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*N E W  M O O N*  in V I R G O | September 9th 2018 11:01 am PDT | September 9th 2018 6:01 pm GMT | September 10th 2018 4:01 am AEST
*NEW MOON* in Virgo September 9th 2018
reminds us to anchor into our wholeness. 


Like the original meaning of the word Virgin,
“a woman whole onto her Self,”
she knows that by abiding in her wholeness,
she is able to discern clearly and choose wisely,
separating the wheat from the chaff.


Like our Holy Sacred Mother,
she reminds us to stand tall in our heart offerings,
embodying our sacred duty to be in service to the whole. 
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved guiding lights. First from the always wise SARAH VARCAS from her Astro-Awakenings.co.uk:
“… this Moon sets out a clearer path ahead which starts right where we are, not in some distant place we think we should be by now! Delusions or self-deceptions are cast aside by this moon.
“We can see ourselves as we truly are and in doing so identify what’s needed to address challenges and capitalize on blessings.
“After several months of what many have experienced as blockages and obstacles, this moon triggers progress…
“It may not be the precise change we want, or the perfect solution, but most situations can bear a few ‘tweaks’ here and there to introduce a fresh energy or new flavor to well established circumstances.
“Even rearranging the furniture or a thorough spring-clean can shift our state and renew our outlook
A new dawn may well rise on the same old place, but the dawn is no less new…
“Against that backdrop, this new moon provides a stabilizing force, grounding us in the restorative power of connecting consciously with our own life and taking responsibility for what we find there.
“This is not an act of self-blame or denial of the many forces which impact our world, but of power that says ‘wherever I am I can use this situation to wake up’.
“This may mean having the guts to make a big change or cultivating acceptance; offering an apology or pointing the finger to expose the truth; speaking our mind or holding our tongue.
“We usually know what we need to do, but whether we’ll do it is up for debate! Fear may hold us back, or circumstance. Conditioning or lack of collateral.
“This moon makes space to look with clarity upon our life to see where and how we need to shake ourselves awake.
“If we then lapse back into blaming everything else for the sorry state of affairs, that’s a choice too.
“We cannot help but take charge of our future, the issue is always how we do it and why.”
© Copyright 2017 ~ SARAH VARCAS All Rights Reserved


PAT LILES from The Power Path.com shares:
“Because of its axis with Pisces, Virgo has a relationship with the sacred goddess we carry in our hearts.
“Virgo serves that goddess within.  She understands sacrifice and serving the sacred mystery.
“At the same time, Virgo’s love of order and duty keeps our daily life, our work, what sustains us in efficient and productive running mode here in the physical plane.
“…We are working diligently at tidying up our karmic debts from the past that stand in the way of holding more reverence for Spirit and more light of consciousness.
“We seek to create beautiful containers for Spirit in the forms of our bodies, our environments whether home or work, our thoughts ~ through which we express the spirit of who we are in the physical plane.
“The down side is getting lost in self-defeating delusions and addiction, telling ourselves a story to cover over the suffering we experience and do not express
“On the other hand, you may find yourself in a deadlock of resistance reflected in the Grand Square in fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius) generally known for its stress-creating lessons and magnified stubbornness.
“Venus and Uranus square the North and South Node axis creating the cross with Mars lending its excessive energy to the release of that which holds the energy of the past at a lower frequency than where we are headed. 
“This will most likely play out in your relationships, in psychological issues long buried and ripe to be healed, issues with the masculine, the father, financial issues and issues of self worth and value.
“Because it’s a Virgo New Moon, it may also appear as issues in your body, health, diet, organization needs or neglect of that sacred place within your heart. 
“If you’ve done your inner homework, you may be riding the wave of shifting up the chest pieces of your life with much-appreciated synchronicity and support.”
© Copyright 2017 ~ PAT LILES All Rights Reserved


From ROBERT WILKINSON from his Aquarius Papers says:
“..the New Moon in Virgo will show us how our ‘will to wholeness’ is breaking up our old complexes, assisting last month’s Leo eclipse still showing us how to find ‘freedom from social rigidity’ and ‘joy of fellowship.’
..through the end of this year, as well as 2019, Uranus is teaching us to listen to our inner voice to find our place in the Cosmic Choir...
“We’ve all been learning to ‘sing our song’ within a greater harmony
“This has meant changes in both who we’ve been singing with as well as songs being sung in different life contexts.
“Remember that in any choir, there are times to sing unisons, times to sing harmonies, times to sing solo, and times not to sing at all.
“Even when we’re not singing, we’re still part of the choir.
“What is your part to sing? Be as clear as you can about what you can offer to the harmony of the whole, and keep training to bring it forth!
“…This New Moon will help us release a lot, learn a lot, blow out a lot, and become more whole and less inhibited or worried in some way.
“We’ve been letting go of things that block our heart and spontaneity, our joy and sense of fun with others.
“This continues to help us release all that would block our ability to find emotional freedom and joy!
“See it all as an expanded adventure in focusing your intensity to bring in whatever you need to feel whole and complete.
“In past weeks I’ve asked certain questions that bear repeating one last time. How have you transfigured in the past that brought you here? What have you done well that you can now let go of?
What have you done well in the past that shows you who you have become?
“What did you once hope for or expect to happen that did, but in ways you hadn’t imagined, that showed you the Light of your Heart?
“By meditating on these questions for a few days or weeks, you will realize things about your process you never knew before. 
…Things may seem out of balance and won’t make much sense, but nothing has to make sense.
“The only thing that matters is us finding power despite the imbalances through seeing things from a higher and broader spiritual angle, and then consciously letting go of preconceptions and patterns of acting that no longer serve us.
“We have hidden abilities and helpers if we choose to look for them and bring them to focused function.
“Make the most of the time you have!”
© Copyright 2017 ~  ROBERT WILKINSON All Rights Reserved


Love, love love~