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NEW MOON in Aries on April 5th 2019   
1:50 am PDT | 9:50 am BST | 7:50 PM AEDT


There have been so many powerful planetary placements recently pushing us through the birthing canal. We are in the midst of birthing our truest selves more than ever before, but this journey is something!
The scope of what’s been happening energetically for a lot of us, is that whatever feelings we have been ignoring and repressing can no longer be brushed aside, for they are rising strongly within us.
We are needing to face what we truly feel, so we can allow our truth to be released. 
Our emotions are informing and guiding us and we need to listen to what is coming forth from our Soul.
There is some part of us that perhaps has been conforming to fit some kind of expectation or idea, or trying to live up to some societal conditioning but we can no longer do it.
There is a diamond part of us that is trying to emerge. 
This passage is not easy, for it involves facing our deepest fears, and those things we have not wanted to face but have felt imprisoned by. And part of these fears often have to do with not wanting to disappoint others and wanting to be approved of so we can stay safe and secure. But we can no longer deny the truth of our hearts.
Many of us have have been either unconsciously conditioned  or chosen external orientation/approval as our Axis point, but now our Axis is shifting, and like I shared before our allegiance is turning toward the One within. 
This is an evolutionary turning point, and we are each individually and collectively having to reorient our Axis internally to come into better/healthier alignment with who we truly are, what we need and value, and what we are here to do on our short and precious Earthwalk!
We are finding our courage in knowing that our honesty/vulnerability is our redeeming strength, what we feel deep down is valid, and we are valiantly moving forward with our hearts like lanterns guiding us through the darkness.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights gathered from our beloved interpreters of the tides…


The wonderful ROBERT WILKINSON from his Aquarius Papers says:
“While last month’s New Moon marked the beginning of the end of many things, this one finishes that phase, and continues to give us a vast sense of our greater evolutionary connectedness within ourselves and with others on our Path.
“This Lunation puts us at a threshold of compressed endings with the beginning of a new potency and potential...
“Because of the heavy Pisces emphasis, Divine Grace will come forth for those who know how to forgive much and allow it to flow down the timestream.”
© Copyright 2019 ~ROBERT WILKINSON All Rights Reserved


  LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology shares:
“The New Moon squares the conjunction between Saturn and Pluto on the South Node in Capricorn. Right now, there is no escaping the consequences of past actions…
“Pluto’s involvement in this picture pushes us to face our fears instead of trying to run from them in the hope that they won’t catch up. We need to slow down, consider the problem and approach it with maturity…
“More complicated is the Moon’s very wide opposition to Pallas, herself squaring the Nodes, Saturn and Pluto. Diplomatic relations right now are strained but work together we must.
“Aries is a self-starter, compelled to act on its own behalf but with Pallas in this position, we must look for win-win scenarios.
“Mars, ruler of this lunation, is travelling through Gemini and sextile to Chiron. It’s about debating points without resorting to wounding with words
“The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is: Nature Spirits Are Seen At Work In The Light Of Sunset
“Just as the light fades, help appears. It’s like the knight in shining armour arriving at the eleventh hour. Sometimes it takes a challenge to deepen our spiritual awareness.
“Even when you think you’re doing everything alone, invisible helpers support your every move.”
“The answers to these questions may be very enlightening indeed.”
© Copyright 2019 ~LEAH WHITEHORSEAll Rights Reserved


JESSICA SHEPHERD from her Moonkissd.com says:
“Capricorn South Node’s involvement indicates that it’s time to release- to lose– some sticky, toxic stuff. How can we lighten our own load?
“If, on a macro level we are dealing with abuses of power and authority, on a micro level we are having our own inner reckoning with the ‘power player’ ‘controlling dictator’ ‘fear monger’ ‘petty tyrant’ ‘authority abuser’ ‘the overly responsible one’ or ‘impoverished orphan’ within.
“On a micro level, somewhere, perhaps in the very innermost corners of our lives and minds, this character lives and breathes.
“…Yet the jig is up. Transits are like smooth water washing over ancient stones, wearing this conditioning down.
“Saturn transits inform us that we’ve matured and outgrown some behavior/belief/situation, and Pluto requires our honesty.
“And so with this configuration, it is time to take a hard, honest look and ask ourselves…
“…Is our ancient fear of rejection and abandonment ordering us to conform to others’ wishes and desires instead of listen to what our true self, our Soul, wants and needs?
“…Is our shame, that if only we were more perfect then we would’ve gotten the love we needed, creating this vortex of feeling we can never get it right, or be loved, no matter what?
“…Is our guilt –the feeling that if only we hadn’t disappointed another’s expectations, were more perfect, we wouldn’t be in this mess – keeping us stuck in a bad situation or relationship?
“…Is our sense of responsibility keeping us obligated to a situation or person that is no longer for us?
“…Are we believing that we are a failure in manifesting our ‘life mission’ or ‘calling’ (Capricorn) instead of seeing that our entire life – living our life, as it is, with presence and acceptance – IS our calling?
“…What is it for you?  ...There is only one thing to do here: offer our self acceptance, understanding, forgiveness, kindness...
Mother Goddess Medicine. Here’s where tender feelings come into play…
Commit to gentleness. Commit to self-kindness. Commit to feeling it, no matter how icky
“Throw a monkey wrench into the mental patterning you replay in your thinking, over and over, by committing to living in your Heart.
“Feel your feelings. Befriend yourself. Cry for what you lost. Cry for what you never had. Forgive yourself for past mistakes. Forgive others, even if they don’t deserve it (but you do).
Regard your capacity to feel deeply as a strength— even when it hurts and sucks and you hate feeling this way.
“Use your own heart-centeredness to shift the energies into a lighter vibration.
“There is great healing available here through facing your stuck and wounded parts and loving yourself, anyway…
“A prayer for this time might be: ‘Help me to fully accept and love myself as you do, Divine Mother.’
“…So be extra EXTRA gentle with yourself. Look within with more honesty than ever, but don’t get stuck on what you find there…
When you feel guilt, shame, stuck, despairing. Love your self.”
© Copyright 2019 ~JESSICA SHEPHARD All Rights Reserved
“With Vesta the priestess asteroid Goddess conjunct Chiron- she reminds us that when we stay devoted to our path of healing we will be empowered to choose healing words, healing thoughts, healing actions and more…
“The Dark Goddess is all over the chart- with Asteroid Lilith opposite the New Moon and dark moon Lilith at the karmic completion degree 29 Aries heading to Uranus.
How we deal with power is up big time. Do we play the victim? Do we play the tyrant? Do we seek power over? Do we position ourselves to power under?
“Ultimately the journey it to come into right relationship with power- a lesson that Pluto teaches as well…
“Compassion is key but so are good boundaries and clear discernment. Think both/and rather than this or that…
© Copyright 2019 ~DIVINE HARMONY All Rights Reserved


“I leave you with ELLIAS LONSDALE Star Sparks meditation for 16 Aries…
“Aries 16 Three sculptured birds: one black marble, one white marble, one solid gold
“Our soul is depth of feeling, brightness of thinking, and potential for a new kind of will to enact itself through us.
“But first we are meant to journey far under into the emotional depths and to engage heavily in the mind’s wanderings, to see where these take us.
“The darker feeling spaces are compelling, liberating, and corrosive.
“We are placed firmly down inside our multiple responses and reactions to outer life and its dramas. Many of these fragments are habitual, frenzied, and turbulent.
“We rake ourselves through the coals, for we are unconsciously intent upon losing ourselves very fully in the spaces of self-negation and having very little direction or sense of purpose.
“When we are most deeply under these layers, we do a great imitation of being far gone, no way back.
“The mind looks very good when we have labored under chaotic emotion for awhile. We rise into the clear open spaces of our objective intelligence.
“Now we have a handle on our lives. We know how to operate, how to keep everything in front of us, how to impress others.
“Best of all, we are released for a time from the grip of the depths and left to float free upon the outer surface. We can be brilliant at taking fullest advantage of this cycle of coming into the powers and the marvels of the outer mind.
“The core will that seeks to come through us awaits the exhaustion of both avenues of escape.
“What then arises is a superlative, tremendously wide open gift for grounding and focusing through us the longings, the activities and exploratory range of humanity emerging into our own true destiny path.
“We center upon free deeds, acts of will in a dedicated, surrendered sense.
“For our will is at one with the collective destiny so profoundly that we can, if we will, help to carry everybody forward with humility and passionate intent.”
© Copyright 2019 ~ELLIAS LONSDALE All Rights Reserved


Know that we will get through this. Keep a gentle heart, and trust what you feel.
NEW MOON love to you!