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dear hearts~
the sun has crossed into sagittarius as we continue to expand through our experiences, cross thresholds and move moment by moment into our future…
a full moon in gemini on november 27th, will illuminate the ways by which our mind directs our energy and the consequent effects of its directives.
gemini is ruled by mercury which has to do with all of the informational highways and thought currents that guide our understanding of things…
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+ here is the place where i love you +


a little excerpt..
“we can keep at the age-old methods of battling it out in the 3D…
or we can become the ripple…
like the lyrics in one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs,
“ripple in still water, when there is no pebble tossed, nor wind to blow”
we live in a vibrational universe so the ripples of unity consciousness affect the tide
can we recall the feeling of meditating with others in silence? or within the music when we felt our hearts entrain in the unified field?
peace is what arrives when we settle our minds and drop into our hearts
here is where peace lives
the mind must serve the heart
in guiding our way forward
for as we all well know,
hurt begets hurt begets hurt
hate begets hates begets hate
love opens hearts
like water it flows
back into the world
through us
prayer moves like the wind
it weaves its way inside its calling
carrying our intentions
like seeds of light”


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With all my heart~