Friends, I’ve been moved to write and share some messages that have been coming from many sources about what we are all experiencing right now. We are officially in it, right? There’s no denying the transformation that is occurring all around us but most importantly within us.
As we know, the macrocosm reflects the microcosm so as the planet is undergoing this massive change, we are also experiencing these changes internally.
What we are experiencing in particular is a drastic polarization because both the Planet, and we, as individuals, are undergoing a purging like-process as we are opening to fluctuating spectrums of our being. So while in one moment we can experience the feelings of deep connection, unity, joy and peace, in the next we can feel tremendous sadness or sorrow.
As our constitution is being shaken up, the emotional pendulum is swinging and we are experiencing intense shifts from the light to the shadow. What is happening is the meeting of opposites, the light is meeting the shadow and vice-versa. This is the process of integration, this is the actual process to wholeness, to Oneness.
These aspects which are arising to be integrated, are not only the light and the shadow but the masculine and the feminine, the yin and the yang, the “not-two” that make up Reality. This understanding that these are “not-two” but rather parts of the whole that make up creation are essential.
So in our quest to evolve and in turn affect the collective, we need to remember that the process requires the amalgamation of the opposites within and without us. We can’t just try to hold on to the light, we must also reconcile the darkness by meeting it with the light of our attention, thereby embracing it and realizing that it is part of us, a part of the whole of creation.
This passage from Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner’s book, The Mayan Oracle: A Galactic Language of Light, clearly explains it further:
 “As we unite our polarities (which can be seen as our male and female aspects), we mirror the divine feminine and masculine aspects that are presently uniting to birth the consciousness of the Divine Child within us. This unification is a state of wholeness that frees and enhances, permeating our beings on all levels.”
“Getting in touch with your male and female aspects and how you perceive them are an integral part of the alchemical process that brings them into harmony…”
“Many people spend lifetimes hidden in denial or trying to complete themselves by seeking their beloved outside of themselves. As you become aware of the natural unity that exists within you, you will naturally attract other beings who have integrated and balanced their polarities.”
“Or you will draw into your life opposites who can assist you in mirroring parts of yourself that are not yet fully balanced. As you unify your internal polarities, you will see profound results in your external world. Relationships will form in which you and other unified beings come together to create new realities.”
It’s important for us to understand this process, so we can be aware of what we are undergoing and not feel lost and confused by the intensity of the extremes.
This message also got echoed to me, through a video I happened to come across of an interview of Amateo Ra by Shelley Sage Heart. In it he shares a vision that was downloaded to him from the Lumarians while meditating in Mount Shasta. I understand for some it might sound a little far-fetched, but I listened to his message and it rings true with so I also want to share some of the information that was transmitted.
The key message was that “We are to be the curators of STILLNESS.” 
Beautiful right? “We are to be the curators of stillness,” meaning we are to be the center points to Mother Gaia as she fluctuates through these transitions.
This is very important, for in order to balance these extreme polarizations within us we need to access the stillness, through meditation, yoga or by being in nature.
So how do we do that? How can we reconcile these “not two” these polarizations, these extremes?
We must feel them and embrace them, we must be present with our emotions. We must let our shadows see the light, and then know, that we don’t have to do anything with them, except feel them. We have to just allow ourselves to feel them, the unwanted emotions, the yuck that we judge as such. When we can do that, when we can allow ourselves to feel, we unify ourselves, we embrace the “not-two.”  We become one.
It’s an inner process. We must let the darkness see the light and vice-versa. The shift requires the integration of the opposite energies that make up this universe meeting and embracing, falling in love, becoming one.

Like the Mayan passage above alluded to, the twin flame is within. The masculine and the feminine union that you long for must be found within. And with this is the reminder to not loose yourself in what you see as attractive, sparkly and desirable outside of yourself, whatever you desire outside, try to harvest that within, because you have it.
The focus is on getting in touch with all that you are, and accessing your stillness. Through being still-points, “stillness curators,” and those who hold the remembrance, you will be able to be the still-points not only for the earth as she undergoes her changes but also for others as they oscillate through changes.
As we integrate the masculine and feminine, we will actualize both roles, there will be times where we will need to be held, and there will be times when we will be able to hold the container for others.
Amateo poetically says, “All the knowing and all the forgetting are beginning to remember each other.” 
I know for myself having an understanding for what is happening helps to put things into perspective. I truly hope this brings clarity and understanding for you~

Lastly, what we can do during these times, besides being “curators of stillness,” is to create grids of light in our meditations/visualizations.
Imagine surrounding yourself in a sphere of light, or a light grid and keep extending that to your home, to your neighborhood to your city, as far as you can. Try to use your power of visualization to create grids of light from wherever you are. If you live close to the natural world take time to commune in it often, but if you are a city-dweller know that you have a great purpose to be where you are, and know that you can create these grids from where you are right now within your stillness.
Peace and love to all~