“The secret to designing our lives from the creative center is to reestablish our connection not only to the feminine, but to the feminine-masculine alignment.
“We must recognize where we forgo the feminine and over-access the masculine mode of doing.
“We must honestly evaluate where we operate primarily on output and production, noting any tendencies to work until we are depleted, frustrated, exhausted, irritable, or even ill.
“And we need to recognize where we believe our sense of well-being depends on how much we accomplish or achieve rather than an inner state of harmony.
“In the presence of the stress to produce continually, the body tends to restrict, tensing muscles which reduce our energy flow. Fortunately by recognizing the effects of stress on well-being, we can consciously reverse the constriction pattern and instead replenish ourselves by intentionally receiving the feminine as breath, downtime, nourishment, and dream cultivation.
“Receiving from the feminine first and then taking action with the masculine, we follow a more fluid and long-term sustainable inner flow pattern.
“Rather than running your engines on high in the ‘strive and drive’ model, using the feminine-masculine flow is like surfing and energy wave; I think of this model as ‘flow and go.’
“When feminine energy is moving, a person can receive this energy and let it build until the movement shifts into a more productive phase. Likewise, when the flow is minimal or nonexistent, it is time to halt and simply be or seek restoration…”
“Each of us enters the womb on a tide of powerful and deeply creative feminine energy. Yet because we are rewarded for developing an externalized sense of value based on what we do instead of who we are, this early feminine connection is often forgotten.
“Again, it’s important to remember that though the feminine is accessed in the female body, this feminine potential is not just related to women.
“As the mother of three sons, I have witnessed how essential the feminine is to their sustenance and joy. To give them access to the feminine, I create opportunities to engage this aspect in their energy fields.
“I take them to wild places, do simple rituals, say blessings, and encourage activities that help them tap into the dreamy feminine, whether it’s playing guitar, drawing, dancing, taking pictures, making swords and shields with found materials, or even finding Zen like calm by passing a football back and forth.
“Because boys often communicate in the non-verbal realm, I see them more clearly with my feminine awareness. In the presence of a vibrant feminine, their masculine energies are playful, inventive, and raw beauty in motion.”
~Tami Lynn Kent from her upcoming book Wild Creative