Here is the energetic theme for December 2015 channeled by the wonderful Lena Stevens from The Power 
“Definition of TRANSITION: the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. It is a move, a passage, a transformation, a leap and an evolution.
We are in transition.
“We are moving from one place to another in our lives, on the planet, in our psyches, our emotions, our work, our relationships, our environment, our values and our dreams.
“What we thought we wanted or could have, or would make us happy and fulfilled is no longer on the table.
“We have decided as a collective that the view must be better on the other side. So we are taking that step over the abyss. We are in mid air, having let go of the side we are familiar with and preparing to land on other unknown ground.
“The TRANSITION this month is the ‘being in mid air’. Don’t look down or you may lose your nerve. Keep your eye on the new ground. Being in mid air is extremely uncomfortable.
“‘What if I don’t land on my feet? What if I took the wrong step? What if the ground I am preparing to land on is not solid at all?’
“This part of TRANSITION is always instinctive and triggers the instinctive center. The instinctive center is all about survival and this month your survival instincts may be challenged and triggered causing all kinds of anxiety, sleeplessness and worry.
“Be careful this month not to let your instinctive center show up in negative ways that are detrimental to your growth and expansion. Survival can keep you attached to the old ground where you may lose your momentum to move forward.
“It is always easier in the long run to get into the middle of the rapid than to fight it by hiding in the eddy that will only hold you back.
“In order to be successful at TRANSITION, you must first let go of the old ground. You must be WILLING to let go of the old ground. You must be willing to give up your position, the attachment to being ‘right’, and all of your judgments and expectations as well as any emotional charge you may have about something you are still chewing on.
“Being ‘in the air’ could and should be an experience of freedom and neutrality.
“The transformational aspect of TRANSITION can be brutal, radical and swift. Pay attention and do not go to sleep. This is the time to take full responsibility for yourself as a human being and intend to fully live your life.
“If you are overly concerned about the past, you will never be clear of it. If you are too worried and anxious about the future, you will not enjoy the present. This is the time to live each day as if it were your last.
“Do not spend time engaging in negative behavior or emotions. They are energy leaks. Instead, be generous with your compassion, humor, humility, inspiration and creativity.
“One aspect of this TRANSITION time is the transition from one energy platform to the next. An energy platform is an agreement by the collective about how the universe works, what is possible, where we are limited, and how we are likely to behave in certain situations.
“It dictates how we see disease, life expectancy, aging, conflict, survival, relationship containers, karma, and the laws of physics. It dictates the thickness of the veil that separates the astral plane from the physical one and keeps our belief system solid and linear.
We are leaving the old energy platform behind and moving ourselves as a collective towards a new one. No one knows how this new energy platform will manifest. There is a great deal of mystery around this energetic transformation that requires a strong trust in spirit. This TRANSITION takes us out of our comfort zone and may cause a variety of reactions.
“Because we also have a higher centered influence serving as the light at the other end of the tunnel, the reactions of some may be almost manic with excessive behavior.
“Others operating from the instinctive center may feel out of sorts, even flat and apathetic, mildly depressed (or not so mildly depressed) anxious with a non-specific anxiety, confused and completely at loose ends.
“Remember that when you release an old tapestry of patterns that provided an energetic platform for a really long time, you unravel what could hold you back from accessing the new one.
“There is freedom in letting go and embracing the unknown. The new energetic platform holds many opportunities that have not yet been defined. It is time to hold this TRANSITION space open for a spectacular new dream!
“Transition is where we are. Transition does not mean we are there yet, but we’ve packed our bags and are on our way. Enjoy the journey!
How the month shows up:


“Watch for getting cranky around not knowing what’s next or in not getting the clarity you are used to having. Some things will be really clear. Usually the clarity comes in hindsight and especially around what you are stepping off of.
“Be patient and give yourself the gift of time. The clarity will come and just when you need it the most.
“Eliminate what is not truly important during this time of transition but be available for anything new that can radically come into your life. The opportunity this month is for transformation on a deep personal level launching you onto a new energetic platform that will better serve you.
“You could struggle with your personal demons this month and everything that is not in integrity will come up to be reset and rebalanced.
“Pay attention to what is showing up for you and just as we suggest you never take anything personally, we also suggest that you take responsibility for what is yours.
“The challenge this month will be the temptation to indulge in feeling lost and to play out your days sitting around feeling sorry for yourself.
“Even though we do not know how the future will unfold, you can still be proactive with your time and use it to be creative, inspired, loving and generous. Take time to daydream, as it is in those times of thoughts having no context that context begins to form. This is the new dream.
“It is important this month to stay out of judgment around all your relationships. Remember that everyone is in TRANSITION so have a little compassion. Some will be more stressed than others and some will even seem like they are losing their hold on reality.
“If a relationship is dissolving, don’t try and hold onto the old form. Keep a huge space and possibility open for others to make personal changes and go through personal transformation that will affect how they relate.
“Relationships may be stressed this month as many of them provide a certain security and stability of the known energetic platform.
“As we all begin to change, nothing will stay the same. Count on things being different and stay neutral when you can. Watch your expectations, disappointments and judgments.
“Part of this TRANSITION is learning to just ‘be’ with others and to make room for more true essence contact.
“Of course the false personality hates this and is terrified at the prospect that perhaps this transition is actually leading to a decrease in karma. How this manifests remains to be seen but you can be sure of moving towards seeing others with new eyes; eyes in the heart instead of the head.
“When the instinctive center is activated the physical body goes into survival mode. It is easily shocked and can tend towards being more hyper-vigilant than usual.
“This is a month to calm the nervous system and eliminate excessive stimulation. There may be times when you just feel like you want to crawl into bed and shut out the lights.
“Allow yourself those down times but be careful not to indulge in them especially if they are in any way connected to martyrdom or feeling sorry for oneself.
Walking in nature is probably the best remedy as well as clearing the mind of worry and obsessive thoughts and of worry about things out of your control. Meditation, prayer, being present and being grateful for all the simple little things in your life that give you meaning are all good practices.
“What helps to calm the instinctive center is bone. Wearing something made of bone can help anxiety and feeling ungrounded. Your bones as well as your teeth will be affected as they carry many of the patterns that are in the process of being dissolved. We suggest taking extra calcium and paying attention to taking good care of your teeth and bones.
“Since the energy platform is in TRANSITION you can expect your personal energy levels to be affected as well.
“You may experience unusual sleep cycles and much astral activity at all times of day or night. Lucid dreaming, clear visions, and heightened intuition are all possible however these experiences may be frightening for some and welcomed by others…”
“Business, partnerships and projects will definitely be going through TRANSITION this month. You may be in transition at work or making changes to a project or simply planning to shift the way you do things in your business life.
Allow what is not working to surface even if it means an uncomfortable time of restructuring relationships and priorities.
“Remember that TRANSITION means you are not at the new platform yet but you are en-route. Don’t expect everything to be clear and settled yet. TRANSITION means being up in the air waiting to see where the pieces will fall.
“If you are in any way on the wrong track, you will know it this month. If you are not on the right track you could have radical change, destabilization and transformation happen very suddenly.
Take note and accept what spirit is showing you and teaching you. Even if it triggers reactions, be accepting and try to see the bigger picture. There is always a silver lining to everything.
“Since this is a reactive time, watch the projections of others who are having difficulty giving up their illusion of control. The more out of control they feel, the more they will try and throw their weight around. Especially those who have the goal of dominance could have challenges with this time of TRANSITION. Be compassionate but use good boundaries.”
© Copyright 2015 ~ Lena Stevens All Rights Reserved