Jacob Robert Price via MYSTICMAMMA


“Spending time alone in the wilds bring the magic of deepening perception. Awareness tunes to subtleties of sound, light, fragrance, texture, detail. Attention is rewarded by experiential knowledge that is all the more meaningful for its direct transmission.
“You begin distinguishing shadings of tone in the spectrum of what meets the senses: the many caresses of moving air, the gradations of color in a leaf, the differences in the sings of two birds of the same kind. These teachings yield not only greater understanding (and survival knowledge), but deeper wonder and respect.
“They awaken instinctive wisdom as your connectedness within the web is called into active participation. You become a natural human being.
“An intrinsic aspect of humanness, and our purpose within embodiment, is communal. But the perceptiveness, sensitivity, awakened awareness of connection, and quiet mind that solitude can engender are essential contributions to the human community as well as to self. Until we learn to be natural humans, part of the natural communalism on Earth, we will be at odds with ourselves and our relations.”
~Loren Cruden