“Come from that wonderful, caring spot of your heart. Stay centered and love who you are and know that you really are a Divine, Magnificent Expression of Life. No matter what is going on out there, you are centered.
“You have a right to your feelings. You have a right to your opinions. You just are. You work on loving yourself.
“You work on opening your heart. You work on doing what is right for you and getting in touch with your inner voice.
“Your inner wisdom knows the answers for you. Sometimes it’s scary to do that, because the answer you get inside may be quite different than what your friends want you to do. Yet you know inwardly what is right for you.
“And if you follow this inner wisdom, you are at peace with your own being. Support yourself in making the right choices for yourself. When you are in doubt, ask yourself: ‘Am I coming from the loving space of the heart? Is this a decision that is loving for me? Is this right for me now?’
“The decision you make at some later point, a day, a week, or a month later, may no longer be the right choice, and then you can change it.
“Ask in every moment: ‘Is this right for me?’ And say: ‘I love myself and I am making the right choices.’
~Louise L. Hay