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Mercury, the Cosmic Messenger, the ‘Guide of Souls,’ goes Retrograde July 26th 2018 until August 19th 2018, in Leo.
Here is the wonderful soul, astrologer and Mercury Retrograde expert ROBERT WILKINSON from his Aquarius Papers sharing the good word:
“As I noted iA New Look at Mercury Retrograde… retrograde periods offer us a chance to slow down certain parts of our life for closer examination, preparing for a change that inevitably occurs…
“One of the benefits of Mercury retrograde is that it provides the time for reflection, which can lead to revitalization after a symbolic fallow period…
“It is metaphorically an in-breathing or dreaming, a retracing and re-examining of steps already traversed, digesting and assimilating previous experience….
“This is a time when we can examine the effect that our subconscious mind and/or the Collective Unconscious has upon us…
“While it seems as though Mercury retrograde is associated with things that malfunction and miscommunications and delays, we must remember no planet or its influence is good or bad unto itself.
We are the ones who determine our ‘destiny,’ based on our choices, which shape our character.
“In that sense, ‘character is destiny,‘ and so we have the responsibility to determine whether we will be active or passive in responding to life’s challenges.
“We have free will and no planet or star ‘makes’ anything happen.
“They merely indicate the larger patterns we live within, and by understanding those patterns and what they symbolize, we are in a position to be in harmony or disharmony with inner and outer ‘reality.’
“This is the power of our individuality to rise above inertia, superstition, and obsolete, inadequate, or fear-based belief systems…
“By learning how to use Mercury retrograde periods wisely and consciously, even if our affairs are momentarily diverted in strange directions, coordinated in some unusual ways, or take some peculiar twists and turns, they often turn out for the best over the long run, whether we knew that or not during the retrograde period…
“Sometimes it may seem like it’s two steps forward, one to the side, one back, two to the side, and three forward.
“It’s all okay, since it’s showing you a different way to be guided to your truth and more effective way of being in the world. Often things don’t turn out the way we suspect, but that can be as good as it can be difficult.
“Still, due to the different rhythm of events and perspectives sending things off on strange or unexpected tangents, it is always useful to get your affairs in order before the retrograde.
“Then while in the three week period and things are slowed down or seemingly moving in a different direction or even backwards, turn to whatever has been neglected and needs attention, finishing them up so you can get on with new business when the retrograde ends.”
This particular Mercury Retrograde is in Leo. Mr. Wilkinson continues…
“The Sabian Symbol for the 24th degree of Leo is ‘An untidy, unkempt man.’
“In the Astrology of Personality, where Rudhyar uses the original Dr. Jones’ class notes on the symbols, 24 Leo is said to be a symbol of ‘Spiritual emphasis at the expense of outer refinement, ‘interior focalization of energies…’
“In the Astrological Mandala, he says this degree involves ‘an interior focalization of energy and consciousness at the expense of all forms of outward activity and care…”
“So we’ll be using our retrograde Mercury function to send and/or receive impressions and ideas related to previous things, people, and experiences which forced us to go inward, focusing intensely on the inner rather than the outer.
“Some may return to a prior state of not worrying about superficial things and appearances, or remember times when they had to focus inward and concentrate on the essence rather than the form.
“We may get glimpses or roundabout signals about past times we turned away from outer things and found forms of release emotionally and socially, whether letting go or demonstrating our inner nature…
“As with all Mercury retrogrades, some projects may have to be postponed, or a new way found to make something be more relevant to our current life.
“This can give us insights into why we need to get a new angle of seeing things, going inward rather than keep going in unfulfilling directions
“It should be a great time to see things we didn’t understand before, or perhaps reclaim something from the past. Here we take a look back and reconsider or renew some prior value.
“We can find a new angle of perspective on what we need to coordinate our lives to express our Soul, and revise and/or renew some things from the past.”
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May we all reap the benefits of this time!
Blessings and all my love~