve and get rid of what you have just been putting up with blindly but that has no more power, joy or meaning for you even if it once may have.
“This also applies to the environments you move through during the day. Look around and notice the landscape, the air quality, the temperature, the beauty, the weather, the ground beneath your feet, the sounds. This is a practice in opening the senses to receive more from your environment.
“When you have awareness of your surroundings you make yourself available to its power. When you go about unconsciously barely knowing where you are, you cannot use what the environment has to offer.
“So, pay attention, be aware, proactive and fully present.
“Have a wonderful month!


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