FULL MOON rising in earthy Capricorn July 19th 2016, teaches us to persevere, release our fears and ground ourselves into the fertile Earth that holds us. 
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights with the collective weaving of energies at play featuring our beloved featured astrologers. First from the wonderful ROBERT WILKINSON from his Aquarius Papers:
Stabilizing changes are in the air for the next few weeks, as are major decisions and turning points for everyone!
“This activating, consolidating, protective and restructuring Full Moon bringing inspiration, serendipity, and forks in the road of destiny across several parts of our lives occurs at 3:56 pm PDT, 6:56 pm EDT, and 11:56 pm BST on July 19…”
“…This Full Moon brings forth intense self-gathering and some hard adjustments toward finding a greater responsibility or ability to manage group energy, and whatever is out of balance will be swinging wild!
“Saturn is still square Neptune, corresponding to the massive gear grind in the collective atmosphere. 
“When the system is at odds with collective consciousness, and collective consciousness is stuck in a Piscean fog being challenged by the liberating energies of Sagittarius, I suppose we can expect what is going on here and abroad in the way of chaos.”
“…Most of the crucial aspects in play recently are now past. Mars is no longer quincunx Uranus, so that extreme energy will no longer be the driver in the hard edge of what’s been happening these past few weeks. 
“We also are past the Mars septile Pluto, contributing to the mass insanity, and Jupiter biquintile Uranus separating shows that the unique interactions we’ve cultivated will bear fruit in the future, whereas the hard details we’ve tried to ignore will HAVE to be dealt with between early August and early October. No kidding…”
© Copyright 2016 ROBERT WILKINSON 
“The planet Uranus in Aries makes a square to this Full Moon–presenting a t-square between Pluto and the Sun in Cancer.
“The light of the Moon points to the emergence of realizations about life’s inherent limitations, but Uranus in Aries, and the Sun in Cancer suggest that you not lose sight of your heart and the power of your will to change what might seem like daunting circumstances.
“The forecast may appear grim on the surface, but it can always change. Your attitude and your ability to step up to new challenges has immense power in your life and in the world. 
“But a t-square promises a challenge. Whatever you seek to resolve right now, it won’t be easy to do. In fact, it’s probably going to take some hard work and discipline to make it happen.
“But, the Full Moon’s promise is that if you can fess up to reality and see what hides in the darkness, you’ll have a better chance of conjuring up a strategy to overcome it.
“As Carl Jung once said, ‘when the diagnoses is correct, the healing begins.’ Mercury and Venus in Leo will help to lighten the mood and empower us to engage more playfully with life’s challenges.
“While this Full Moon is heavy, it’s not out to get you. Trust in the moment, no matter how difficult. Through the will, many new possibilities can be realized.” 
© Copyright 2016 CHAD WOODWARD 
“With the Full Moon in Capricorn at the apex of this Grand Trine- our crystalized, rigid emotions and desire to keep things under wraps, under control and clamped down does not serve.
“We are reminded of this when we see that the Full Moon is square to Uranus and Eris– the Great Awakener is shaking up the roots and foundations of our lives and the Goddess of discord and chaos is having things fall apart so that something better can fall into place.
“We truly are in a breakdown phase that can lead to some pretty profound breakthroughs- but right now it may be hard to see the Light at the end of the tunnel.
Being willing to go into all our emotions– anger, rage, disgust, pain, suffering, wounding, betrayal, hurt and more is the only way to move all the way through and beyond. If we stay stuck in these emotions or if we repress them they lodge into our bodies and subconscious and they Unconsciously run us and wreak havoc in our lives.
“The Full Moon triggers the Saturn/Neptune square by forming a semi square to both and being at the exact midpoint between Saturn and Neptune. The push pull between truth and lies, reality and illusion, facing things and checking out is strong right now.
“Apathy, depression, anger, rage- fight, flight or freeze- these are all natural responses but for the most part they are not healthy responses particularly if we stay stuck in them and don’t allow them to move through us. The Moon in Capricorn can help us to man (or woman) up and own our piece in things.
“The over idealism of Sadge and Pisces (where Saturn and Neptune are) need to be balanced with some pragmatism, practicality and assessment of reality…The Moon in Capricorn can be a reality check- of honestly seeing what the Truth is– in others, in ourselves and the world around us.
“Painting pretty pictures over the not so pretty truth will not change things- but getting stuck in apathy or depression or anger because of the reality of things also won’t change things.
“We are called to instead find a middle point- a place where we can see what is and still stay motivated to create what can be. We can see the shadow and also hold space for the Light. To me this is the journey of aligning with both Love and wisdom, forgiveness and discernment, compassion and fierce Love that is willing to take a stand!”
“…The Star sparks degree for this Full Moon (from Elias Lonsdale) 
Capricorn 28 A mirror covered with a fine film of dust
‘Seeing through a glass darkly. Remembering the way it’s always been.
Consciousness glued to the scene of past visions, old cycles, everything that has gone on previously and seems to be repeating itself all over again.
‘Doubt coloring all perceptions. Self-judgment hounding the viewer. A bias against the self and all it’s old familiar worlds and those who people those worlds. Suspicion. Seeing the worst, looking for flaws.
‘An introspective frequency. So many inner voices saying, ‘this is what you’re like,’ ‘there it is again.’
‘Susceptibility to the influences of negative opinion, belief, assumption.
‘Yet the need here is to constellate all this, to work it out. The self is given over to a greater task. This involves the collective purging of ghosts.
‘The self takes these things on as it’s own. But the burden of responsibility lies with us all.
‘It is a reckoning, a calling up of shadows, a bearing of the soul.
‘It is the clearing of the ancient decks. Sometimes it gets tangled up in these wastelands. For it is so fascinating and compelling to be in on the bad news that we have all been so very lost for so long.
‘The task is graphic and explicit. Take on and take up all the understuff, see it through and be done with it.
‘The hardest part is to be done with it. We get caught in the cycles and keep on looking in that rear view mirror.
‘There is an awakening possible amidst this shadow task and it’s endless ripples.
‘We come to realize that we can release any and all blame, as we see the whole picture and cease demanding that it should have been otherwise.
All is as it needs to be.”
 (Elias Lonsdale)
© Copyright 2016 DIVINE HARMONY 
“It’s a dramatic time on Earth. Yet we always have access to our ground of being. Now’s the time to claim it.
“Imagine a cord of light flowing from bottoms of your feet, your sacral, and deep into the Mother Earth. Make it as big as a tree trunk if you need, then spread it out like tree roots. Release any anxieties and fears you’re holding in your body. Let them go. Feel into the space holding your Divinity…”
“Capricorn Full Moon is a time for remembering who we truly are. Know this: You have spiritual roots. They run deeper and truer than what is playing out in the world today.
“Spirituality is a process of rediscovery, and with Saturn square Neptune we can’t afford to keep our divine identity separate from our earthly one.
“We are more than our skin color, professions, roles, gender, beliefs and feelings. We are divine beings on unique spiritual journeys, and we are all One. With sea goat, let’s dive deep into the Mother Earth, allow her to hold us in this cradle of memory. Let’s reconnect to and re-claim who we already are.”
© Copyright 2016 JESSICA SHEPHERD


See it through ~~~> FULL MOON Blessings!


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