cody cobb


“Nothing is as important for the recovery of the feminine face of God as a rich and reverent understanding of the traditions of the world’s First Peoples. In them is preserved our original human relationship with Mother Earth in all her wisdom, humility and divine radiance.
“The songs, myths, rituals, and living customs of those native peoples who have preserved their truth against huge odds speak to us of the grandeur of earth, of the wonders of nature, of the mysterious and marvelous ways in which Mother Earth surrounds, sustains, and instructs us at every moment.
“In listening humbly to the traditions of these native peoples, we remember who we once were and what we still can be; we can experience once again the naked divine truth of the natural world and can learn from that experience to respect the laws of nature.
“And what do the native traditions tell us of human and natural life if we listen? They initiate us into the three laws of sacred feminine reality- the Law of Unity, the Law of Rhythm, and the Law of Love of the Dance.
“Taken together these three ‘laws’ oppose to our fragmented, exploitative, self-obsessed forms of knowing and living an entirely different, far richer, and saner vision of what it is to be human and divine, and alive in nature.”
~Andrew Harvey and Anne Baring