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Here is the always wonderful LENA STEVENS from The Power Path.com sharing her channelled guidance and energetic theme for AUGUST 2018:
“August is a complex month supporting you to think outside the box.
“We have an opportunity for new creative insights, help from unexpected sources, and a new determination to step forward and show up with choices that are mature and practical.
“Your experience this month will be much more positive if you keep your eyes on your own goals, stay in your own lane, and don’t get distracted by the accidents and drama you may see around you on the side of the road.
“Right timing is also something to consciously allow this month. Impatience will end up slowing you down as it gets you out of the flow.
“Patience, on the other hand, will support the trust that everything will work out as it should and in the right time.
“Worry and anxiety about the future will only take you out of the present and you may end up missing something wonderful that is right in front of you.
Practice being present and mindful, and be disciplined about any tendency towards worry and anxiety as it is never helpful and will only get in the way of receiving new insights and creative ideas.
“I like the analogy of what happens on the road in traffic and all the behaviors and reactions that go along with it.
“Those of you who drive know what I am referring to and have witnessed impatient drivers, those who get distracted with what is happening on the sidelines, as well as uncalled for aggression and those that are simply not present and paying attention.
“In fact, use driving this month as your meditation and discipline for being present, staying in your own lane, keeping your eye on the goal, practicing patience, allowing right timing, and not getting distracted by the drama on the side of the road.
“The questions to ask yourself over and over again this month are, ‘Is it creative enough, or is it the same old way of thinking?’ ‘Is it practical and grounded?’
“’Am I staying in my own lane, or am I getting sucked into a drama that is not mine?’ ‘Am I keeping good boundaries?’
“Here we are not addressing the greater global experience that we are all a part of and certainly any drama on the planet is our drama as well. Instead, we are focused on your personal day to day life and how you navigate it.
“If you can change the patterns in your personal life, the ripple effect will influence the global aspect.
“It is easy to get distracted by what is happening ‘out there’ and somehow use it as an excuse to ignore the state of your own personal behaviors and environment.
“So, this month lets focus on the personal, keeping the process close to home, taking care of our own back yard, our own weeds, and our own clutter.
“The need for control in uncertain times tends to show up in much advice giving and projection. Refrain from giving advice to others unless you are asked.
“Keep your advice to yourself and listen to your own advice. If others irritate you with their advice, react neutrally and continue to stay in your own lane.
“The same need for good boundaries that we had last month still holds true this month.
“As you practice keeping good boundaries around your own process, you are less likely to be seduced into drama that is not yours. 
“As you approach your life with creative pragmatism, you may need to cut something loose that has been holding you back.
“Attachments to patterns that keep you small and hold you hostage to old ways of thinking as well as outdated perceptions about what is possible will only get in the way of you moving forward.
“If you find yourself saying ‘I can’t possibly do that’, question this belief.
“Practice saying ‘I could do that’. This gives you the choice and the possibility of something new instead of shutting the door before you give yourself the chance to see what is on the other side.
How the month shows up:
“This month is about facing your fears with maturity and being willing to try something new and different to resolve old problems and challenges.
Focus on creativity as an energy instead of as a means to manifest something and bring this energy into any process of coming up with a plan, idea, decision or choice. At this time it is practical to let go of old attachments no matter how difficult or challenging that may be.
“It is practical to listen to your inner voice of truth connected with your intuition that ‘knows’ on a deeper level what you need. It is practical to listen to your own wisdom and allow it to influence your choices instead of listening to what others think.
“You can seek advice but then make sure to filter that advice through your own inner knowing and truth about what is right for you.
“We are taking last month’s ‘mature responsibility’ theme to a new level by adding the creative process of breaking through to the next chapter on your path of growth and evolution.
“You have an opportunity to become much more comfortable in your own skin and much more confident in who you are and what your role is on this planet in this lifetime.
“You will need to keep good boundaries, stay in your own lane, and watch your energy leaks.
“The most important work this month is around your relationship with yourself and building deeper trust around your own truth, confidence and personal power.
“Instead of feeling the need to bounce your process off others to gain clarity, the practice should be to reach inside and trust the answers you receive from your higher self and your essence.
“In order to do this, you will need to create an uncluttered space where you are not distracted by other people’s process, drama or advice. 
“The beauty of this relationship with self is that you can open to your own creativity and insights in ways you have not been able to reach before.
“This is a month where the focus is primarily on your own personal growth.
“The relationships around you will either be in support of that focus or not. Some relationships may need to be put on hold as you prioritize and get practical about what supports you and what is a distraction or an energy leak or is simply not on the same page with your process.
“There may be a more appropriate time in the future to rekindle the relationships that are not practical to pursue at this time. This is where your boundaries may need to be strong and the question, ‘Is this practical?’ may need to be asked.
“The other focus this month in the relationship category is your relationship with the earth, as the earth can be the source of support for your creativity, personal healing, grounding and balance.
Consciously working with the earth will help to anchor you during times this month that may be intense, ungrounded, chaotic and uncertain. (This month’s support audio includes a helpful exercise)
“In keeping with the focus of staying in your own lane, listening to your own advice and wisdom, and being practical in your creative choices, your personal health should be at the top of your list as a priority this month.
“If you don’t have your health, what do you have? What is more important than keeping your body, the vessel you have for this lifetime, supported, nurtured and cared for in the way that will keep it functioning at its optimum?
“Health, vitality and energy is a very personal thing. Some of you struggle with lessons and self-karma in this area. Some of you came in with a blueprint of health that is easy to maintain, and some of you struggle with physical, emotional and energetic challenges.
“Creative pragmatism has a big game board to work with this month and it will be important to filter advice, listen to your own truth and intuition, and take responsibility for your process. Magical breakthroughs are possible and health issues can turn around overnight provided you are willing to do something new and different, thinking outside the box ad trusting what feels right.
“This is definitely a month to take time for self-care, handle deferred maintenance, and nurture yourself in ways you have not allowed yourself to do. Put your health first and create some space to get what you need.
“If you create the space and set the intention, the support will come. You may need to cut something loose, like an old habit or support that no longer serves you, and then be willing to take a risk and try something new and different that feels right.
“Look at current business, projects and partnerships with a pragmatic eye and evaluate for creative change, improvement, expansion and revision.
“It is a good month to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions and ideas that download as insights where none existed before. You may find yourself saying, ‘Why did we not think of that before? It makes so much sense!’
“Timing is everything and this is the area where right timing will support ease and effortless action while impatience, resistance to change or attachment to outdated systems may cause confusion, difficulty and imbalance.
“It is a good time to take a practical risk. It is also a good time to implement changes in structures and support systems as well as to revisit original motivation behind projects and revise if necessary. Don’t be afraid to cut something loose that is just simply not working.
“Advice will definitely need to be filtered and strong leadership applied to situations that are experiencing great change or restructuring.
“Make sure that your projects are aligned with you and your truth. We expect to see a bit of change in some leaving work or careers of many years because they are no longer a good fit.
“Be creative about your next steps and create the space to allow for something new and different.
“Because of the personal nature of the focus this month, your personal environment is at the top of the list along with your health. In fact, they are closely related.
“If your personal environment does not support your health and well-being, it is time to make a change.
“If your environment is cluttered with too many unfinished projects and things that cause stress in your life, you need to spend some time to clear your space. The natural environment continues to support this clearing symbolically with wind, water and fire.
“Creative Pragmatism is needed with flexibility and acceptance around weather and other natural events that may cause travel delays or changes in plans. The unpredictable instability is still an influence and we may have more activity in the area of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions especially during the first 2 weeks of this month.
“Have a wonderful month!
© Copyright 2018 ~LENA STEVENS  All Rights Reserved

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