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*NEW MOON* is here in earthy Taurus reminding us to ground into Mother Earth to restore our balance. Let’s ease into it with a patient grateful heart and find solace in our connection.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers. First from the wonderful  MOLLY HALL  from  Astrology/
“…the Taurus New Moon (on May 17th into the 18th) is the most lusciously Venusian of the year. 
 “Taurus’ ruler is Venus, and the Moon is content here, for a restorative time with Mother Earth and her abundant natural treasures and pleasures. 
“The icing on the cake to me here is Venus in a sweet trine to its own higher octave, Neptune.  Venus is in the homey, nurturing sign of the Mother and emotional wellsprings, Cancer. And the Venus Cancer instincts to home in on what’s comforting, is taken to ecstatic heights with Neptune in mystical Pisces.  
“See what moves you, and what’s calling you home, for rest, solace, release….”
Copyright 2015 ~  MOLLY HALL All Rights Reserved
From the insightful PAT LILES from The Power Path:
“Venus rules when the Sun and Moon are in Taurus…Her message is ‘ground yourself!’
Being present for sensations that come from our connecting portals into our physical bodies does that for us ~ our eyes, ears, taste buds, noses, tactile and motion sensors, nervous systems, our gut reactions, intuition ~ all these senses help anchor us to this physical reality.
“Taurus is our most grounded, feminine power sign. As a fixed, earth sign Taurus urges us to be present for the gifts of ‘Mother Nature’, to attend to ‘being’ not ‘doing’, and to tap into the resources where true wealth and prosperity lie.
“Take a moment to send a strong root down into Pachamama/Mother Earth and draw up her feminine power, her fertility, her creativity and love into your heart and infuse your physical bodies with her many nourishing gifts.
“Take a deep breath, and let out a full-bodied tone from your throat and free your voice and vibrate with the power of your connection to feminine, earth power honoring the Taurean rulership of the throat, voice, and neck.
“The chart ruler, Venus in Cancer, is in some challenging relationships in this chart. Venus, Taurus and their rulership of the second house of resources and values draws to the foreground issues of relationships, our wealth and finances, and our self worth…”
“…The Nodes on the Libra/Aries axis highlight our lessons in interdependence vs. independence, our partnering vs. our individuality, how others see us vs. how we see ourselves, going it alone vs. working with others.
“Venus may create a crisis here that brings out a deeply held issue or a new way of expressing your self and getting your needs met. Meet conflict with patience and kindness; she’s trying to show you something in the reflections mirrored around you.”
Copyright 2015 ~  PAT LILES All Rights Reserved
From the illuminating DIVINE HARMONY:
“The ruler of this lunation is Venus in Cancer, who in sweet aspect to Neptune- the Higher Heart. This is a reminder that when we come from the Higher Heart, unconditional Love and compassion- whatever it is we have to face (shadow within or shadow without) will not destroy us.
“Venus is also in sweet aspect to Mercury, linking the mind and the heart, thoughts and feelings- helping us to navigate the terrain of both and find a middle point of balance between them.
“Venus makes some tense aspects as well though- and considering the whole upcoming lunar month is governed by her it would be good to pay attention to them.
“First of all Venus is squares the nodes in the New Moon chart, symbolizing a pivotal point of choice we are being brought to in relationship, money situations, or situations regarding our personal values and self-worth.
“We are at a crossroads and we can take the path we have tread over and over again or we can take a new, unknown one. The path of growth is not easy, whereas the path of least resistance usually just breeds more karma.
“Venus rules the North Node and Mars (who is opposite Saturn) rules the South Node- bringing relationship dynamics (within and without) into focus at this lunation.”
“…If you find yourself up against your stuff this week or faced with limitations or restrictions…you can sit with the discomfort and find ways to work creatively and expansively amidst limitation and set boundaries.
“When we can feel free even in the midst of perceived restrictions on our freedom (externally or internally)- then we have found that sweet spot of Inner Freedom.
“And once you have attained that- you will not need it to be realized outside of yourself to make life easier to live. You will have become that which you seek!”
Copyright 2015 ~  DIVINE HARMONY All Rights Reserved
Taurus NEW MOON occurs…
May 17th at 9:13pm PDT ::: May 18th at 12:13am EDT ::: 4:13am GMT 


*NEW MOON *Blessings to all!


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