“Take a concentrated dose of the Real and awaken to the beauty that is You.
“Train in being gracious enough to receive it, to reveal it, to radiate it.
“By whatever path, once you arrive at a superconscious realization of Reality, all maps are tossed aside. They are no longer required because from that point on the journey is unchartered.
“On the ground where I know stand, I declare my aliveness, my sensitivity to the Good that surrounds and infiltrates me.
“I live authentically, ever tuned to intuitive guidance from within that expresses through me as originality, creativity, harmony and wholeness.
“I give my consent to living my life as a work of art in communion with the Real. I no longer give credence to the external world’s actuarial tables, statistics, or percentages. I am a free agent of my own destiny.
“My body temple, my emotional body, the body of my affairs is shot through with limitless creativity, and this creativity is the artistic order of my days.
“I realize that behind every human aberration there is a spiritual aspiration endeavoring to break into expression. I call this forth within myself, knowing absolutely that my inner being contains all that is needed to reveal the beauty of my infinite nature.
“I am in service to Infinite Beauty, Infinite Compassion, Infinite Love. My eyes, ears, and all of my senses are in service to the Most High. 
“No longer caught in a loop of emotional turmoil or self judgement, I sense the pattern of wholeness that underlies all life. With an artist’s perceptivity, I know and sense this truth throughout my entire being.
“No one determines my destiny. Neither circumstance, history, DNA, past or future anxiety, fluctuations in the world’s economy—none of this determines my destiny.
“With each breath I become more myself.
“This declaration is made in my consciousness of the Real, liberating me from any thoughts of lack, limitation, or separation from my Good.”
~Michael Bernard Beckwith from Spiritual Liberation