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Dear sisters and brothers,
I’ve been listening within to what would be most helpful at this time and yielding to it.
I’ve been called to share guidance more directly, in the hopes that it can be helpful in addressing both our collective and personal experience, and support us in seeing things from a healing vantage.
During these next two weeks or so, we will most likely feel a wide spectrum of emotions getting stirred as this pandemic continues to ripple through.
We must take it day by day, moment by moment. Remembering that all that we are feeling is ok and keeping our hearts open despite the pain, despite the upheaval that we are each feeling and processing in our own ways.
We have and will continue to have new challenges to face in very real ways, and we’ll be forced to come up with new solutions to cope, new ways to adapt to the changes.
There are many who are being affected in extremely physical ways, health-wise and financial, and I encourage us all to hold them in our prayers and wrap them in a vision of comfort and support during these very trying times.
The same goes for all our sisters and brothers on the frontlines;  for their service to us during this time.
We are each being called to do our part and sacrifice or “make sacred” for the good of the whole, as we seed the Aquarian vision for our collective future.

On a personal level, these times are calling us to cultivate our inner gardens, our own inner resources, and our abilities to self-soothe and heal.
We are learning to listen and trust the truth inside us.
Adaptation is the name of the game as they say. We will have to remember to flow, think outside the box and find new solutions. They will come.
In this collective climate that is continually pumped with fear, we have a choice of how we will respond.
Most likely there will be extreme polarities stirred up, in the collective and within each of us.
And we might swing from one end to the other, until we start to find our deeper roots through this.
The planets have quite a line-up reflecting the times and it’s important to be aware that anger and frustration can easily be triggered. We have restrictions upon us, there is a lot of very real concern and fear and it can feel overwhelming.
We might feel alone but we are not alone in this. The most important thing to absorb is bringing a very compassionate acceptance to our own reactions as well as those of others.

We are now in a time of collective/planetary healing that is undeniably connected to our own personal healing. 
The macro and the micro are linked, so while our planet is a state of major evolutionary transformation right now, so are our inner worlds and personal lives.
Taking a broader vast eagle’s eye view helps us to understand the trajectory of what is unfolding. 
But on the personal level is where the real work and transformation is occurring. It’s happening from the inside out.
Some of us might have been on a healing journey for a while now and some just might be beginning.
Regardless of where we are at, we are being internally stirred so as to be catapulted into a new phase in our evolutionary growth.

Our Soul will be knocking from within, with guidance, answers and solutions. 
This experience requires trust. 
It requires bringing forth gentle, compassionate energy, as we unearth a lot of our fears, wounds, and shadows.
No matter who we are, where we come from, what our experience has been, we all carry wounds, deep fears and hurts. It’s part of our shared human experience.
And when we finally stop, and don’t have anywhere to run to, or activities to continually distract us, we will eventually come to meet ourselves.
These places within that we resist because they feel scary, the feelings that we push away, all of this resistance, has to give way.
Our hearts have to open.
And yes it is painful, it can be the most excruciating experience, to truly feel all that we carry within.
But we can chose to meet this time with “a much more loving, all embracing ‘moment of truth’ when the heart can look with complete forgiveness on the personality,”  as Vicki Noble writes in Motherpeace.
She goes on to say:
Once one has truly seen and forgiven oneself, has lovingly accepted the personality and the ego and all the individual human traits one is ordinarily ashamed of, then the integration lifts one immediately into the sphere of the divine presence.
“When one can see oneself with clarity and acceptance, then one is likely to see others in that same way; without criticism with full acceptance of what is truly the human condition.”


That is really it right there. Because in truth, in the heart of Creation, we are already accepted, we are already forgiven, we are already enough, each of us, flawed and lovable, perfectly imperfect, human and Soul.
We can opt to lean into our empathic, nurturing, MOTHER tendencies, for the Mother principle is alive within each one of us, regardless of gender.
It is within all of Creation and it is being reborn and reclaimed each time we open our hearts with acceptance and compassion for ourselves and each other.

This collective experience we find ourselves in, is precipitating us in an evolutionary leap.
All of humanity is coming into a solidified understanding/awareness of our interconnectedness with each other and with our Mother planet Earth.
I started writing about these collective consciousness shifts in 2011, you can read the piece I wrote for the Huffington Post in 2012 called The Great Transformation Happening on the Planet. 
We are in the time of the Great Turning, like Joanna Macy has been speaking about.
And it’s not in some future time, it is now and we are here in it.
We are the ones during this shift.
We must remember that we have direct access to Source and our Soul’s guidance. We need no intermediary.
During these times, we have to trust that we will rise and transform the warrior archetype whose impulse is to war when threatened, into a rainbow warrior who courageously stands in love in the face of fear.
It’s a big evolutionary leap and it will demand great courage.
We individually each will have to take a stand, and follow our Soul’s guidance through this initiation into the new.
As Vicki Noble says,
“For transformation, one must become open to intuition and healing messages from the biosphere—-knowledge from the group mind, Gaia—-guidance from Mother Earth herself.
“To cling to old patterns of behavior may mean extinction; and to value money or possessions at the expense of human relationships would miss the action.”
We are not going to miss the action.
We are going to listen deeply and open wide our hearts.





May these words be received with the intention they were written.
As for the ASTRAL INSIGHTS, the planets are acutely reflecting what we are already experiencing. Hence I was led to share in a different way this time, but I’m not going to leave you hanging! So here’s one from astrologer PAM YOUNGHANS:
PAM YOUNGHANS from her NorthPoint Astrology Journal shares:
“It is profound – but not necessarily surprising – to see that the Sun and Moon are closely aligned with Wounded Healer Chiron for this lunation.
“As followers of astrology, we might expect to see something related to the actual health concerns we are all dealing with, and yet it’s always striking when it appears so clearly.  
“Chiron’s involvement in the New Moon suggests that we are very aware of a wound
“But Chiron never exposes a wound without giving us the means to heal it.
“This means that we should also have the opportunity to begin a healing process during the coming lunar cycle.
And, while it is true that Chiron’s involvement speaks to the physical issues we are facing, we want to also look at the mental/emotional component…
“On an individual level, the healing potential of this Aries New Moon is that each of us gains the internal strength, courage, and spiritual fire that enable us to take charge of our lives in new ways.
The New Moon is also tightly square the nodal axis, sending us a powerful message about the higher evolutionary imperatives involved now.
“…with the South Node in Capricorn and the North Node in Cancer, we are being guided to choose empathy over separation, heart-centered action over materialism, and trust over fear.
“We are also called to be appreciative rather than suspicious, and inspired instead of pessimistic.
“This is a square aspect, however, which indicates a challenge. It could be tempting to close our hearts, hunker down, post a ‘Me First’ banner, and head to battle stations.
“But this is not the universe’s plan. The current situation – and especially the next four weeks – is meant to move us leaps and bounds ahead on our evolutionary path.
“We live in a free-will plane of existence, so the choice is up to each of us.
“How do we want to show up, now, when the pressure is on?
“As we move into the last days of the week, several beneficial aspects are very strong – Hooray!
“The most significant is the alignment between Jupiter and Pallas Athene on Saturday. Athene is a great strategist, able to see patterns and come up with solutions.
“Jupiter’s capacity for expansion will hopefully bring forward new creative ideas for managing and resolving the challenges before us.
“Astrologer Demetra George, in her book Asteroid Goddesses, tells us that when Jupiter and Athene work together, our minds are able to see further and to better grasp ‘the implications of the large social issues that face humanity.’
“This is the first of three Jupiter-Athene alignments in 2020, so will likely represent step one of a longer-term process.
“On Friday, Venus (in Taurus) is in harmonious trine aspect with Jupiter and Athene. This signifies a greater capacity to work together for practical results.
“Relationships of all descriptions benefit from these aspects, and the power of the feminine perspective is enhanced.
“We also have a Venus-Pluto trine on Saturday, which enables us to deepen understanding and mutual reliance with loved ones. A lovely closing chapter to another rather powerful week.”
© Copyright 2020 PAM YOUNGHANS


Lastly I would love to share this super inspiring short excerpt of a talk from Dr. Zach Bush from the Rich Roll podcast, that was sent to me last night by a friend. It feels so right for this time and complements what I have been writing about.  I have it timestamped in the link to his closing words. Totally worth a listen! 
With all my heart~
March 24th 2020  2:28 am PDT  9:28 am GMT
March 10th 2020| 8:28 pm AEDT
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