On July 31st, we enter the 5th Day in the 9th wave of the Mayan Calendar. This also falls on a very auspicious New Moon in Leo, and brings in a new energetic cycle which I will detail below, but first if you are not familiar with the Mayan Calendar here is the scoop:
The Mayans mapped out their calendar according to the evolution of human consciousness. The calendar is composed of 9 waves of consciousness, signaling significants shifts and breakthroughs in human evolution. We entered the 9th wave on March 9, 2011.
Mayan Elders and anyone who is really listening knows that this does not mean that it’s the “end,” as in doomsday predictions, but rather signals a major transformation into a new phase, a new world, a new way of being. Just like any end heralds a new beginning, this 9th wave is the portal, the opening by which the collective mind can leap into a new experience of being, a new perception of the world.
If we reflect on how much the “thinking” of humankind has changed throughout time, even in the last 50, 60 years, we can see how far we have come. The civil rights movement was not that long ago! It’s astounding to think how far we have come from the limited thinking of the past. Yet there have always been prophets, poets and artists who have experienced connection with source and have left their legacies.
This chart outlines the 9 Waves of Consciousness which started 16 Billion years ago:
1. Cellular  started 16 Billion Year Ago Action/Reaction
2. Mammalian 820 millions years ago Stimulus/Response
3. Familial started 41 million years ago  Individual
4. Tribal  2 million year ago the Mind
5. Cultural  102,000 years ago  Reason
6. National  3,115 BC  Law
7. Planetary  1755 AD  Power
8. Galactic  Jan 4, 1999  Ethics
9. Unity  March 9, 2011  Co-creation
Each new wave has been characterized by an expansion of consciousness and readiness for something new and different. Just  like waves in the ocean come in different sizes and in sets…
“so when a wave of energy forms it comes in a small wave and then the next wave maybe a bit smaller and the next slightly bigger and then the next even bigger and all of a sudden a set of waves will come through.  Surfers know this.” (Sean Caufield)
These sets of energetic waves are rolling in right now and they are closer together than ever before. If  you feel like time is speeding up, it’s because it is! There is so much going on. We are all collectively experiencing  an energetic whirlwind. The shift is in effect.
Here is a chart of the breakdown of “days and nights,” crests and troughs of these energetic waves.



Here is some info on this new BUDDING phase which we are entering:
“We are currently wrapping up the Fourth Night on the Mayan Ninth Wave of Unity Consciousness calendar. These past few weeks have carried the energy of Leaf formation … putting forward the main support branches for a new Tree of Love, and also integrating the wisdom we have gained during the journey thus far.  Creating new pathways, new support systems, and branching into new realms of possibility. “
“Now, on July 31st, we continue our journey and enter the Fifth Day on the Unity Wave calendar. The energy for this Day is BUDDING and invites us to pay particular attention to creating a container for what we wish to BLOOM and bring to fruit in our lives.”
“BUDS contain a compact, perfectly compressed fractal form of the soon-to-be Flower and fruit. Buds announce new Life, new form, new possibilities!  Buds are also containers of the Mystery,  teaching us beauty is within and all will be unveiled in the right and proper order.” (Stacey Robin)
Some more info on Day 5:
“As we embark on the 5th Day, we are commencing a period of immense light, an illumination of our beauty and divine Soul wisdom.
With this empowering sense of Oneness, we are preparing our buds (our gifts, talents & soul evolutionary wisdoms), such that we are ready to spread our energy out into the world at large when it comes time to flower.
The energy in the buds is building in intensity with every new day of this 9th Heaven.  At times it may seem too intense, may seem like we are about to burst, may feel as if we need to break out and share everything we know with the world NOW.  We may feel overwhelmed, experience an over powering urge to break out and be free but this will all pass in divine timing.
The lessons of this 9thHeaven is patience, grace & ease.  The bud must fully develop first within the enclosure of the petals, and reach a level of cosmic maturity before it is ready to blossom into flower and consciously share its beauty with all.  An analogy of this time is early puberty.It is as if during the 5th day humanity is reflecting on the early days of puberty.  The development of sexual organs, feeling comfortable within our own skin, finding out who we are and where we fit into the world, and preparing to take that leap into early adulthood.
Once we have developed a strong sense of presence, self-esteem, self-love and consciously know we are worthy to receive all of the Love of creation through us.. it is at this time we reach a level of maturity to bloom our flowers into adulthood, and share our gifts with all of humanity.
Interestingly the number 5 in numerology represents change and the need for freedom, which is exactly how we are feeling within our bud..and then the number 9 represents the ending of a cycle, which is happening as we prepare to blossom in full bloom.” (Simone M. Matthews)
July 31st is also the New Moon in LEO which also supports this energy of stepping fully into your radiance and taking center stage, and in the Quero Apache calendar, this is called the Dragon Moon. A rare occurrence, this moon invites us to fill the world with freedom through evolutionary vision. Look for more on this auspicious New Moon in Astral Insights.
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