“It is in the stillness of the soul, beneath the ceaseless chatter of the mind, that we can reconnect with the living powers of the Universe, to learn their language, hear their stories and songs, open to their wisdom- and pass the message onto our fellow human beings that the Earth is alive and bleeding from the wounds we have caused her.
“To do this, we must become the Voices of the Wells ourselves- and the Voices of the Rivers, the polluted waterways and seas; Voices of the Trees and the dying, decimated forests; Voices of the Birds and Animals, whose own voices become fewer each year as industrial development consigns more and more species to the eternity of extinction.
“This is a task all human beings must be prepared to engage in, whatever our gender, but women, who have suffered the same wounding as the planet, are uniquely positioned to empathize with our Mother Earth, and to speak on behalf of all her creatures.
“We must speak for the Earth as mothers, daughters, teachers, businesswomen, scientists, service workers, lawyers, laborers, or in whatever role we play in the world.
“We must let her voice be heard through whatever medium we most comfortably express ourselves in: words, music, art, crafts, and in the settings we find ourselves in each day, whether that be the home, office, school, court, university, factory or fields.
“Becoming Earth’s mouthpiece is not necessarily about becoming an activist or engaging in the political process, although many do feel called to speak for the Earth in this way.
“It is a matter of recognizing, because we are an intrinsic part of the Earth, her need for healing is not distinct from our own.
“Through living our lives in the awareness of the sacredness of the Earth, and recognizing our interdependence with her in everything we do, we naturally come to make different decisions about the way we live: what we eat, where we buy our food, what we wear, what kind of transport we use; how we heat or cool our homes; what kind of job we do, how we raise our children.
“In each area of life, the awareness that we are inseparable from the Earth will inevitably make us choose the path that serves both us and the planet best. This shift in perception naturally returns us to our true selves, for our ‘ground of being’ is rooted in the living universe just as surely as a tree is rooted in the soil and flows from the same wellspring of life as do all the rivers in the world.
“Eventually, those whose lives we touch will also begin to perceive the Web of Life in this new, yet old and familiar, way as our true home, the original mothering source of all good, and the restoring of the wasted land can begin.”
Mara Freeman from Prophetic Voices of the Sisters of Honua