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*NEW MOON* in GEMINI aligning with the mutable Grand Cross offers us a new threshold to cross over. We have the opportunity to reweave a new reality for ourselves.
Our experience is colored by our thoughts, this NEW MOON encourages us to break out a fresh new palate of colors. 
With a keen yet graceful awareness honor the work of the past by accepting all that you created and begin anew. Allow Spirit to guide your way…
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers. First from the always astute DIVINE HARMONY:
“This New Moon is a powerful lunation as it forms a mutable Grand Cross with Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and the Nodes…”
“This mutable Grand Cross New Moon has change written all over it- changes of direction, changes of heart, changes of mind and changes of circumstances.
“It’s not a typical New Moon as usually New Moons are powerful times to plant seeds and set intentions- but this New Moon square Jupiter, opposite Saturn, square Neptune and square the Nodes is actually about discerning Truth in one’s life and making necessary decisions that have to do with endings/letting go/releasing of the past before the new can truly take hold.
“The number one aspect this New Moon makes is a conjunction to Venus- she is tightly aligned with the Sun and Moon by only 29 seconds of exactness. Usually Sun/Moon/Venus is absolutely lovely and beautiful- great for relationship, generosity, abundance and positivity.
“Yet the opposition to Saturn brings cold hard reality into relationships and financial situations and further he forces us to really honestly assess what our values are and where we are or are not valuing ourselves, respecting ourselves and acting from a place of deep self-worth and self-Love.
“With the Sun/Moon/Venus alignment square Neptune there’s an idealistic, fantasy based energy playing out…this can also unearth tendencies towards denial, delusion, deception (of self, of others or by others) as well as codependency, enabling, addiction, playing the victim or martyr and otherwise choosing to check out…”
“The fantasies and dreams of Neptune get faced with reality when Saturn faces off with him- and this can necessarily pop bubbles and bring up deep feelings of disillusionment, despair, disappointment and more.
“Yet it can be easy to stay in the victim stance and feel like things are being done to you- but if you use Saturn’s energy wisely you can start to look at your piece in the puzzle and see where the situations you find yourself in are actually of your own making (on some level conscious or Unconscious)…”
“The quagmires we find ourselves in right now are the perfect alignment of inner and outer circumstances that are bringing us to the pivotal moment of choice and change. We can keep on doing what we have always done and keep on getting what we have always got OR we can change.
“Doing things differently is weird at first but we have to create new neural pathways in the brain- rather than default to the old pathways that we have been stuck in…”
“Luckily Jupiter and the North Node are in beautiful aspect to Pluto- anchoring the potential for profound transformation and evolution this month…”
“… with the New Moon making so many intense aspects (not a single ‘harmonious’ one) I get the feeling that during this lunar cycle IF we are willing to navigate those depths and not just stay on the surface.
“One of the worst manifestations of Sun/Moon/Venus is wanting things to be peaceful, harmonious and fun at the expense of doing the work and acknowledging the shadow dynamics going on underneath…”
“And yet with this kind of astrology we have to be willing to see WHAT IS before we can ever even begin to hope to create and anchor in what is possible.”
© Copyright 2016 DIVINE HARMONY 
From the wonderful SARAH VARCAS from her
“…this New Moon augurs unexpected developments that may surprisingly ease progress despite conditions that indicate the opposite!
“Take nothing at face value right now. Remember the universe is born of its own design, our perceptions of which are unavoidably shaped by circumstances and our judgements about them.
“We simply cannot see the whole picture and much is destined to remain a mystery.
“Events around the time of this Moon catalyse movement on an old concern, but in a new direction. Be prepared, therefore, to  and/or unanticipated developments.
“We may seek certainty, insight, knowledge and power at this Moon, forgetting that true power lies in embracing the mystery and our state of unknowing. In doing so we unlock the alchemy of surrender which enables our reality to shift and change in ways we could not fashion by our own might.
“This New Moon nourishes our inherent bodily wisdom that simply knows the truth beyond explanations, theories and words.
“We may want to think our way through it but right now it is time to feel as well, to allow our bodies to speak and a felt sense of deep knowing to arise. Therein lies all the wisdom and advice we will need.
“This Moon honours the many faces of the feminine: instinctive lunar knowing, the physicality of Venus and the wild resistance of Lilith. She is flexible and multi-faceted, bring a whole panoply of possibilities to the table.
“But her position as one corner of a mutable Grand Square (a.k.a. Grand Cross) means there may be too much choice and not enough focus.
“The potential of this Moon is great but we could be all too easily distracted by a shiny treat on the surface and miss the buried treasure beneath our feet.
“Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn, forming the other three corners, remind us truth is a slippery fish and just when we thought we had clarity a whole new perspective can arise unbidden, to muddy the waters and throw us once again into doubt.
“Contact-driven and in need of connection, this New Moon reaches out to others but may somehow, and inexplicably, miss the mark. If you find yourself in need of connection but unable to find it, consider whether your energy, mind and emotions are too scattered to connect with the external world in any meaningful way.
“Often we must meet ourselves before we can truly meet another, and the time of this Moon is no exception. Seek first your own friendship and true friends will be unavoidably found along the way.
“If this Moon touches us deeply it’s because we’re ready for fresh connections and sense of community, a change of heart and mind which fosters new relationships that fuel inspiration and effective activity.
“But first we must return to ourselves, spend time in the quiet darkness and honour the true self who yearns, now more than ever, to be the only self we share.”
© Copyright 2016 SARAH VARCAS
From the always inspired KELLEY ROSANO:
“Allow a fresh perspective to take hold of you. Let today be the first day of your life. The past does not equal the future. There is unlimited potential in the human spirit. Keep your mind open. Open your heart and let the light in. A new day is dawning for you.
“Go out into the community. Do things that are for fun for you. Play. Try new activities. Get away from your phone. Get away from the electronics. Talk to people that are right in front of you. Make new friends…”
“Follow you excitement. Follow what interest you. Be curious. Do new things just for the Joy of it.
“Trust your instincts. Own your inner authority. Give yourself permission to discover who you are today. Not who you have been. But the new you that is emerging.
“Stop criticizing yourself. Let go of the need to be perfect. Let go of the need to be right. You are worthy. You deserve Joy. Forgive yourself…”
“Some of you are experiencing a heavy energy. Some are feeling sad, anxious or worried. This too shall pass…”
“Clean out the closet of your mind. Clean out your basement. Get organized. Release what no longer serves you.
“When you clean out the past, you feel lighter. That is because you are filling your space with Light. This will empower you. It is your destiny to live a Joyful life.”
© Copyright 2016 KELLEY ROSANO
*NEW MOON* Blessings to all!


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