Energetic theme for DECEMBER 2019 is GET PREPARED, BE PREPARED, channeled by always insightful LENA STEVENS from The Power


“How prepared are you for the future? Do you know who you are, what you want, what you have, where you are going and who with?
“If you are traveling to a new place for a new adventure, you have one suitcase to pack. What will you pack? What do you truly need?
“Think of moving into the future as preparing for an adventure into a new landscape.
“This new landscape is mostly an inner one at first that will end up shifting and recreating the outer one as we out-picture our lives from a new perspective, set of values and creative inspirations.
“We are right up against a huge shift in consciousness that is waking up our instincts and motivation to unclutter ourselves and take only what we need to fulfill our dreams and desires into the future.
“There are many areas of preparation and many ways to get prepared.
“The best way to start the process is to ask yourself certain questions that will lead you to authentic truths that will then guide you to do what you need to do in order to get prepared.
“What makes you happy, satisfied, fulfilled and content?
Knowing who you are is one of the most important ways you can get and be prepared.
“If you know yourself, you won’t be tempted by false information or other people’s opinions. You will be able to make you own choices that may even go against what you have done in the past.
“Your motivation for life is what will drive your own personal creativity and direction, and your instincts and intuition should always be included.
“The transition into a new perspective has already begun that will take us into a new set of influences and a new container for 2020.
“This is the month where preparation is key so that you won’t be caught unawares when the shifts and changes become reality.
Who are you with? Does your community feel like home? Are the people in your life ones that you would welcome extended time within close quarters?
“Some less desirable situations may be there due to responsibilities or obligations from the past, even karma. This is a good month to review what can be completed and to consciously initiate those completions.
“If this leaves you without good people in your life, ask for a new set of agreements to come into your life to fill the empty space.
Where is your clutter?
“For some of you, it is physical clutter. You may have storage or closets or basements or attics full of things you haven’t looked at in years.
“Make time to do this. You may discover treasures that you recommit to having in your life as well as things that really need to go.
“For some of you it is emotional and mental clutter.
“Worries about things you cannot control or that have not happened yet.
“Obsession about the past. Guilt, shame, disappointment and judgment.
“Overthinking, ambivalence, confusion and listening to too many different voices other than your own.
“It is exhausting to try and consciously hold on to everything that has happened or is about to happen with all the possibilities, probabilities and what if’s.
“Be present and focus on one thing at a time.
“Decluttering is a crucial part of the process of getting and being prepared.
“The more you can relieve yourself of, the freer you will be and the more space you will create for a smoother transition into that unknown future.
“Do it now! Being prepared means not procrastinating what you can do today.
“Do what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it. It is as simple as that.
“And if you have put too many things on your plate you will quickly learn what works best for you, so you don’t overextend.
“If you cut out procrastination, you also won’t be tempted to fritter your time away with unnecessary tasks as an avoidance strategy.
Take care of your body. This is perhaps the most important piece of getting and being prepared. If you don’t have your body functioning at its best, you are not prepared.
“This is a great month to revisit your diet, routines, exercise, habits, both good and bad, and make changes where they are needed. If you have any deferred maintenance on your body, do it now.
Psychological and spiritual preparation is subtle.
“We suggest decluttering any belief about impossibility and stretching your capacity to include the possibility of miracles, magic and amazing positive experiences.
“After all, we really cannot even begin to imagine what is possible in the future.
“Think back to 10, 20, 30 even 50 years ago. Could you ever have imagined some of what we are experiencing in life today?
“Another important aspect of preparedness is flexibility and a willingness to try something different, change your plans, do something different, reschedule, reorganize and trust right timing, right place and right people.
“If you can be flexible with neutrality instead of disappointment and judgment, you are prepared for what may manifest instead of your original plan.
“We can’t know everything about the future but we know that strategies that have worked in the past will no longer produce the same results, potentially creating interesting political and financial chaos across the globe as we find a new footing for our priorities and values.
“Don’t take this literally and to the extreme. This is not about collecting more stuff and making sure that you have a 6-month’s supply of food.
“The Armageddon is not of the physical but rather a destruction of the beliefs and patterns that have been instrumental in creating the experience of life as we know it.
“What is hard to comprehend from our position at this time is how much better we will be at manifesting who we are and what we want once we drop our limitations and move into a space of freedom.
“So, be present, keep your eyes open, stay awake, follow your truth, use your instincts and intuition, get prepared and be prepared. Anything is possible.

How the month shows up:
“This is the month to really take time for yourself and to catch up with everything you said you were going to do in this past year. Either do it or eliminate it from your list.
“Use the momentum we have now to continue being proactive with what you want and what you need.
“The main focus is to know who you are.
“Much of the month may be focused on decluttering aspects of who you are notas you discover attachments, behaviors and beliefs that are related to the past, whether it be imprinting or your own experiences.
“Anchoring a new sense of self will give you the confidence to step out and express your creativity in new authentic ways.
Be inspired by who you are becoming instead of worrying who you may disappoint or let down as you change.
“Being prepared is also the ability to take things as they come and stay neutral around a constantly changing landscape.
“It is from neutral that you can choose any gear and any direction. You have the opportunity this month to sharpen your intuition and your instincts.
“Keeping your instinctive center clean of old debris related to past trauma and wounding is also essential in eliminating fear and gaining more clarity. (There is a good exercise on this month’s support audio)



“This is unstable ground for relationships. As their importance moves to the forefront of priorities, they come under scrutiny and as you deepen your understanding of who you are, you may reassess who is your life and who no longer needs to be.
“There is also a movement towards decluttering relationships that are energy leaks and that do not serve you.
“We mentioned that this is good month for completions as well. Don’t put them off. The sooner you can complete an old agreement, the sooner you make room for something new to come in.
“It is important not to overthink any relationship issue. If you are clear about who you are and what serves you, then the right people will show up in your life.
“Those who are there for you are ones that should be. Don’t go chasing after those that do not wish to be a part of your life.
“In terms of being prepared, if you know yourself and know what you need, what gives you joy and what supports and feeds you, then you know what to ask for.
“Be present, pay attention, notice and accept what wants to show up. You may be surprised.



“This is an important month for the physical body. Your body is your vehicle.
“If you were preparing for a long trip, you would make sure there was no deferred maintenance on your vehicle. You would prepare it well so you could fully trust it to support you through the adventure.
“This month treat your body the same way. Strengthen your immune system, pay attention to your diet, address issues that can be addressed, and get plenty of exercise.
“Moving energy through the body is helpful in keeping all energy moving through you and helps with any stagnation or lack of clarity you may be feeing.
“If you have been putting something off for later that has to do with your health, do it now. Without your body, you won’t get far on this physical plane.
“Physical challenges this month may include some difficulty around joints, eyesight, liver, kidneys, colon and digestion.
“It is a good time to get some acupuncture for balance as well as some body work to help move the energy.



“This is a good month to revisit your finances, budget, taxes, projects, work flow, your place or position an any partnership and the responsibilities you have either taken too much or not enough of. What do you have too little of? What do you have too much of?
“You could find that you experience too much talk and not enough action or too much action and too little organized discussion and communication.
“Or you could find you have too many employees or not enough help and support.  Treat each situation differently as they are all unique.
“Being prepared is to become aware of your individual and personal situation instead of blindly following old rules and assuming that old structures will operate as they did if you just follow the manual. There is no manual for the future. Be creative.
“This is actually an exciting time for new ideas, projects, collaborations and the coming together of creative minds for invention and thinking outside the box.
“Social gatherings as well as work oriented meetings should include time for brainstorming and discussion with the attitude of being open to mystery, magic and wonder.
“Decluttering should include going through old files, materials, plans etc. and tossing anything that no longer pertains to you today.
“Take some time this month to do this. It will also remind you of what you have so you can decide what to keep and what not to keep.



“This month is all about making space in your environment and in your plans as a way to be prepared for anything.
“Flexibility is key this month as the weather will continue to be somewhat unpredictable and ‘abnormal’.
“Sudden changes may be possible and if you are able to quickly adjust to new plans then you will be prepared.
“The best way to approach this month is to allow for things to fall into place instead of second guessing or being too attached to how they should come together.
“Your environment has a lot to do with how comfortable you feel with not knowing as well as being flexible and resilient when the elements are out of your control.
“Notice what is stable around you and pay attention to how the earth is always in present time and always grounded in some greater balance and harmony.
“Always focus on and appreciate your ability and power to make proactive choices.
“Avoid feeing victimized by the environment. Stay neutral instead.  And, of course, the importance and perfect time for decluttering your environment goes without saying…
“Have a wonderful month!
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