“We appreciate your awareness that you are a Vibrational Being.
We appreciate your awareness of the importance of your emotions.
We appreciate your willingness to focus daily upon your breathing.
We appreciate the Vibrational shifts that are already occurring within you.
We appreciate your consistent releasing of resistance.
We appreciate the continual opening of new doors, allowing your further discovery of who-you-are.
We are eager about the consistent ease that is before you.
We are eager about your new desires still to be launched.
We are eager for your inevitable rendezvouz with good-feeling ideas and experiences.
We are eager for your realization of the unlimited abundance that surrounds you.
We are eager for your realization of your desires.
We are eager to watch the details of your Deliberate Creation make their way into your experience.
We are eager for your feeling of fulfillment that is certain.
We are eager for the tipping point that will surely come that will allow you to see yourself as we know you to be: deserving of all manner of abundance, worthy of all good things, satisfied with what-is– and eager for more.
There is great love here for you!”
~Abraham through Esther and Jerry Hicks