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Here is the Energetic theme of the month from the wonderful LENA STEVENS from The Power Path.com:
“This month is about looking forward at how you can be flexible and creative instead of back at what you are losing due to change and unexpected circumstances.
“When change occurs and situations are not what you expected, there is always opportunity to evolve in a positive way, to expand your perception of what is possible and to think outside the box.
“This requires a willingness to adapt, receptivity to something new, and trust that all is moving in the direction of positive personal evolution. The more optimistic and proactive you can be during the process, the better the outcome.
“When unexpected situations occur, the tendency often is to judge them as negative and disruptive of our comfort.
“We try to hold on to what we know and what we are familiar with, resisting change and focusing on the past instead of the future.
“This month we will quickly learn that focusing on the past and holding on to our attachments is a waste of time. Change is unavoidable and the best preparation is to be fully adaptable to what is coming.
“Here is an extreme example of a need to adapt, just for a point of reference. What if you were on a trip in a foreign country and something happened on the planet where there was no way to get back to your home for many weeks, or even months or even permanently?
“Contemplate this. What would you be leaving behind and how would you face a completely new situation that is out of your control with very few of your physical possessions? This is an extreme example and probably will not happen to you but it has happened to many in the world.
“We as humans are way more resilient and adaptable than we believe ourselves to be. It is the attachment to our external support systems and comfort that has us convinced that we cannot live without certain things.
“How many suitcases do we bring with us for a few days when there are people in the world who live their whole lives with what they can carry on their backs?
“This is not true for most of us but a good thing to contemplate once in a while as a point of reference.
“What is coming is a mystery and the mystery can be either frightening and stress producing, or exciting and inspiring in the anticipation of something new.
“It takes courage and letting go of your comfort zone to take advantage of the adventure of what change can bring into your life.
“If you know how you want your life to feel, that intention will drive the trust you need to have to keep you looking forward with enthusiasm instead of backwards with fear.
“Letting go of how you imagine changes in your life happening is key for the flexibility required for adapting positively to what is coming.
“Be excited instead of fearful. Pay attention and be present so you don’t get caught unawares.  
Take every challenging situation as a chance to make a change proactively. Don’t take things personally but at the same time if there is an opportunity to look deeper at what you may need to accept or change about yourself, take it.
“One of the challenges this month is the potential for confusion and uncertainty when faced with the unknown.
“If you can tune into how you wish to feel, it will diffuse the confusion. The other challenge is the discomfort you may feel during the process of adapting.
Think of the discomfort as growing pains that come with the territory.
“Whenever you embark on a new project, relationship, move or discipline, there is always the unknown factor of how it will all turn out.
“Enjoy the journey, the adventure with all its gifts, lessons, initiations and opportunities for empowerment.
“The solstice later this month initiates a time of some intensity where it will be important to pay close attention to the signs that are leading you away or towards something.
“The times become a bit more aggressive and you may experience more physical stress, tension, crisis, accidents and high levels of emotion.
“Tension, crisis, and aggression can also be positive forces of change as they often push the energy forward and out of stagnation.
“If you have been sitting on the fence about a significant situation in your life, the time around the solstice may accelerate an important decision or change.
“With the beginning of July comes another eclipse that signifies a new start, a rebirth of sorts, and an opportunity to look back and acknowledge just how much your life has changed.
“The key is to be as proactive with all of this as you can be. That means not hiding from important truth, getting help if you need it to keep yourself on the right track, and making your decisions from a place of emotional knowing instead of from a mental calculation.
“It is a month of adapting, transformation, evolution and transition.
Keep your vibration as high as you can and navigate it well.


How the month shows up:
“You have the potential this month for personal rebirth, transformation and change.
“You can look forward to more movement especially if you have been feeling stagnant in any area of your life.
“Tell the truth, be aware of your feelings and emotions, and face situations of change by adapting, looking forward, and being inspired by new opportunities.
“The need for expression joins with adventure and prompts us to put ourselves out there beyond our comfort, pushing the boundaries of what we are used to.
“Instead of waiting for something to happen to push you forward, be proactive and choose to take action. This will pave the way for adapting with ease and grace instead of kicking and screaming.
“If personal challenges and patterns from the past surface and threaten to overwhelm you, remember to stay present, ask for help, and follow your intuition.
“If fear gets in the way, find something to be inspired and excited about, especially if it is connected to new territory for you.
“This is also a good month to continue to let go, being disciplined about what stays behind and what comes along into some new expression of yourself.
What may emerge is a part of yourself you were not consciously aware of.
“Leave the baggage behind especially of anything fear based that no longer serves you.
“Think of adventure and push yourself out of your comfort a little this month with enthusiasm and excitement. This will expand and prepare you to have more, be more and do more.


“This is an exciting time for relationships as they can shift and change as people adapt to new situations.
“You may find yourself drawn to some who would not have been interesting to you in the past.
“You may also suddenly feel like you need to cut off a connection that was important to you at one time.
“If you are on the other end of a relationship change, move towards adapting instead of feeling victimized.
Adapting is to allow emotional fluidity to dictate the organic flow of synchronicity, connection and magnetism.
“Mental obsession in any relationship is not useful and will only create emotional stress.
“This month there is great opportunity for new relationships and agreements to come into your life.
“You may also find yourself completing certain relationship agreements that have occupied your time and energy but are now ready for completion.
How you finish something, especially a relationship, is more important than how you initiated it.
“If you find yourself being proactive in a relationship completion, come from kindness and neutrality.
“Focus on the open space in front of you instead of obsessing about what you are giving up.


“The energetic and emotional ‘growing pains’ create discomfort for the body.
“The physical body is attached to the comfort of the known even if the known is not the best situation or the healthiest way of living.
“How can you increase your health, discipline and ability to enjoy life? What do you need to do to feel good?
“It may be the discipline of a better diet and less addictive behavior. It may be eliminating people or situations that cause emotional or physical stress. It may be that you need more time for yourself and your own self-care.
“Acceptance of the discomfort and a knowing that the growing pains are all part of adapting to a higher frequency and vibration can put things into perspective.
“Moving the body is important this month as well as paying attention to what it needs.
“If it needs more rest at times than usual, give it more rest.
“If it needs to be around water, be around water.
“If it needs more warmth, eat warm foods.
“If it needs more exercise, be disciplined about it. If you experience non-specific uncomfortable symptoms, accept and allow them to be there as part of the process.
“This is also a great time to get some acupuncture, body work, and any other support that will help the body adapt to new energies on the planet.
“Think of this as preparation time. There is never a better way to be prepared than to take care of yourself and your physical body.
It is your ally and container for this life and without it you have nothing.
“The body is a magical organism and capable of adapting beyond what we believe.
“Have a little trust and faith in the miracles it can manifest.


“This month is excellent for anything new. You may be surprised with the ease that something can be initiated, restructured or adapted especially if you are willing to let go of old concepts and the attachment to outcomes of past goals and intentions.
Pay attention to where the energy wants to go and where the support is coming from so you can go with the flow instead of fighting the tide.
“If you are in a business or job where changes are implemented that affect you, adapt to them and welcome the opportunity to show up in a different way instead of feeling victimized.
“View every situation as one you have created for a reason even if that reason is not apparent to you yet.
“If you face the unknown with inspiration and the intention of stepping into something better, you will adapt more easily to a new experience.
“If you are starting something new or are in a position of adapting to a new situation, be disciplined about keeping the possibilities open through the practice of ‘don’t know mind’.
“There is no need to know every detail.
“There is no manual for the future as we are creating it as we go and allowing the mind to fixate and obsess about the how, why and what will only limit the potential.
“There will be periods of confusion this month and you may have to refine your decisions and choices as clarity comes but trust and staying with your truth is key to the energy moving in the right direction.
“Ask for support from your allies. Trust that support and all will be well in the end.
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“The environment always supports what we need to learn and experience. Challenging weather, ups and downs in climate patterns, and less and less predictability is all supporting us to adapt to what is instead of being able to plan.
“So, best to plan for anything and accept and adapt to what is. If you planned a vacation in the sun and got rain every day, it would be completely up to you to adapt so you can still have fun.
“Adapting to your environment is a great way to practice adapting to anything. Worrying about what will happen if it rains or is too cold or too hot or too windy, or that you do not have the right things for the right situation can cause unneeded stress and take the enthusiasm out of the adventure.
“We do have adventure as one of the needs this year so even if it is not one of your own personal needs, you will experience it this year.
Adventure serves to push you a little beyond what you consider your limits to be and allows you to adapt to new situations by facing them with the intention of enjoyment instead of suffering.
“If you feel your personal environment can use a little shake up, be proactive in that as well.
“It is a good month for building, remodeling, adding or changing something in your environment.
“Based on the awareness last month of what could use improvement or an upgrade, move towards adapting yourself to that change.
“Have a wonderful month!
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