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The archetype of Libra, who is ruled by Venus, brings us the gift of right relationship.
She dances within the continuum of me and we.
She sways with the wind knowing that there is always an exchange occurring, always a breath in and out.
We are in relationship with every thing in our world. All is a relative. All is sacred.
This New Moon reveals to us where our relations are out of balance, and what needs tending and loving care. Libra understands and values all sides and knows that communication is the key to bridging mutual understanding.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our featured luminaries…
From the insightful DIVINE HARMONY:
“The New Moon at 26’35 Libra is exact at 12:12pm PDT on October 19th 2017, commencing a new lunar cycle that focuses on relationships, partnerships and the sacred dance between self and other, masculine and feminine, yang and yin.
“This is one powerhouse of a lunation because it is exactly opposite Uranus- the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener who is at 26’31 Aries.
“Both the Sun and Moon will trigger Uranus in the hours leading up to the New Moon…making for some wake up/shake up energy playing out on the day of the New Moon but also in the upcoming lunar cycle.
“We just finished having Jupiter trigger Uranus- and this New Moon is reminiscent of the last Jupiter/Uranus opposition (from 9/28 to 10/2…) Waking up and shaking up the old established order is in hand.
“Libra is about partnership and connection yet her shadow is sweeping things under the carpet as a means to not face and address what is not working, what is out of balance or what is simmering beneath the surface.
“With Uranus in fiery Aries opposite the lunation what we have stuffed or repressed will certainly come up and out! This can be good, freeing and liberating or it can be anxiety producing, chaotic and unexpected.
“It is up to each of us and how we navigate this lunar cycle- with a willingness to face our own shadow, anger, rage and need to be in control… If we are conscious of it we can start to relate to it more directly and work with this shadow part of self in integrative ways…”
“Before we can find peace, balance, harmony and right relationship- we have to acknowledge where are out of balance, out of harmony and out of alignment.
Shadow dynamics arising right now are showing us what is beneath the surface that we have not looked at or have been avoiding looking at. This is not necessarily bad if we use this astrology wisely!
“We are also heading into an alignment of Pluto and Juno- the God of death and rebirth and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. These two have been dancing with each other since April this year but there exact alignment is on 11/11.
“We have been in a huge death and rebirth portal in relationships of all kinds– romantic, marriage, business, financial and more.
“Massive transformation is possible but also major endings can be necessary. Whatever old, toxic, stagnant, stuck ways of being and doing relationship we have been holding onto can come up for us to let go of…”
“So we are in very huge ending cycles in relationships right now. This could be literal but also metaphoric- with one chapter ending and a new one being written.
“This can also relate to relationship patterns and karmas we are completing as well. Massive endings and new beginnings are incoming and our willingness to let go of the old will make the coming month more graceful and easeful!”
© Copyright 2017 ~DIVINE HARMONY All Rights Reserved


From PAT LILES from The Power
“Libra New Moon is so likely to carry us out of our comfort zones and give us some sort of electrical zap that forces us into radical reset!
“Why say that?  The Sun and the Moon in Libra 26º are exactly opposite Uranus, an influence of upset, pattern breaking, emotional chaos and excitement.
“Libra is the archetype of balance; the scales are its symbol… Libra is a skilled and tactful negotiator always sorting for the best for all involved…”
“We have the added power of Venus being in her own sign, Libra, ruling this chart and helping us regain equilibrium and balance as we move with the paradox, upset and disruption of Uranus. 
“The intent of radical, revolutionary Uranus, The Awakener, is not to punish but to break up what limits the flow of expanding into our full essential being. 
“Few would deny that we find ourselves in a profound growth and revolutionary period, and Uranus is here to make it so.
“Eris known as the asteroid of discord and strife, but more than that, she is the feminine spiritual warrior who cannot abide inequity and unfairness and is unafraid to wield a sword or rage or focus destruction to reveal truth. 
“Eris is riding with Uranus in Aries truly a pattern breaker when these two work together as they have done in the last 18 months.  Now the two ride together at this New Moon cycle opposing the Sun and Moon in Libra. 
Expect the results of deep personal process to emerge that may have been pushed aside for the polite and socially acceptable.  Expect what has been denied, pushed aside in the feeling realms to burst forth in righteous indignity insisting on being heard and seen. 
“The result? Profound freedom, breaking of emotional attachments and ego bondage, the blessings of ‘beginner’s mind’.
“Jupiter in Scorpio is within 6º of the Sun and Moon, so Jupiter will expand the deep diving of our soul issues
“Intimacy and vulnerability are deepening.  Things are breaking apart. 
“Some are being initiated into a new reality by the seat of their pants.  Uranus never cares if you are ‘ready’.
“Uranus’ gift comes as deep intuition flashing out of nowhere – from the cosmos.  You will want to follow those brilliant intuitions this New Moon.  Everything and anything is possible at this time. 
“Uranus invites us to lift our personal selves to the outer reaches of the solar system, beyond what we have imagined thus far, outside the us/them, good/bad polarities. 
We are being stretched into unity, cooperation, oneness, trust
“‘Love is thicker than smoke’, as we say here in Northern California. Can we balance our giant brains with Heart? 
“North Node in Leo trine to Uranus/Eris (Aries) and trined to Saturn in Sagittarius says, ‘this is the path of growth’.  This is your mission, earthlings.”
© Copyright 2017 ~PAT LILES  All Rights Reserved
From LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology:
“The quincunx from the New Moon to Chiron says something is uncomfortable. Old wounds, especially those that revolve around feeling different are likely to be part of the picture.
“Venus, the ruler of this New Moon is technically unaspected, meaning she makes no Ptolemaic aspects to any of the other main planets. This gives an extra ‘wild card’ influence. An unaspected planet can behave in extreme ways, prompting us to swing from love to hate and back again.
“Combined with erratic Uranus and maverick Chiron, Venus unaspected emphasizes the feeling of disconnection that arises in this chart. Whilst this may manifest as disconnection from each other, it also could manifest as feeling disconnected from ourselves…”
“Jupiter has recently entered Scorpio, pushing us to explore darker territory within and gain a better understanding of the human shadow.
“Almost the moment Jupiter landed in Scorpio, the story broke about Harvey Weinstein…And now, just in the past couple of days, as Mercury conjoined Jupiter in Scorpio, we all began to talk about our big secrets concerning sexual abuse and harassment through the ‘me too’ hashtag on social media.
“…But we are talking now, and these conversations are feeding into this lunation as we have an out of sign conjunction to both Mercury and Jupiter.
“If we are to have better relationships (Libra) then we need each other to know our stories to exorcise the demons. The truth may be ugly but it’s still the truth
“And we also need to respect those who need to remain silent, for their own peace of mind.
“Saturn gives us some support with a sextile to the New Moon and gives us a way of coming back into balance. Uranus can be like a rebellious teenager so a mature approach is what works right now.
“Saturn’s passage through the global 9th house and Sagittarius challenges us to check in with our belief systems about what is okay and what isn’t when it comes to our relationships.
“The New Moon in Libra is on the Sabian symbol : An Airplane Sails, High In The Clear Sky
“The big picture is becoming clear…Our eyes are wide open. The clear sky of this Sabian symbol shows that we too are seeing clearly.
“We cannot shy away from pain (Chiron) or hide in an ivory tower (Uranus). Right now, we are in the middle of a journey, the destination governed by the conscious decisions we take daily.
“If we can keep our conversations respectful too, then maybe we can implement what we have learned at ground level, later down the line.
“Whilst there may be some anxiety, we are also going through a mass raising of consciousness. It begins and ends with love.”
© Copyright 2017 ~LEAH WHITEHORSE All Rights Reserved


*NEW MOON* Blessings to us all ~

  N E W  M O O N  ⚬

October 19th  12:12 pm PDT

October 19th 7:12 pm GMT

October 20th 6:12 am AEDT


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