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We are in the portal of the portal my friends…
Mercury has gone Retrograde in LEO and we are evermore deepening into the awakening of our hearts and opening to living a more creatively expressive life.
At the same time we are gleaming lessons learned and gaining greater insights and revelations.
Do not fret nor fear, this is a calling to trust evermore deeply what our life is showing us and revealing to us and all the ways our Soul is guiding us to expand and grow.
In this together~
Mercury Retrograde expert Robert Wilkinson from his Aquarius Papers.com shares:
“All retrogrades show us that sometimes it is more important to be inwardly oriented than outer-directed.
“These are times when our previous activities echo back‘ information about what we’ve already experienced…
“When retrograde, Mercury, the ‘Guide of Souls,’ challenges us to cultivate our personal understanding of our fellowship with the Eternal, explore our deeper issues and useful but overlooked details…
“We can get different perspectives and insights into prior events, messages, and signals, and can fill in important gaps in our understanding.
“Sometimes it may seem like it’s one step forward, two to the side, one step back, one to the other side, then two steps forward, but often we find that we are offered entirely new and crucial perspectives and knowledge that can help us when it’s time to move forward again after the retrograde is past.”
© Copyright 2019 Robert Wilkinson


Leah Whitehorse from her LUA Astrology says:
“The best way we can use this powerful aspect pattern is to get creative. Be brave. Think outside of the box.
“Whilst it may be best to wait before implementing new plans, this would be an ideal time to brainstorm.
“More importantly, as Leo rules the heart, this is about getting back to our heart center.
“We don’t need to strive to impress or force people to listen. When you do what you do and say what you say based on love, then no applause is required or needed.
“Yes it’s nice to be recognized but doing what you love for the sake of it has it’s own rewards. It brings a genuine sense of warmth, connection, rightness. You don’t need someone else to validate your experience.
“…Mercury retrograde in Leo is asking us all, where did you stop taking risks and why?
“Where have you been too afraid to shine? Where have you been afraid of showing what you can do? Where have you been afraid of being seen, acknowledged, loved?
“Mercury trine Ceres suggests we need to have a conversation about these matters, a kinder dialogue with our inner mother.
“We need to connect with the part of ourselves that is like an inner cheerleader, cheering us on every step of the way, loving us unconditionally regardless of performance.”
 © Copyright 2019 Leah Whitehorse
With nothing but love,




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